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  1. The Biharis get treated comparatively well in Punjab in comparison to rest of India. They are fed well and given their dues. The mockery is mild and not to the point of harassment, and not across the board.
  2. UP and Bihar is notorious for highway bandits/ looters, and general criminality. Back in the day Punjabi truckers used to travel in convoys through there before major highways were built, especially at night. You will be at heightened risk if travelling in a single vehicle as they can visually see you as an outsider. This jatha was travelling with enough people to be safe, but I think they miscalculated the situation when they were getting extorted. You have to be smart and flexible when in a vulnerable situation. If you can get passage with a payout, then that's best. Or, travel with plenty o
  3. Indian Muslim leaders are actually quite envious of our success in having a full-fledged state in India. They have massive numbers (over 200 million) and the highest growth at 24 %/decade, yet they still can’t be more than vote banks with little to show for. They have Muslim Parties like Owaisi's, but limited success. We Sikhs are very strong spirited and require an equally strong leader to gain full loyalty, otherwise we remain fractured. Also, Punjab is not an overwhelming majority for us, so there has to be a more moderate approach if we want to win. There is also the issue of strateg
  4. Really passionate ex-Christian. His josh is overflowing. Need to prop up these boys to counter those that target our weaker brothers. Just like the Jaat brothers that @shastarSingh highlights, we need to find and highlight ex-christians to turn the tide.
  5. How are the school demographics in the cities, like ludhiana? Are sikh children outnumbered?
  6. I was replying to the few posters above who made it out as if Sikhs weren't aware of what was going on in Punjab. Everyone knew what Sant Jarnail Singh Ji was standing up for. People from all over Punjab and beyond were coming to see him for a reason. I agree that we need to better gather facts and more field research as this can have massive impact and lead to undeniable credibility for our claims. Case in point is Jaswant Singh Khalra. Otherwise, you get lies repeated ad nauseum like RW Hindus have been doing lately by making up ridiculous numbers of Hindus killed. The fact is that all
  7. We should care because they make up close to 40 % of our Panth in Punjab. The christians have figured out what corner of India will result in no backlash for their rice bag tactics.
  8. Knowing specific facts and figures is not what “knowing” is about. Every Sikh in Punjab and beyond knew about Sant Ji and what was unfolding. There had not been a personality like him who combined the traditional Sant role with a strong Political Warrior aspect that had been missing since Baba Bir Singh. It was the strong comrade influence and congress loyalty in a swathe of our community that resulted in certain propaganda. But you will be surprised even unparh banday knew that SantJi was essentially standing up for our collective izzat. Another thing, by and large Sikhs unanimously cond
  9. I think the diversity of Panthic minded posters on here ensure these trolls eventually bleed out. It's always fun to see them showcase their ware. Plus we always have Sherman Tank GG in the house lol. Get the boar tusks out!
  10. The reason for Satguru Guru Nanak Dev Ji coming to this world is also the unbearable sins of the world. I'm sure anit-sikhs would scoff at this assertion. There is probably a lot that goes on behind the scenes with keeping humanity from going extinct. The only thing Gyani Thakur Singh did is share this stuff out in the open, which he perhaps should not do because people are just not receptive of anything beyond their understanding. We need to respect and value our Mahapurkhs along with our Soormay. They both are important for a balanced Panth.
  11. Hear hear ! The Blessings that Guru Gobind SIngh Ji has planted into the Khalsa eclipse all other powers. We just need to get back our faith, confidence, and loyalty. We will have people lining up from other communities for Amrit if we can model true Khalsa behaviour.
  12. @Jassu Can you please remove the signature pic. It doesn't look respectful having a Singh folding his hands to your profile pic or music videos.
  13. It sounds great, but I highly doubt Pakis will let us gain an inch. Our remaining Gurdhams are at their mercy. They can demolish them or renovate them, we are powerless to act. I can bet you if we even try something with the East Punjab Muslims, all of our bhai-chara will be out the window overnight with Gurdwaras razed everywhere. Plus, we've allowed Muslims to grow to 700,000 (2021 estimate) in our Punjab, while they have a residual Pastun Sikh population barely 10,000. I
  14. In any case, a large portion of our people and 'panthic' leadership types all seem to agree with you with all the bhai-chara going full throttle. Songs, films, mosque building, Malerkotla-loving. I don't agree with any of it, but it seems most people are agreeing with you. I see it as an approaching Islamic storm. With soo much sufi-esqe cra p going strong in doaba, and all the punjabi and up-bihar-bengali muslims increasing their presence and numbers in sangrur and ludhiana, and a new found love for Pakistanis with all those youtube village tours,I see trouble.
  15. Sikhs didn’t have the same choices in relation to dealing with Muslims in the past. We had always lived under them as a minority until 1947. No matter what an individual Punjabi Muslim may feel towards us, the greater guiding force of Islam won’t be too far to put them back in line. I personally think they are far too shrewd to be ‘used’ by our simpleton leaders. It’s always going to be a net loss game with them. With Hindus, we currently have no choice but to work with them in the same way we worked with the Muslims in the past.
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