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  1. It seems to me that he was referring to non-believers of God, and not Catholicism. Why would he make specific mention of Hinduism, Buddhism, and Sikhism? Why not the other two Abrahamic religions?
  2. Something struck me as controversial in the new episode of Law and Order airing as I write. The episode is about a man who uses religion as a tool to justify a murder. He says that if his daughter's teacher continued to teach evolution in school, the teacher would make her a non-believer. He kills the teacher, Mr. Nash, and says that if he didn't kill the teacher, God would have exacted His wrath on the daughter at any moment. A lawyer questions his reasoning. The lawyer claims that the man in question is schizophrenic, as his "magical thinking" suggests. The lawyer follows up by asking, "Sinc
  3. Could it not be that the words "mother" and "durga" and other Hindu religious names are used simply to make allusions to the GOOD qualities in those dieties (regardless of whether we believe in them)? Gurbani, too, refers to Waheguru as a mother, and calls Waheguru by terms often associated with Hinduism.
  4. Is anyone here going to Camp Chardi Kala, at camp Na-Sho-Pa, this year? If so, how do you feel about the camp? I like it, as it actually challenges me unlike certain other camps around me.
  5. I do encourage the speaking of Punjabi in Punjab, but I would never tell someone not to speak in Hindi. Hindi and English have equal Parliamentary status in India, that is why speaking those languages is encouraged, so that people of one state can communicate with those of other states. What reason is there to be pi$$ed at Punjabi Sikhs speaking Hindi? Could it be that we have come to associate Hindi and Hinduism with each other because of their similar spelling and root? I do understand that the Indian government seeks to have Punjabis accept Hindi as their mother tongue and the fact that tha
  6. Like I said earlier, don't try to defend the Punjabi language as though it is a religious language, because it is not. I spent two years of my life (2001-2003) in Chandigarh. To communicate with people, I did what S1ngh did. I later realized that the method is ridiculous in the sense that it favors Punjabi and English over Hindi, which is a completely normal language to be spoken. Does freedom of speech not ring a bell? One has the right to speak whatever he/she wants, in whichever language he/she wants. Forgetting the legality of it, why would you not allow for the Hindi language to be spoken
  7. Honestly, I used to feeel <Edited>, too. I have, however, come to my own personal conclusion that language and religion should have nothing in common, except for in the case of learning Gurbani roots for the sake of properly understanding the banis of our gurus. Remember not to think of Punjabi as the Sikh language, because it is not. Suppose someone is to convert into Sikhism and he does not understand a word of Punjabi. He would not be wrong in speaking another language, as long as he is able to understand and evaluate texts from Gurbani without translation. As for parents speaking Hin
  8. Thank You so much, Pritam Singh Khalsa, I sort of understand your point. One thing, and you don't have to answer, why are generalizations like that of all men being woman lovers and sperm-donors made so often? If the gurus' intention was to make the world and its people better, will such a goal ever be accomplished, or will men ALWAYS be evil and women always be GOOD? I personally have faith in the human race. Thank You!
  9. I don't understand why women cover themselves for modesty, and men don't have to. Women cover themselves so that men don't feel an unwanted attraction to them. Shouldn't men be doing this too, as women CAN have such feelings as well? Honestly, I think that there are only two ways of solving the problem: either both men AND women get bathing houses, or NONE of them do. This is the way it's been solved in the past, in places such as Ancient Rome, or even modern Japan. Once again, I agree that this is a useless topic, but I want a proper conclusion before I move on!
  10. Khalsa Fauji, Sikhism acts not as a tool that forever defends women's disrespect, but completely elliminates it. Our respect isn't for the oppressed only, it is for everyone. Why then should men sacrifice their own respect for that of women? Isn't it more reasonable, then, to respect everyone? This spread of the concept that "women are equal to men" has, in a sense, made men lower. Why is it easier for women to lose their respect? Because we allow for it to happen. All of these examples like "guy goes out with girl..." are caused by the the spread of the "bad" Punjabi culture, and again, becau
  11. I understand that we are physically different, and that equality has its limits. It's quite obvious from the very fact that we LOOK different. But that doesn't mean that women should be allowed to be covered, and not men. People make generalizations and assign particular traits, characteristics, qualities, roles, etc. to both men and women. That bra example that was given was not the type that would help me figure this issue out. Its not needed by men; but privacy, in certain cases, is. If we are Sikhs, and we respect each other, what harm is there in public bathing? What if, say, a man wants
  12. Correct me if I am wrong. The Sikh faith grants equality amongst men and women. People take that idea for granted. Discussions on womens' rights end with the conclusion that women are, in a sense, better than men and not equal to men. When people give proofs for gender equality, they tend to use lines that "over-praise" women. Many such double-standards exist today that are there to protect women, and make men "not proud to be who they were born as". Anyways, that is not what I intend to ask, but serves merely as a basis. In Darbar Sahib, why are the women's Ishnaan Ghars covered with all that
  13. What is this "Kaur Voices" ? I am not in favor of the existence of female groups. Not to say I am sexist, but I think what we need now more than ever is unity. If seminar is to be held, or a society is to be formed, why should it favor the people of one gender? Sikh communities should be made to discuss Sikh problems, not girl problems. Double-standards do exist that are against men. Ignored will be such complaints in a female-governed society. If I am wrong, please correct me; I am so against people preaching that women need more rights, because such discussions usually end with people thinki
  14. I am a Sikh, and I trace my ancestry from Punjab. I practice Sikhi and certain [accepted] practices of Punjabi culture. A question came to me recently: Are Sikhs a group of people (sort of like a race), or are Sikhs followers of a religious doctrine (anyone from anywhere can be a Sikh)? The answer seems quite obvious, but why then do many Sikhs consider Punjab a holy land? Why do people say "India and Hindus out of Punjab!" ? Why do people speak of Hindu nationalists attacking Punjab resulting in a religious affair? There is, I believe, no reason for Hindus not to live alongside Punjabi Sikhs.
  15. Very brief question... does any one know how to play Anuradha Paudwal's version of Deh Shiva Bar Mohe Ihai...on the harmonium?
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