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  1. A Grand Mother (Dadi Maa ) Speaking Fluent English !! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CeV58WieKEk
  2. Gurdwara Sahib (Tehran) Iran It was founded in 1941 by Bhai Ganga Singh Sabha Tehran. Although Sikhs have been living there over a century. Religious celebrations include morning and evening prayers, Guru-Ka-Langer every Friday after the Akhand Path. Community services include establishment of a school, teaching of Punjabi and Dharmik (Divinity) forms an integral part of the curriculum. There are about 800 members of the Sikh community in the area. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ps-1dEsL0lw
  3. Hollywood Oscar-Winning Actor "Sir Ben Kinsley" looked unrecognisable in a Sikh Dastar(turban) as he begun filming the indie drama Learning To Drive in Brooklyn with co-star Patricia Clarkson.
  4. Statues of "Sikhs" Guards at Singapore cemetery A Symbol of Bravery & Loyalty Estimated to house 100,000 tombs in a vast landsize of about 0.86 square kilometers, Bukit Brown Cemetery has been abandoned since its closure in 1973. It was opened in 1922 by the Municipal Council (Municipal Council oversaw the supplies of water, electricity, gas, maintenance of roads, lighting and other administrative things in Singapore before 1965).
  5. Well i agreed It might not be true, as this thing is not documented any where but it was in a Speech where Gurpreet Ghuggi mentioned this thing. Hari singh Nalwa was definately a Great General of the world
  6. Hope the above link will work properly
  7. A Story of an old Taxi Driver Sardar ji This is an incident happend which I came across thus sharing with you all as It has a great Moral for those who crack jokes on Sardars Request you all to pls watch and Share it to Maximum...
  8. All religions have temples where people can gather together to contemplate on God and pray. The Sikh temple is called a Gurdwara. The word 'Gurdwara' means 'Gateway to the Guru'. In Sikhism ones personal dedication to living a good life is important but another important aspect of Sikhism is the Sangat (congregation). There are thousands of Gurdwara's throughout Punjab and the rest of the world.There are no restrictions on People of all religions are welcome here With the blessings of Waheguru, I have made an attempt to make this video in which I have captured some of the Gurudwara
  9. Added a new Post on How to tie a Turban
  10. How to Tie a Beautiful Stunning Turban (Pagg) in Just 2 Min. I have also learned by watching this Video again and again. The person name is Jaura Nagpal who is Tying the Pagg to the Sikh boy He is expert in all types of Indian Turbans like Punjabi Turban, Rajasthani, Pathani & also expersts in UK and Canadian style. He has a record to tie up the turban in 1.30 seconds and challanges to all the coachs of world. His address is If any one Want to learn how to tie a Pag Address : Nagpal Turban Academy near Nakodar chowk Jalandhar
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