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  1. To truly understand this issue you need first hand sources. What Santji actually propogated; his vision for the kaum; the actual events that transpired in that time period. We generally have two extremes of information. The goi, or exaggerated panthic sources. We need a more fact based , non-emotive comprehensive accounting to sef the record straight. Listen to atinderpal singh on youtube for starters. As time goes on, our panth will more and more realize the importance of santji in our contemporary sikh history. He is our most recent link to our martial past. Right now we r more or less dead politically and militaristic wise. Our current lot dont hold a candle to our warriors of the past.
  2. We are complex creatures with simple logic. We need to see benefit in anything we put our energy towards. That small point is not stressed enough when we "preach". Show our fellow sikhs the benefits of sikhi values through your own life. If they see strength, happiness, prosperity, advancement from following....why would they not follow more? If all they see is the same problems, anxieties, health issues, depression, weakness, corruption, greed, etc as afflicting the common man, who wants to follow? Our forefathers saw the divinty of Guru sahibaan during their physical sareer presence. They saw the changes Guruji brought in the lives of their sikhs. They got inspired and dedicated themselves and their families. Just some food for thought.
  3. English translations serve a wonderful purpose in the sense that we cant ignore the meanings of Gurubani while reading it. It might not convey the same emotions, but that's something the coming generations can improve upon.
  4. Coconut was considered the ideal fruit offering in a time when apples and bananas weren't purchasable at your local market. Guru ji considered it such and used it as part of the offering upon the passing of Gurgaddi. Dont know why we keep getting worked up about the slightest association with "brahmin".
  5. I think this will require more personal reflection and patience. These internal tribulations are normal for the consciously seeking mind. Take this as a positive marker. Advice and individual experiences might help. But it's really going to be your own synthesis that will bring about a certain degree of contentment.
  6. You really should have a listen to suraj prakash katha regarding this. Sikhs were tired from the seige. They desperately wanted Guruji to accept the mughal/hills' offers. Guruji started the counter offer to the singhs at 20 more days, then 19....then 18....and so on until the sikhs refused all of Gurujis proposed duration of continued stay. Then Guru ji told mataji Gujar kaur ji and the singhs that great hardship and suffering is to follow after the evacuation. Guruji stated to the singhs to hold ground just a bit longer and all the tyrsnts would crumble...but alas....as willed by Akal purakh .... his wonderous play had to unfold.
  7. The recent media coverage is a real wake up call. We have to be thoughtful and vigilant in our actions and words moving forward. I was reading Mukhbir Singh's, of WSO, excellent protest letter to Post Media publications and lo and behold moments later saw another piece from Vancouver Sun. http://vancouversun.com/opinion/columnists/douglas-todd-canadian-hindus-struggling-with-sikh-activism Notice the soft touch approach to hindus; portraying them as victims of sikh violence. It appears to be a broader game plan of consolidating hindu votes for conservatives while isolating and vilifing sikhs. They are trying hard to bring us down a few pegs. Just a few days ago this same journalist (Douglas Todd) wrote about how we are over-represented (dog-whistle for "they're taking over") http://vancouversun.com/opinion/columnists/douglas-todd-why-sikhs-are-so-powerful-in-canadian-politics
  8. I think Jagmeet Singh is handling things fairly well given the full onslaught of all media outlets, with veteran pro-india journalists( Terry M ,Terry G, Jonathan Kay…to name a few) having a field day tearing apart their favourite prey and plenty of new comers honing their skills by regurgitating. But that’s what they do. They need an angle to attack us. We give them plenty. We have over a dozen MPs and a Federal party leader, yet we can barely muster a proper response or show our side of the story in a competent manner. Apart from a few intelligent voices coming from WSO and our British pal Sunny Hundal, there seems to be a complete silence from our so called leaders. This is the time when leadership is needed. Sadly our “leaders” only know to scream and shout at nagar kirtans. If we had 12 competent journalists/reporters from our community, giving the diverse views we hold, it would be of more use than having 12 MPs who are too scared to utter a word. Our kaum needs real introspection of where we invest our energies. Politicians in these western democracies are more akin to mascots and punching bags as opposed to power holders. Look to how other communities are functioning in Canada. For example, the Chinese demographics are far greater and also much more wealthy and successful, yet they stay off the radar pretty well. They don’t get into the muddy waters of politics. Our community keeps jumping to the forefront politically and then start complaining when the goray lay into us. I hope the best for Jagmeet singh. The road to 2019 elections is going to be very bumpy. Not only will he be facing off against the ignorants, but also the subtle hand of GOI working through its favourite media proxies.
  9. Yes, we canadian sikhs are very politically active, too much for our own good infact. Only thing having more sikh politicians has brought is alarmist rhetoric from the right and more embarrassment from continous politcal takedowns thanks to the media. There is hardly a sikh politician who hasn't been smeared with the "khalistani supporter" brush; if not that, then they are framed as incompetent. Sometimes i feel we are better off under the radar and out of public and media scrutiny. Lobby groups and strong journalism is the way to go. We should be using the native politicians without alarming the majority. There is a steady rise in right wing voices regarding our disproportionate number of MPs and MLAs.
  10. We Canadian sikhs are far behind in leadership and organization. No one to interact with the media. No one to counter the relentless "sikh extremist" propaganda that is going on non stop from the last 3 weeks. There are have been literally hundreds of articles from the broad spectrum of canadian media ( including dozens from indian-origin academics and journalists) pushing the sikh extremist narrative. If our leadership wants to push the Khalistan agenda, they need at least one organization to represent to the media. India has been sitting back and enjoying canadians spewing venom with no end in sight. Also, i know non canadians see the air india bombing as an inside job. Ground reality tells otherwise. The sooner we let go of this paranoid stance, the sooner we can gain some credibility. Media completely ignores our suffering and the atrocities of the goi. We need to get our act together. No point in supporting individuals who've been held responsible for the deaths of innocent air india passengers damaged our image to such an extent.
  11. We should learn from their growth success. This demographic advantage is what helped swell our own panths population from our grandparents generation when 8 kids was the norm. If just 2 generations after them had carried forward with the same numbers we would be a solid majority in punjab and a significantly bigger minority in the 5 states next to punjab. Not to mention bigger numbers in thd west. We really need to learn from our paki cousins.
  12. I think one aspect we may be ignoring is the social structures in our grandparents (the 1947 generation ) and parents (1984 generation). Strong immediate family ties and strong extended family ties. Large large families with lots of chachas tayeas bhuas fufars mamas mamis. Several dozen cousins closer than present day siblings. Plus the village pind structure acting like one big family. There simply was no room for abandoning sikhi. I think we need to bring back our big family structure. We all need to contribute The smaller our families. The more isolated and prone to disseention.
  13. I feel the same. We need to set our own house in order before helping others. Dont want to belittle Ravi singhs great work, but if only we could put our resources for helping the weaker sections of the panth first before spreading out. Jewish community is a great example of using community resources for nation and state building.
  14. Good questions. You probably already know Gurbani is not written in the manner of Abrahamic scriptures, so it doesn't read like a law book or historical account. You have to digg deeper. The answer will be found. Maybe not in the biblical format of "thou shall not...", but the answer can be found. Slavery is not accepted i am sure. Its existence is mentioned, but not condoned. Remarriage is accepted from historical precedence. Divorce is not mentioned as far as i know. Im sure someone more knowledgeable can provide more Gurbani and rehitnama quotes.
  15. This should really be the wakeup call for a renewal in our panth. We can no longer afford to continue with the status quo. Malwa dalits have been taken by the jhoothha sauda. Majha has been ravaged by the christians ( where they form a good 10% in gurdaspur district) and the beas dera. Doaba dalits have been effevtively broken off from sikhi by the ravidasias. We should be in action mode and snap out of our caste prejudices.
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