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  1. India is going to keep chugging along with its large middle class and small upper class enjoying the fruits of cheap labour supplied by the massive lower class. Only thing that will disrupt this is war with china and pakistan or a catastrophic disease. We need to focus on Punjab’s economy, which directly influences 70% of the total Sikh population. Got to transition out of agriculture/ pind life and urbanize. Stop looking towards government jobs and concentrate on business and higher education with economic focus, not just useless degrees. Ludhiana and Jallundar are ideal for creating a m
  2. I think they had little option but to surrender given hardly anyone is coming out in solid support, all groups seem to be soft-peddling around. Without wanting to dimish their service, I think the nihangs shouldn't have individualized the act, they should have let it be a mob act ( I believe they have a similar law like the one you mentioned for UK). It's a sad repeat of Jan.26th aftermath when Deep Sidhu and Lakha were made scapegoats. These kisan leaders are true to their commrade roots and never stand with the panth when it matters.
  3. Very humbling observation brother. I appreciate your perspective.
  4. No kidding bro. Any future potential jobers are going to instictly rub their wrists in the future.
  5. The BJP and indian media are spinning this to be a dalit hate crime....completely ridiculous. The fauja are by and large made up of Mazabi Singhs (Dalits). The fauja don't live in fear of the corrupt law, they answer to a higher authority. They own very little and don't have the same economic considerations when taking these kinds of actions. Another thing, that lakbir mentioned there were a total of 20 of them hired to instigate and cause beadbi, im sure the remaining 19 won't want to carry through now. This beadbi trend is out of control simply beacause we have a huge tolerance level. Why th
  6. I think you’ve zeroed in on the bullseye there. If you look at all of our current anxieties and problems, the root is stagnation of effort and inability to constantly adapt and recalibrate our strategies. We keep trying to do the same thing and expect same outcome while those at the forefront of power have moved miles ahead. Same type of parchar methods aimed at uneducated rural folks. Non utilization of Gurdwara institution for village level learning. Why are sikh parents in punjab aspiring to send their kids to convent or DAV schools when the Gurdwara should be the center of learni
  7. ^^^ It solves a few problems doesn’t it. Sikhs get to channel their warrior energies for india’s security. Getting killed by islamists helps keep the cross-border bhaichaara in check. More sikhs getting killed doesn’t hurt to lower the demographics of these pesky “jarai pesha kaum” aka criminal tribe.
  8. I hope he has an old fashioned wooden seat instead of the metal ones at some of our rest-stops on the highways.
  9. Plus, white dress makes them look darker, so they like the colors.
  10. French clergy sexually abused over 200,000 children since 1950, probe finds https://www.cbc.ca/news/world/france-clergy-abuse-1.6199877 Sexual abuse of children by the "religious" is more common than many would naively believe. Well intentioned people feel their own group is immune to this kind of stuff and end up putting themselves or their children in harms way. They end up worse than non-religious or semi-religious people and really struggle to make sense of faith, divinity, culture. I've seen the havoc it unleashes on decent people. I'm very sure there are plenty of sukha
  11. @dallysingh101 Thanks for that link. I might also start using kindle reader or something considering the savings and ease of sharing, like you mentioned. I know what you mean about the small number of prints, it's very common for Panjabi books. I knew an acquaintance who studied literature in a punjab college and he says there have been good punjabi authors with decent material that will never go beyond the college libraries. These authors have to gift their books because there is no audience for it.
  12. Other than the pdf link, is there a print version available on some site? I guess I'm still old skool with a preference for hard copy.
  13. It would be a great to have an internalized, well networked, match-making service available for all ages and lifestyles within our community. Something that goes beyond shaadi.com and instead becomes an essential first step to finding a suitable partner. Better matches and fewer frustrated singles.
  14. Manoj Singh Duhan makes excellent points. Western UP, Haryana, Northern Rajathan have received great exposure to Sikhi ideals in action thanks to the farmers protest. The farming communities in these states can coalesce around a distinct socio-religious identity and become a major force of power in India. Having Punjab+Haryana+Western UP+Rajasthan in some type of alliance, with Sikhi being the long term glue, would be a game-changer.
  15. It will sound controversial, but I think our biological age for pairing, the late teen years, is the ideal time for getting married, or at least roka/engaged. The couple can live together, study, work, and eventually start a family by the time they reach their mid-twenties. Instead of fighting the tide, it’s better to surf it. Kids spend their prime sexual years engaging in wasted pleasures that still leave them at square one when they hit their late 20’s. All that time could have been spent maturing and satisfying their urges in a controlled and fruitful bondage. The older we get, the more di
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