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  1. to be honest ive read everyone's comments and thank you for all the hate comments as the gurus would be so proud. and to me the sikh bible is merely just a book or call an a to z guide to get back home, ive not once been disrespectful towards the sikh path nor would i ever as i too am sikh. ive been following the sikh path since 12 and now im 33 and yes i think i do know what im talking about some of yous say ive disrespected the sikh pathbut read your own comments and see how you too have disrespected the rs path, beleave it or not i went to one of your sikh schools guru gobind khalsa college in chigwell and boy that was an eye opener to the bad thing sant baba amar das ji the fonder of this school now they took 1000s of sikh people and the early years that school was run hardly anyone got a good education explain that to me cos i too can go on n on about how they got it wrong plus they had the sikh bible in school and they were carrying on like that, now how bad is that, you call your sikh bible your 11guru lol its not me whos brainwashed mate, you people have not studied the sikh bible properly yourselfs, ive been on the rs path for over 15 years n now i was given the gift of life the five holy names(naam) best thing ive ever done in mylife no way ever do i beleave ive been brainwashed,you people wanna disrespect me go for it for i wont disrespect back merely just give you a few home truths, for one if the rs path was fake and present and past living masters(teachers) were fake too then one why is it that its run and more successful then the sikh path why hasnt it floped like other paths have? and some of you people have been so rude towards the rs path how on earth can you call yourselfs sikhs when all your 10 not 11 gurus would be so so disappointed, and this is where we get it all wrong that we think this earth is our true home when all the 10 gurus message was to show us the way bak Home not do what sikhs have been doing is making a foundation on earth all your answers are in the sikh bible but all you guys do is sit there infront of the bible lishening but yet not understanding one thing at all, you got the cheek to say im brainwashed when its your people who have changed the sikh teachings and brainwashed you lot, look deeper in the bible and you will clearly see that it says you need to seek a living master or teacher and one who has the five not 4 not 3 but five holy names now if that is what is writen why are sikhs not folloring that well cos for one thered be no need for temples because the true kindom of heaven is within each and everyone of us, the same message is in every bible out in all paths i call it paths cos thats what they were ment for but people take over and turn it into a religion only to control people, never has the masters of the rs path say that they are god nor did the 10 gurus say they were gods they were messagers from god just like the rs masters and if any of you lot wanna take this further then talk to baba ji himself and you will get the answers, n not im not trying to compare not murge the to paths together and baba ji doesnt just talk about sikhs so get over yourselfs they talk about all paths,why have i come on here thats right to defend my master cos none of yous have the right to disrespect like that and im quite sick n tired of all the stupid comment you people right, and you sikhs have over the years lishen carefully to what the rs masters satsangs and copied yourselfs and then made out we already knew this what a lot of nonsence, i too could go on n on n on like ariston. the rs path has been going on for over 150 years whys hasnt it flopped if its fake and why havnt the sikh comumity taken him out like the other if you sikhs are so aginst the rs path then bloody do sumthing about it rather then chatting actions are alot more effective or are you sikh warriors scared. well its true you lot are just full of words but no actions cos the way you lot say that rs path has copied n taken so much from sikh path how can you lot just sit there and do nothing, im not gonna leave anymore comments here as its a waste of efford where i could be useing my time to better use. and as for you paneer monster you havnt a clue go back to baba ji and ask questions on wat ive spoken about and plus you need to shutup with your fake arss comments thinking you know what your talking about you havnt a clue mate, not a clue so if you think im not going to insult you ur wrong with the stuff you have put on here ur a <banned word filter activated> with a capital D how you think you know what your talking about makes me laugh you need to just jog on mate,and take your fake arss comments with you dont you ever disrespect my master like that oh and you want my number you mug jog on think before you speak ahhhh how sweet you wanna help me n ma family from getting brainwashed loooooool dont make me laugh mate. and this is to all the sikh people the bible was created for mandkind not for sikhs alone and if you lot wanna point the finger at rs path and other paths first point at yourselfs, dont jugde others when you are not perfect cos if one was perfect he wouldnt be here he would be at home with the lord ENJOY :biggrin2: :biggrin2: :biggrin2: :biggrin2: :biggrin2: MAND5 OVER AND OUT PEACE
  2. Why is it that sikhs are so against rs? First of all i wonder if we asked the great Guru nanak dev ji if he had a problem with this rs path would He to be as selfish as his follower never he would welcome everyone with open arms as all the rs baba ji is doing is spreading the message, just like the 10 gurus did, and to be honest this is where sikhs have got it all wrong when they think the sikh bible is only for sikh it was meant For all mankind not only sikhs and if we look deeper into the sikh bible it is clearly writen that you have to search for a living spiritual teacher And one who can give you the five holy names, im not here to upset anybody simply want some answers
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