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  1. Highlight video of the program is available on and vimeo. Photography available at www.ivisioncreations.co.uk under 'events'
  2. At around 9.25-9.30pm on the programme, the main presenter made a hurtful remark about the Sikhs and their turban. The presenter made a comment 'its towel head' after he read a statement about Nikki Haley being from Sikh origin. Sikh's do not wear towels or rags, Sikh's wear turbans. The turbans that served the British Army during both World Wars. A passage from the Sikh Regiment on Wikipedia: In the last two World Wars 83,005 turban wearing Sikh soldiers were killed and 109,045 were wounded while fighting across 3 continents.[5] In the years to 1945, 14 Victoria Crosses were awarded to the Sikhs, a per capita record given the size of the Sikh Regiments.[6] In 2002, the names of all Sikh VC and George Cross winners were inscribed on the pavilion monument of the Memorial Gates on Constitution Hill next to Buckingham palace, London. Sorry there are few nasty words in there, should have bleeped them out but haven't got the time, thought I'd pass it on! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XmzqoucHqIE Complain here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/complaints/
  3. you need to restore your ipod and install GA using itunes.
  4. Vahegurujikakhalsavahegurujikifateh! With the blessings of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji & Sri Guru Dasam Granth Sahib Ji, the Dasmesh Darbar 2011 photographs are up online for sangat to view. Sri Damesh Darbar 2011 If you would like to use the photographs for any advertising or Sikhi parchar, please contact me at jagmeet@mac.com
  5. Photos from the Budha Dal UK Rukhr Puniya Jorh Mela, Wolverhampton-
  6. Photos from the Budha Dal UK Rukhr Puniya Jorh Mela, Wolverhampton-
  7. Photos from the Budha Dal UK Rukhr Puniya Jorh Mela, Wolverhampton-
  8. wait for new iphone. the 3gs will dop down in price.
  9. Htc doesnt use windows anymore. It uses android. the apps aint all that. iphone all the way, especially with the new one launching. you wont be disappointed. android is just playing catch up with the iphone technology. iphone is one step ahead when they launch there new phone in the next few weeks.
  10. vjkk vjkf, what days and times this week?
  11. I disagree with the 'paying attention to the beauty around punjabi guys with punjabi girls'. That is not going to work. I've said it before and its the same applies here. Gurmat is not being practiced by parents. It's as simple as that. I do not blame youngsters who have no clue about Gurmat and are going away from Sikhi. I don't blame them at all. Sherepunjab93 is right, we need to look into the core. This punjabi culture has one of the most evil practices I know of. General sikh communities do not know the damage they are causing. They are not reading Gurbani and listening to Katha. There are many many Kathavachiks that do parchar on anti-caste, but theres no one around to listen to them. Heck our Gurdwara commities are based on caste, forget anything else. I cannot give names for obvious reasons, but I hear of girls running off with muslims all the time. It's come to the point where its just standard. It's a shame really, there was a time where Sikhs would rescue Hindu women from the Mughals, but we can't sort out our own community and daughters let alone others.
  12. Who are you? Akaal Takht Jathedar? Stop moaning, no ones going to hear you cry and throw your bottle out the pram... The Barsi will happening, its going to happen and its starting as I type this reply. No one will dare go to the Barsi and question it, so there's no point moaning on here. If you have a problem you know what to do.
  13. Lets not blaim the muslims. Its our own fault as a community. We don't or should I say parents are not educated in Gursikhi and Sikh history to be able to motivate and inspire their children. Our daughters are just left to be taken by dogs. I see so many families affected by this, its down to ourselves to take on Gursikhi jeevan and make our daughters stronger. Guru Gobind Singh Ji has not blessed with with 5 Kakkar for the fun of it. Simran, Seva and Sangat is a life style we CHOOSE not to follow. We rather follow TV, fashion, clubbing, over working and other things. I say this as a collective community not as an individual or to a specific family. It's something we had to adapt to in order to survive and spread Gurmat.
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