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  1. https://www.saanichnews.com/news/photos-sikh-motorcycle-group-starts-cross-canada-charity-tour-in-victoria/ PHOTOS: Sikh motorcycle group starts cross-Canada charity tour in Victoria JAKE ROMPHF Jul. 17, 2021 5:00 p.m. LOCAL NEWS NEWS Picture 10 of 10 Previous The Legendary Sikh Riders started their cross-Canada tour, to raise money for the Make-A-Wish Foundati
  2. The incompetence is beyond belief. I've seen this happen in pinds with lesser known historical gurdwaras where beautiful older structures surrounded by hundreds of years old trees have been cleared for marble monstrosities. Even historical trees associated with Guru Sahibaan are not spared. Nothing is going to change. People have been lamenting for decades but come time for SGPC elections, the same group affiliated members gets voted back in.
  3. Spot on! Sikhs helped transport their girls safely home from across India and provided them food and shelter in our Gurudwars, all the while looking like the bad guys in the eyes of rest of India. This noble act along with the mosque building spree our brothers are on in Punjab has not yielded the desired results. Maybe the langars and mosques need to be fancier to please our brothers.
  4. Apart from the few who can see the bigger picture and game at play in terms of geopolitics, most of our community leaders/thinkers in the subcontinent are completely clueless and incompetent to give any genuine leadership on issues that matter. It goes back to what @dalsingh101 mentioned about 'chaploosia' as being the motivating factor for our absurd actions and political positioning. The above mentioned Jathedaars of our Kaum would not let Sikh girls be targeted for abuse or abduction. They would not allow police and authorities to brutalize our people and go scott free. They would not
  5. Terry Milewski has targeted Sikhs for decades now. I still remember his "somosa politics" garbage piece to paint us as terrorists/supporters over a decade ago. He, along with notorious sellout Ujjal Dosanjh, and National Posts's Jonathan Kay are a trio who go to great lengths to knock us down in the public's eyes. They will list off all the usual GOI propaganda points and barely mention the atrocities we've had to face. They want to instigate us, annoy us, shame us, and make it seem perfectly acceptable to tarnish a small minority community with no nation state to call home. Try it with
  6. I am surprised with the OP, especially with the amount of great content they share on this forum. Like @GurjantGnostic stated above, $1.4 mil isn't exactly out of reach these days. That's the average home price of many Punjabi families living in the Lower Mainland here is BC ( even with Usd to Cdn conversion!). A Black lady bought a house that looks like a barn and put a fence up...and the media treats it newsworthy. We definitely don't need to support this racist journalism.
  7. The Lower Mainland gang violence disproportionately involves (Canadian-born) Punjabis. Most of the gangland killings involve Punjabis killing other Punjabis. The police considers them mostly low-level guys who can’t control themselves, unlike the sophisticated Asian and Biker gangs that work silently but control most of the networks. It’s saddening to see another dead young brown kid every second week. It has nothing to do with bullying or racism, or other any economic reasons. They come from our typical well-off Punjabi households with immigrant parents who have worked hard to realize th
  8. wow. Sant ji just casually let her know that she had started doing this fortune-telling stuff since age 13. He mentions with a smirk that there is more he can say, but he'll just leave it at that. Consider this, that lady could have researched a bit about Santji prior to the meeting, but no chance the other way around.
  9. I would not have imagined the scale of destruction without this image. 35 blocks burned down and 300 murdered. Horrifying! No coincidence they targeted an important economic hub of an oppressed minority. so much evil lurks just below the surface. No wonder Dashmesh Pita emphasized the absolute necessity of armed preparedness with intensive training alongside a spiritual practice.
  10. I thought this thread would be about shield-making techniques of Jassa Singh Ahluwalia
  11. Great research! "Gau gareeb di rakhyia karni" or somethin along those lines seems to be a common theme in khalsa virtues. For example, the naamdhari incident at malerkotla.
  12. I witnessed the prejudices of my white friends in the nineties towards the natives. I didn't know any better and adopted the same outlook until the broader picture at play came into focus. How can you expect a demoralized, broken down, traumatized people to successfully navigate life? Destroy enough of their culture so there is no going back. Incentivize isolation without any upliftment and the result is a people unable to authentically connect to their past (loss of language) and economically ruined. Coming back to our own community, look at how well they played us. Our people love to b
  13. Surprised you are in the trades, brother. You, and others from the UK like @dalsingh101, sound very well educated and rounded. I always imagined you had office type work. Perhaps it's more of a reflection of UK's education system. You can spot Canadians from the simple English we use, lol. Even the Americans sound better.
  14. Can't imagine the pain and trauma these kids endured along with their families. As evidenced from the unmarked graves, these children were treated like animals. No medical care. Even their bodies weren't given back to the families. https://nationalpost.com/news/canada/newly-discovered-b-c-graves-a-grim-reminder-of-the-heartbreaking-death-toll-of-residential-schools This is a right-wing publication and they've surprisingly done a good article on this. But the attitude of conservative gorey is sickening from the comments section. Still in denial, deflection, muddling. These schoo
  15. These british accounts always are fascinating to read as they help fill the gaps, especially about things our historians found too mundane to write about. I 've always wondered what the religiosity of the sardars was in comparison to the nihangs. Also, the caste/economic composition of nihungs would be interesting to know from Dashmesh Pitas time through to the misl period and beyond. They seem to have been from landless sections living almost mercenary style judging from the "gapa (gift)" request. Bhang overuse seems to have been an old habit also. Btw, what books do you use for british
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