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  1. Having 50+ countries with sizeable populations in absolute majorities and still being relatively powerless compared to the western powers doesn't exude confidence. And don't conflate regional ethnic tendencies with 'power of islam'. Some ethnicities are fighters no matter the religion. It adds an extra layer, but it's not always the deciding factor. Islam like xians have hundreds of ethnicities that bring their positives and negatives to the table. We have one, and we do pretty well given cards we are dealt. For your second point, I wouldn't exaggerate our gaddhar ratio. I don't think the kaum is full of them. You will always find a handful that will fill in the role the oppressor state demands. If a kps gill or brar or a swarn ghotna didn't step forward, the state can use a non sikh face to its bidding. They just prefer to put a sikh face to their genocide. The power is behind the mask. The mask is powerless in itself. Commenting on your last point. I think you've fallen into some social media rabbit hole regarding the 'rise of islam'. There aren't that many converts in sum total. Most are just going through the isalmic jungle fever and fizzle out eventually. There are more muslims leaving than coming in. Iranians have covertly abandoned islam in large numbers and are feeling a pull backwards to their old parsi roots. Pre-islamic ethnic cultures are tugging many muslim ethnicities backwards to their roots. It's not quite out in the open, but you have to give these things a few centuries to play out. Their growth lies in birthrate, that I will concede is their strength.
  2. There is no alphaness to arabs when you look at their ground work. They will moan and groan about a tiny sliver of a nation that has rag-dolled them multiple times, but tippy toe around when real action is needed. There are multilple muslim ethnicities that are under repression yet the ummah can't muster up a response. Look at the condition of groups like rohingya, uygher, palistinian, alabanian, indian muslims, kashmiris. Where have they shown their brave alpha muscle apart from flexing in liberal democracies where they know they can ride the coattails of the extreme loony left. The pakis will shake hands with the chineses knowing full well that their co-religionists are getting lobotomized. The gulf states will embrace modi knowing full well what plans hindutva has rolled out.
  3. Islam will never conquer the west, no chance at all. All they can do is increase through birthrate and immigration, but they will never acquire real power. A few celebrities or commoners here and there don’t change the broader picture (same kind of conversion stories exist for all faith groups with neo-budhists being a case in point). Euros/whites are far more likely to revert back to some pre-christian faith system, or re-invent Christianity for their current tastes, than choose Islam. Plus, they have hundreds of other modern day ‘isms’ to choose from instead of an outdated desert tribal religion. If the whites feel threatened enough, they will switch on their genocidal mode. Unfortunately, we will also be wiped out along with the muslims if it reaches that point. Also, don’t fall into the social media algorithm trap. Muslims are not powerful by any stretch. They punch well below their numbers, and the amount of countries they own they should have been vastly more powerful, but they aren’t. Most of their countries are subdued with American dominance and ‘aid-funding’. Don’t think just because a few million have settled into first-world western states that they will somehow take them over. We need to concentrate on our core values and have faith in Guru Maharaj to guide us into the future. We may not matter today on the global scene, but that can change in the coming centuries if Guruji will it. Learn from the accomplishments and mistakes of others and our own, then wisely chart our next steps. We'll be ok.
  4. I really enjoy the more direct and simple grammar of Bhangu's Panth Prakash compared to the more strecthed out flowerey suraj prakash. He gets to the point much more quickly! Perhaps it's my own bias because I'm in it for the history and not the poetry. Also, I think the text can be read by punjabi speakers and they can understand the gist of it without having to constantly read the translation/ commentary. There is a mention of a game called "saunchi" in the above text. I'm guessing it could be a type of contact sport like kabbadi ? Or perhaps somethinga bit more aggressive?
  5. Each of theses groups has to be contextualized for the time period. Most of these ostracized groups dissolved back into mainstream over time. They pose no current challenge to the Panth's well-being. These "lists" need updating all the time. Even parasitic offshoot groups that we were in conflict with 40 years ago dont pose any serious challenges today. The radha-soami head baba has pivoted back towards sikhi as a case in point, and so has one half of the namdhari sect. Coming back to ks makan, what is the point of targeting someone for leaving the amritdhari lifestyle when you have the vast majority of our people also rejecting the same by way of never adopting it inspite of beng born in sikh families. I would understand if guys like makhan started attacking the amritdhari jeevan , but that's not the case. I would also be interested in your opinion on my earlier point about the numerous youngsters who cut their hair after having taken Amrit in childhood or sometimes even in their youth.
  6. This was more applicable when cutting kesh was rare and rules like these helped nip the problem. The situation is inverted now. Also, is it better to never even attempt amritdhari life ? Atleast Makhan tried for a few years, and he still holds immense respect or it. Just leave the guy alone and let him come back on more firm footing in the future. Plus, there are many kids from (amritdhari) families that take amrit at a young age, but cut their kesh in their youth. Do you think it would be fair to namecall them as sirgums while their peers get a free pass? You have to evaluate these maryada rules on an ongoing basis to see what helps the panth and what may end up causing more harm than good.
  7. There are way too many churches in punjab in relation to their numbers. It is definitely a well coordinated and well funded effort by various christian groups. They face very little resistance in comparison to the rest of india, so they're exploiting our tolerance. Caste discrimination can't be solely blamed because Punjab tends to be better than most parts of India (even the gov. figures agree). Also, Punjab has the largest proportion of "lower castes" at 32%. Caste Population data of Punjab Constitutional categories Population (%) Castes Other Backward Classes (OBC) 31.3%[7][8] includes Sainis,[9] Sunar, Kamboj, Labana, Tarkhan/Ramgarhia, Kumhar/Prajapati, Arain, Gujjar, Teli, Banjara, Lohar, Bhat,[10] Others Scheduled Castes (Dalits not including Rai Sikh statistics[11]) 31.9%[12] includes Mazhabi Sikh - 10%, Ramdasia Sikh/Ravidassia (Chamar)/Ad-Dharmi - 13.1%, Balmiki/Bhanghi - 3.5%, Bazigar - 1.05%, Others - 4%[13] Others 33% includes Jat Sikh - 21%,[14] Brahmin, (Khatri-Arora-Sood[15]), Bania, Kayastha - 12%[16] Rajputs (includes Sikh Rajputs) - 5%[17] religious minorities 3.8%[18] includes Muslims, Christians, Buddhists, Jains The cadre of Nihang Dals comes heavily from Mazabi Sikhs as it offers a path out of abject poverty and some stability and honor. But sadly we haven't done enough as evidence from the skyrocketing conversions of Mazabi Sikhs. The people in that video are more likely to be from the same caste. One side has abandoned Sikhi while the other side is trying their level best to stop the erosion.
  8. I think you're correct here. There is a redefinition of each religious group by Guru sahibaan in Gurbani. The new vision Maharaj offers, naturally and gently funnels them into a more Sikhi oriented way of life. The 4-doors-one-walkway metaphor.
  9. I've watched a few of Pal's videos. I was absolutely shocked that this stuff is so prevelent over there. He went after the Gujjar 'deras' (they practice this to a horrific level by actually handicapping/giving brain injury to kids and then shifting them around their camps' network) but backed off as of late because of the hostility from them. There are gut-wrenching videos of elders kept in captivity at home; migrant laboureres (being the most prevelant class); mentally handicapped locals...and the list goes on. If this stuff happens in Punjab, just imagine the scale of it across India. Probably worse is pakistan I imagine. The weakest are exploited to the max over there.
  10. Same with Canada. Ajit Sandhu https://www.sikh24.com/2015/12/11/khalra-killer-ssp-ajit-sandhu-is-alive-in-canada-hints-ex-dgp-sashi-kant/ is rumoured to be living in canada (if still alive). Likely to be plenty of others.
  11. Thanks for sharing the artwork @dallysingh101 It's fascinating to see how the dress of women has evolved, and contrasts with popular perceptions in present day jathas. Honest engagement with history really helps to chart the future.
  12. This is a big victory for the Panth, not so much electorally, but more so as the flag of defiance has been planted once more inside India's Parliament. I truly believe Guru Maharaj works in ways we can’t understand. Nobody thought entertainers would be leading a rejuvenation in Panthic politics, but it happened! First Deep Sidhu and then Subhdeep Sidhu [Mossewala], both contributed in ways perhaps even they were unaware of at the time. The youth of the Panth is coming together and coming back to Guru’s Charn. Even though there are multitude issues with structure and hammering-out of policy, this victory is the anchor the youth badly needed. Now they have a chance to build back true Panthic politics and get rid of the latest cancer in the form of Kejriwal/Raghav chadda et al. Dhan Guru Nanak Dev Ji maharaj. Please guide your Panth into the future.
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