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  1. It's only been 6 months, so you still have time before children come into the picture. You really need to confront her again and again about this breach of trust until you get her expose her true intentions (if she's playing the religious part to secure a pushover husband). She seems to be brushing it off because she senses you are a soft guy. This situation you find yourself in will only get worse for your mental health. Become strong and proactive and not fall into self pity and self destruction. Either you take action now, or suffer life long. Anxiety attacks mean you are feeling incapable of handling the situation. Take control. Take action.
  2. I have also pondered such scenarios. Guru maharaj seemed to have preferred independant and self governed village/cities. They founded so many themselves. Combined with the reoccurring theme in Gurbani of being in the company of the holy, i feel the only way to truly practice and pass on our lifestyle and values is through a self sustained city. I think we could eventually consolidate our talent in one place and start something pleasing to our Guru. Having freedom to build institutions of scholarship and human advancement according to our True Teacher's Wisdom.
  3. This Muslim Neighbour is most likely a British Pakistani. If you read his earliest posts he goes quite personal against our forum member JVK, and he makes repeated attacks on Mohan Singh (who I believe warns UK sikh girls about grooming dangers?). Muslim Neighbour even states that he has been stalking this forum for many years before launching into his thread disruption and deception attacks. He doesn't answer direct questions, nor is satisfied with answers forum members provide to his questions. Only plus point is this has propelled some of us to research more into glaring flaws being exposed on his faith by christians. Even I had a fairly neutral position on Muslims since this type of aggressive behaviour is not experienced here in canada. I used to take the advice of UK friends with a grain of salt until more recently. I found this channel amazing. Early Islam as muslims like to believe is getting demolished by the christians. I think there is going to be large scale upheaval in a few decades as more muslims realize the bitter truth of their faith's foundation. Muslim scholars are already having a hard time plugging the holes. Sooner or later this knowledge will spread to the common muslim.
  4. Sikhi is a dharmic faith with much shared traditions and culture with all the other dharmic streams of thought, some more and some not so much. For myriad of current political and social reasons you might hear sikhs state things otherwise, but it's factually incorrect. Most of us understand and acknowledge this. It's not something we're ashamed of, apart from the fringe groups that re-interpret sikhi as being devoid of all links to sanatan/"hindu" mat. You really have to remove the islamic lens to get a better view. It gets frustrating for some members because we don't hold the same confrontational attitude you bring to this Sikh forum. This is not a place of great apologetics debates. It's a place where a few active members pass on advice and share thoughts with the younger learners who come and go. What this means is that you will get a mixture of replies according to the various understandings of the few members of this forum. Perhaps you should read more researched material (which is scarce in English, to be honest) if that’s to your liking. Most of our traditional and modernist scholarship is limited to Punjabi. It will take longer for us to fully reach English scholarship levels of the bigger religions. Just some observations and suggestions after having read your various arguments in various threads. Perhaps this forum just isn’t what you require.
  5. Jewish and muslim azan sound very similar. Both sound wonderful, but there is no doubt they belong to a shared tradition.
  6. This is saddening to watch. It's hard to imagine the ancestors of these people once practised budhism. Perhaps these maulvis fear even a spark of interest in the public for their history.
  7. If u try and stop her, guess what her next month's worth of conversation with peke is going to be on....
  8. The whole wedding process seems to be getting longer and longer with added western ceremonies. It seems to be getting out of hand for the average modest income household. The roka, then engagement (why have two ceremonies which serve the same function?), pre wedding shoots, mayian, jagoo, mehndi, Anand Karaj, bidhai/doli, reception, post wedding travel......it's a complete waste of resources and added burden for struggling families. Each function is gets more elaborate and expensive in an attempt to stand out. A nice wedding can be accomplished with half of these ceremonies if you still prefer the cultural style, or even minimalist if you go the Gursikhi way.
  9. What is with the muslim obsession with debates? They have so many uncomfortable flaws in their faith they literally need to be a lawyer to constantly defend it. It explains a lot about their general aggressive attitude. Even this muslim neighbour, doesn't answer a straight question, keeps deflecting and targeting jvk.
  10. Everybody's looking for the best deal in whatever situation they find themselves in. You give them an inch, they take a mile. Not just true for women either! It's instinctive i suppose.
  11. As proactive stated, it's very unsafe for sikhs outside of punjab to voice support for sikh sovereignty. We have to realize Sikhs are a tiny minuscule minority in urban centers outside Punjab, barely reaching 1 or 2%. Even in metro Delhi, they constitute less than 2%. Even in Punjab Sikhs are a minority in most urban centers. Ludhiana: 28 % , Amritsar 48%, Bathinda: 35%, Jallandhar : 21%, Chandigarh: 13 %. Sikhs are : Mumbai: 0.50%, Chennai: 0.06%, kanpur: 1.0%, Kolkata: 0.01%, Patna: 1.0% just to name a few. Keeping these stats in mind, how can we expect them to support something that would lead to public ostracization and even physical danger. These Sikhs have to behave as patriotic as possible. Overt time, the outward projection of patriotism ends up altering our deep held views.
  12. Very nice to read from jassa and singhsta brothers. You both have actually read the Guru's Banis that many of us only hear from reading online arguments. Please keep sharing your knowledge for others. My question for jassa: why is there no such "devi" ustat in Guru Granth Sahib ji. Or, are the references to "mai" "mata" ( mother) to be taken to mean durga/bhawani/chandi/devi ? Also, another pangti from Bachittar Natak also rings in my head " mai apna sut tohe nivaja". Perhaps if Akal Purakh Is father of Guru Gobind Singh Ji, then "mother" is......?
  13. The strong usually prey on the weak in life. This truth will manifest in many areas of your life. Wanting things to go a certain way does not get you any where. What you lack is strength. This you need to ask for from Guruji. Don't expect things to turn out in your favor. Life doesn't work like that. This strength is what will help you get through this and many other obstacles you may face in life. Since we don't know enough about your life bhenji, most people will give generic advice. Try to see what you need to do to win over your in-laws or husband. Some concrete steps you can take. If they have ill-intentions and don't want you, then you need to be courageous enough to get your parents help to resolve this. If they have no intention to ever resolve this, then you know what step you need to take. Move on in life.
  14. ^^^^ I understand where you’re coming from. We have enough issues as it is without the need to further muddy the waters. Eventually outsiders and others with ill-intent will pick up these issues and even more aggressively pursue us. This will just lead to a greater divide. One side will instinctively deny and disown it all ( as we see in the dhardi neki panthpreet camp). Their purging will keep getting more gruesome as more and more things present themselves as contradictions and eventually lead to athieism. While the other side will drift towards the logical polar extreme of sanatan dharm. Somewhere in between lies the nyara panth…tisra panth…nirmal panth…sikhi. All of us need to learn from one another and be humble and courageous enough to find the truth, whatever it may be.
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