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  1. There is no controversy. Stop your agenda bharati saputra.
  2. There is no reason for any person having marital struggles to direct PM you. You've barely been here a month. Don't try this c$%ap on here.
  3. If you're here genuinely to discuss, then try and present your views, instead of starting one line topics. I don't know if you're here as part of the endless transients we've grown accustomed to, or just a really worried urban sikh who desperately wants to be in the sanatan good books. Either way, learn from this forum and preferably desist from the not-so-subtle serial threads you keep opening that lean a certain way. We see it. It's just that we've fried bigger fish before.
  4. I've wondered this aswell. Not just memories, but even dreams amaze me. Most of my dreams take me to a certain home i lived in my youth for a few years. It wasn't the longest duration out of all the places ive lived in, but it's where most of my dreams get based at. Perhaps it's an impression that's left in our brains which is beyond our control. The brain finds that important for whatever reason and keeps bringing it up.
  5. He was by Indian standards a "good" PM. He didn't cause ripples, and that is fine for India and us. I have come across positive reviews from Punjab politicians about some of the benevolent moves he made for Punjab. Obviously being a puppet PM you can’t expect much. There was a ridiculous effort for atonement on behalf of the gandhis and congress for 84 riots, which was not well received. The irony was not lost on the public that the gandhis were making a sikh PM apologize for riots that killed sikhs. For a country like India, having a weak timid useless PM is a blessing in disguise for minorities.
  6. Really appreciate what you bring to this forum, brother. Your adherence to the fundamental requirements of Guru Gobind SIngh really shine through your posts here. Keep sharing and inspiring us all.
  7. There is a deep connection of Sikhi with Punjab. It’s the place where Sikhi took root and survived and thrived. Beyond it, there were sangats in far corners of greater india and beyond, but we all know there are barely traces left today. Another thing I have noticed myself, the average pendu munda might not look all that religious, but they keep a fierce loyalty to Guru Panth ( even if not following rehit themselves). While outside of Punjab this doesn’t remain the case, especially in the west. Here you will get the minority hyper religious types, or those who feel zero affinity for the faith of their forefathers. The middle path is not the same that Punjab offers, thanks the pervasive Sikhi ethos that get instilled regardless of strict adherence. Currently Punjab and diaspora relations are fully on display with the farmer protests. Punjab feels they have a voice and monetary backing from brethren residing in superpower states, while diaspora feels confident they have a place of return if things head south. Also, I believe every religious tradition surviving today has a solid cultural base. Islam has arab culture, Christianity has European culture, Buddhists have east Asian, Hinduism has Indian culture. You simply can’t imagine one without the other. The more dominant and successful the underlying culture, the more so we conflate it with the apparent success of the religion. It’s another debate of whether it was the culture that helped the religion more, or the reverse.
  8. It's a mix of both. We have a combination image of being religious fanatics who don't compromise (in the way of Dastar, Kirpan, Kesh, Tables in the Langar); willing to take down opponents in and out of the country ( Air India); violent gangsters; oversized mansions; truckers; politically aggressive ( dozens of MP's, MLA's, Party Leader of NDP, Cabinet Members); and generally a bit pushy to get our way and get ahead. For better or for worse, we here in Canada represent a case study for being both a successful and disliked (for valid reasons in some ways) diaspora Sikh community.
  9. I sometimes feel we take the opposing view on raavan to just irritate north indian hindus. No doubt there is a tradition in the south of viewing history differently than the north in terms of Raam and Raavan, but the current trend amongst our community to sort of belittle Raam Chandar is misplaced. Raavan is linked to the fatal flaw of ego. Whatever shortcomings might be there in Raam Chandars life, it is completely eclipsed by the fact that he was the Treta Avataar, sent to end a tyrants reign.
  10. I think the type of seva that Khalsa Aid is engaged in now, at the delhi border, is what the Sangat at large want to see. We have seen how well organized and effective their contribution is. Sangat from Punjab and abroad are all praising, and rightfully so, the seva they are providing with the tents, langars, washing facilities, and other areas I may not be aware of. This is exactly what we want to see from them. We don’t want our precious small resources being squandered for causes we can make little to no difference in. When we find ourselves in a position where we have $10-20 million in excess every year, sure then it makes sense to find suitable far out missions for seva to contribute a portion of this. But we know our organizations are not at this level. The Panth is struggling as ever in Punjab. Don’t let the façade of wealth fool anyone. We are in dire straits ecologically, morally, economically, culturally, religiously, intellectually, and I dare say even physically with effects of polluted rivers and aquifers being most visible in the way of cancers and infertility in southern Punjab districts. It’s just that a small percent of our panth has managed to make it out, but remember, close to 90% of the Panth sill resides in Punjab and its immediate neighbourhood of Rajasthan and Haryana. Also, please remember, Bhai Kanahiya Ji was an individual of an elevated avastha. Their actions were not virtue signaling. Their actions were not the normal for the rest of the fighting fauj. We need to appreciate their saintly nature, but be wise enough to apply it with wisdom. Anyway, I think everyone respects the great work Ravi Singh's Khalsa AId is doing for the community now. Wish them the best.
  11. Solely attempting to intellectually understanding His Hukam ends in fatigue, in my own experience.
  12. Welcome to the forum brother. Thanks for sharing this valuable information. I hope you can keep contributing to this forum, we really need ground perspectives like your's. What religion do the West UP Jaats list during census? How much do they number? They seem to be our starting best chance to integrate back into mainstream Sikhi. Tell us more about their lifestyle and political views, and how they view their history and connection with Sikhi.
  13. One thing I’ve seen amongst the old and young alike is their fierce loyalty for Guru Gobind Singh Ji’s SIkhi alive and well, regardless of their degree of outer appearance. You see so many young leaders full of warrior spirit and total allegiance to Sikhi. The future of Punjab is our collective future, no matter where is the world we currently call home. There is something in the land that continues to produce this type of rebellious spirit. Lets pray to Guru Nanak Dev Ji maharaj to protect our bazurgs and youth camped out in delhi under God knows what kind of difficult conditions.
  14. Most comments from other hindus are congratulatory under that video with many even expressing a desire to become Sikh themselves.Not surprising though since many indians still hold a very positive view of Guru Sahibaan and sikhi.
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