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  1. hmmmm...well, how could I slit my own throat and then eat myself? that doesn't make sense to me...
  2. here is one of the documentaries i first watched where a lot of my knowledge about Guru Nanaak comes from...
  3. I came here to gain knowledge but seems I am being shut out...did I come to the wrong forum? Is this place like "base"* ? Is there another sikh forum I can go to that might be more willing to answer my questions and maybe a little nicer? If Sikhism really is a true religion and is right for everyone in the entire world, why be selfish with the knowledge? Why not share it? We should be more like this guy: He has complete faith in what he believes and isn't afraid to tackle the tough questions... *Base- When we were kids and played tag, "base" was the place you could touch and be safe
  4. Haha! i'm sorry but anyone who makes a serious life decision based on fb needs help
  5. Oh and one last thing, am I not allowed to ask questions? How am I to come to a better understanding of the Sikh religion and possibly a better way of life if I can't ask important questions... To me only a coward would avoid the question before trying to answer it...someone who doesn't have the answer....and I'm not trying to offend anyone, but that is the way it is coming off to me, like you are trying to dodge the question rather than explain to me in a loving, convincing way that what I have been taught may be wrong and then let me make my choice. Just because you've had to defend your
  6. I have already watched these peta videos....but I know in Native American culture, we hold the animals we eat in the highest respect freeing their souls to move on to the next life in peace. There are places to buy free roam native american meat too..... but this is beside the point, I mean, I'm not talking about the way the mainstream food processors raise and kill animals, yes it is cruel... And besides, I'm not even sure that eating meat IS right, I have considered vegetarian for a long time, but when I try it feels like I am missing something so important in my diet. and I get sick mor
  7. Animals don't suffer when you eat them, they just die, like swatting a fly, even though in my personal opinion, swatting a fly is worse than killing for food because at least when you kill for food, there is a greater purpose in motion than just temporary discomfort
  8. Oh and my last part was deleted becauseI posted too many threads too quickly, so please get your facts straight before tossing blame around like a hot potato
  9. man you guys seriously need to stop I'm truly trying to learn and speculate and find answers and besides, I haven't promoted eating meat, did I once give an excuse why you guys should eat meat? No, I am simply trying to contemplate the meaning behind creating us vegetarian, then allowing us to be omnivorous, then turning us back into vegetarians. I mean, seriously no offense to anyone, but when I look at a cow my first thought is to eat it But maybe there's something I am missing?
  10. Well now elephants are a different story, if be terrified of an elephant! Even if it was nice!
  11. scared? I grew up on a farm and we had cows and bulls and I remember them escaping, and rounding them up, but I remember most vividly that the cows and bulls are more scared of us than we of them, they were easy to control if you showed force and domination
  12. I believe that before the great flood humans only ate vegetation...this is what the Torah tells us, "And gave him all the vegetation of the field to eat" but I do believe that after the flood, God commanded Noah to make a sacrificial offering and eat the meat making an allowance for the eating of meat. Now there is all kinds of restrictions on the eating of meat, but it is allowed, in Abrahamic faiths of course...not talking about Sikhism here.... But in other parts of the world there is different belief systems on what you can and cannot eat, such as Sikhism, only vegetarian I have been
  13. Have you heard that a daddy long legs can understand you? You pick it up, ask it, "which way are you going daddy long legs" and it will point in the direction it wants to go... I've done it in English and it works, but I'm sure it works in all languages...maybe they can read our minds....
  14. Its a theory that inter dimensional creatures have taken over the government system and infiltrated the media so to keep the common person more interested in menial happenings and keep morals loose and Morale low so it us easier to manipulate and use us hire they want as willing slaves That's why all the time there is menial changes in technology that don't really make a difference but someone will put all their focus into slaving away to buy it, than patty rent or send their kid to college...our even on the flip side train their children to be so focused on being educated to become rich and
  15. Yeah, seriously would wake up for work, assuming it was time or even on time, and all my clocks were either laptop or cellphone clocks so nothing that can just be like a dead battery or anything, so I would get to work and realize that I showed up two hours early! Our an hour late, but the clocks at home would say one thing and the clocks in my office said something completely different There was one night where I SWORE that I smelled fire and smoke and thought the house was on fire!I ran up to the kids, pulled them out of bed while my ex husband ran around trying to figure out where the fir
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