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  1. to be honest ive read everyone's comments and thank you for all the hate comments as the gurus would be so proud. and to me the sikh bible is merely just a book or call an a to z guide to get back home, ive not once been disrespectful towards the sikh path nor would i ever as i too am sikh. ive been following the sikh path since 12 and now im 33 and yes i think i do know what im talking about some of yous say ive disrespected the sikh pathbut read your own comments and see how you too have disrespected the rs path, beleave it or not i went to one of your sikh schools guru gobind khalsa co
  2. Why is it that sikhs are so against rs? First of all i wonder if we asked the great Guru nanak dev ji if he had a problem with this rs path would He to be as selfish as his follower never he would welcome everyone with open arms as all the rs baba ji is doing is spreading the message, just like the 10 gurus did, and to be honest this is where sikhs have got it all wrong when they think the sikh bible is only for sikh it was meant For all mankind not only sikhs and if we look deeper into the sikh bible it is clearly writen that you have to search for a living spiritual teacher And on
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