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  1. In the age of kalyug, only Sikhi will unite you with God, nothing else. Being a good muslim/christian/etc might get you a chance at being born into a gursikh family, but more likely you'd end up in heaven, and then have to return back to earth and start over again.
  2. sometimes children turn out ot the exact opposites of their parents...it's all based on our past karms. remember Harnakhash and Prahlad were father-son...one was a Bhagat, the other was a mahapaapi that God destroyed in the form of narsingh. it's not always the parents fault!! sometimes its just meant to be that way.
  3. keeping sharpened shasters in your dumalla is going to tear the cloth. my advice is to keep proper non-showy shasters on your body, not in your kesh or dumalla.
  4. honestly, who else had a good laugh listening to that dude? put up your hands...hahaha "we will make the world into India" ... lol, need I say more.
  5. ..RajuAre you suggesting Guru Gobind Sngh ji viewed Shiva the devta as a peer? Shiva was created by Akaal...And Guru Gobind Singh is Akaal in sargun saroop.
  6. problem arises because people with next to nill understanding of Dasam Granth's style attempt to make scholastic comments on it. Guru maharaj uses sooooo many names to refer to Akaal, that the unwise, or the weasel find all sorts of so called "discrepancies" with Gurmat. If you have doubts that Guru Gobind Singh directed Sikhs to worship Akaal only, then you know absolutely nothing about Guru Gobind Singh ji's character. All devis, rakhasa's, devs, munis....all originate from Akaal. Guru ji will use any name he wishes to praise Akaal....and there's nothing idiotic blokes can do about it. How, or why, would Guru Gobind Singh, having the same Jot of Guru Nanak, which is Sargun Nirankaar ( God manifested) pray to his own created sevak (Shiva) for strength!!!! So for any those RSS types lurking on this forum ( yes, they are here!), Guru Gobind SIngh is referring to Akaal as shiva in "deh shiva".
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