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  1. i think everyone is encountering this issue. i had replied in the Rumi thread by quoting shastersinghs original post (which contained a link) and it took two days before it showed up in the thread. i had even edited my reply by deleting the link, but it still wouldnt post.
  2. Shaikh Ahmad Sirhindi was a naqashbandhi sufi leader during Jahagir's time. He referred to Guru Arjan Dev ji in vile terms. Some even feel he had a great role in Guru Ji's shaheedi by continously instigating jahagir against Guru ji. Sufis of bollywood/ punjabi music industry are not the only kind of sufi. Seeing Gurdass Maan prancing around in black chaadra and kurta singing "sufi" songs has skewed our perception.
  3. It’s a lack of foresight. Not understanding our own position in the world order [or our, historically, guarded attitudes towards muslims], because we rarely discuss it truthfully. These gestures (that’s all they are at the moment), are not received in the way we assume. To the religious minded muslims any positive action we take for their benefit is actually “allah is guiding these kafirs towards islam”….that’s how they see it !! They aren’t praising our Gurus for instilling virtues of service to humanity or anything like that.
  4. Jai Tegang!


    As GurjantGnostic mentioned, you have to go directly to the source, the fountain of bliss that is ever flowing, Naam. Just start with a simple mindful practice of 10-15 minutes daily. Cut off distractions, focus your mind, and ask for His Divine Grace of Naam. Chant Satnam. Chant Waheguru. Listen. Feel. If you've tried other paths before coming to Sikhi, it sort of is a blessing in disguise since you can clearly see where the grass is green. The abrahamic faiths are in survival mode, academically. People display confidence in their racial/cultural accomplishments; don't mistake
  5. The headings are encased in huge dark-navy/black boxes....perhaps a cleaner, lighter look would be better.
  6. Nature is pretty good at balancing itself out, no matter what gets thrown its way. Disease, asteroids, pollutions, man made animals....everything comes and goes. Only a matter of time. Waheguru's essence is permeating every single particle, as per Gurbani. No need to get caught up in the Semetic conundrum regarding what has a soul and what doesn't, we have a more advanced understanding.
  7. Very wise observation. Too much outward humility signals weakness and attracts the predatory natured individuals to find benefit, while also attracting similar mild mannered people into your orbit. Too much outward ego pushes away caring people and creates a conflict with other ego heavy people. The see-saw is very real! I see only Sehaj avastha, the middle path of balance, as the best solution. Many novice spiritual people come on this path and adopt unbalanced humility, only to be let down by fraudsters who feast on these types.
  8. As per my limited knowledge, Yug length and the related human lifespan, is only mentioned in the Purans, not in the earlier literature of Veds and Upanishids. I have not seen the lengths of each yug and life spans of humans mentioned in Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, but only the moral decay of man is stressed upon. If you take the Puran's literal numbers, then you have a massive clash with our current understanding. For example, satyug has a timeframe of over 1.7 million years with humans having a 100,000 year life span and heights of over 30 feet. This progressively decreases by a 1\4 i
  9. I don't know where people come up with these prophesies. Waiting for our holy shrines to get annihilated before we can nation build? I hope someone can show us the origins of this so called prophesy.
  10. Solar Panels are great. Just not on top of our historic shrines. This is just another example of tokenism that SGPC facilitates from time to time. They allow good-intentioned, yet short-sighted groups and individuals to perform a visible seva to earn accolades. Remember the GIANT LED Screens they’ve put up in the corners of parikrama, SUPER distracting! More weird ways to waste our resources and allow photo-ops for Jagir kaur. On another note, why do they keep re-electing her? Is this all the leadership that’s left? Insane!
  11. Really great replies by both Singh375 and GurjantGnostic. I would assume the same has to be true if a Singh were to wrestle.
  12. There are always modifications and adjustments in good faith that occur with time to our way of practicing. For example, kashera sizes have varied due to pants. People still might wear the larger kasheras with pants, or may not, depending on their comfort level. The intention and core purpose of Guru Maharaj’s hukams needs to be understood. For many of us it can be hard to say anything that sounds remotely challenging to our practiced ways because we don’t want to create another point of discord. If the Guru stated it, we should follow. I agree. Lets also analyse their intentions behind
  13. Like you said about the Middle Kingdom, China is materializing its self perception. It has the racial and cultural homogeneity with little cause for dissent; a perfect recipe for empire. I have a feeling surrounding Asian nations will eventually eat humble pie and come into China’s clutches, no matter the support US provides. China is well positioned in Africa with loans, debt -traps, and long term resource, rare earth monopoly. Indians are risk averse people like you state. For all the sabre rattling, we know when $h!t hits the pukha, India would much rather trade in roti for n
  14. Those were practical and wise choices in that time. It allowed strong families to keep going despite losing important members. No wonder our numerical strength grew so much despite heavy losses now and then.
  15. It does make you wonder about the vision of our straight forward thinkers back in Punjab when they try to prune off every branch and stem of Sikhi, when in reality the masses are after the mystical spiritual escapes for their worldly troubles, for which, ironically, Sikhi presents a mix of spiritual and real world solution to. The Christians get it. They have revved up their game in this sphere; they’re offering miracles at your local pind church, which in some cases our short-sighted goodhearted fools have helped build, or at least refrained from objecting, not realizing this real-estate busi
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