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  1. Everybody's looking for the best deal in whatever situation they find themselves in. You give them an inch, they take a mile. Not just true for women either! It's instinctive i suppose.
  2. As proactive stated, it's very unsafe for sikhs outside of punjab to voice support for sikh sovereignty. We have to realize Sikhs are a tiny minuscule minority in urban centers outside Punjab, barely reaching 1 or 2%. Even in metro Delhi, they constitute less than 2%. Even in Punjab Sikhs are a minority in most urban centers. Ludhiana: 28 % , Amritsar 48%, Bathinda: 35%, Jallandhar : 21%, Chandigarh: 13 %. Sikhs are : Mumbai: 0.50%, Chennai: 0.06%, kanpur: 1.0%, Kolkata: 0.01%, Patna: 1.0% just to name a few. Keeping these stats in mind, how can we expect them to support something that would lead to public ostracization and even physical danger. These Sikhs have to behave as patriotic as possible. Overt time, the outward projection of patriotism ends up altering our deep held views.
  3. Very nice to read from jassa and singhsta brothers. You both have actually read the Guru's Banis that many of us only hear from reading online arguments. Please keep sharing your knowledge for others. My question for jassa: why is there no such "devi" ustat in Guru Granth Sahib ji. Or, are the references to "mai" "mata" ( mother) to be taken to mean durga/bhawani/chandi/devi ? Also, another pangti from Bachittar Natak also rings in my head " mai apna sut tohe nivaja". Perhaps if Akal Purakh Is father of Guru Gobind Singh Ji, then "mother" is......?
  4. The strong usually prey on the weak in life. This truth will manifest in many areas of your life. Wanting things to go a certain way does not get you any where. What you lack is strength. This you need to ask for from Guruji. Don't expect things to turn out in your favor. Life doesn't work like that. This strength is what will help you get through this and many other obstacles you may face in life. Since we don't know enough about your life bhenji, most people will give generic advice. Try to see what you need to do to win over your in-laws or husband. Some concrete steps you can take. If they have ill-intentions and don't want you, then you need to be courageous enough to get your parents help to resolve this. If they have no intention to ever resolve this, then you know what step you need to take. Move on in life.
  5. ^^^^ I understand where you’re coming from. We have enough issues as it is without the need to further muddy the waters. Eventually outsiders and others with ill-intent will pick up these issues and even more aggressively pursue us. This will just lead to a greater divide. One side will instinctively deny and disown it all ( as we see in the dhardi neki panthpreet camp). Their purging will keep getting more gruesome as more and more things present themselves as contradictions and eventually lead to athieism. While the other side will drift towards the logical polar extreme of sanatan dharm. Somewhere in between lies the nyara panth…tisra panth…nirmal panth…sikhi. All of us need to learn from one another and be humble and courageous enough to find the truth, whatever it may be.
  6. 1. So durga is not a devi (or kirpan, as many of us have come to understand) ) according to Dasam Bani ? or this is the case according to hindu literature? 2. where does this place us within sanatan dharm then? 3. what about chandi? is she also not a devi or kirpan, but another form of durga? Genuine questions because I really do want to understand where Sikhi fits in.
  7. This confusion of where our Sikhi really stands in the religious landscape is what is resulting in our current internal turmoils (starting from the last 100+ years). What we have is a more authentic connection to our founders' vision, unlike the other religions who had the "luxury" to reinterpret and dumb-down their message. Either the religion is so simple and easy like xianty, or playing on man's base desires like islam. While our indic elder brother is so convoluted that they have to stick to a geographic definition just to get a semblance of unity. It's a challenge we will need to confront eventually. Both sides from our community will need to resist the temptation of rabid attacking each other and get to a more nuanced understanding. Perhaps this will lead to a greater understanding and appreciation of our Guru sahibaan's vision for humanity. After all we are named students and shouldn't shy away from studying.
  8. seems there is a land grab going on all over india, especially in gujrat, UP, madhya pradesh (not to mention the numerous incidents of blazen assault on sikhs by mobs...youtube is full of these videos). Doesn't help when sikhs keep sticking their legs into issues they should remain neutral on. It has the greatest impact on our brethren outside punjab. We just need to take a serious stock of our safety. What's really surprising is how little akali dal matters to bjp. None of their protests matter anymore.
  9. That's so heartening to hear. A gurdwara sahib helping the poor AND preaching Sikhi to them. According to the article, so far, over a 100 migrant workers have benefitted from doing seva there and taking Amrit. Now, this begs the question, why oh why don't we do this more often??
  10. Seems liIe the military deliberately pushes our brothers to the forefront in more perilous situations, like it happened in kargil. Cannon fodder
  11. Not sure if u were referring to me or the OP, but if it's me, then ur confusing me with someone else. This is the only forum i post on occasionally.
  12. it could be used to out-hindu and out-maneuver the hindus. Tell them that khalsa is the true inheritor of sanatan dharm with Guru Nanak Devji as the Yug-Avatar. Tell hindus that they need a solid grounding...ie Gursikhi... to make the next great indic civilizations leap. Drill this in for a few decades and we might have slightly confused hindus who start believing and producing more of their own kind. voila...we've created a wedge in their umbrella-hindu model and taken the crown.
  13. Thanks to OP for posting that video. I'm surprised how little views it has considering it's immense value. Real eye-opener and really does help connect the dots on things many of us see but can't pin down. There's whole system of subversion in play just below the surface.
  14. I think india is going to downplay this b/c they really can’t retaliate with same force. This is going to be humiliating for the foreseeable future. Interesting to see how the Indian media spin this in the coming days.
  15. Imagine this kind of devotion for serving the needy applied to poor families around punjab, the same people that are heading in droves to churches, pirs, and other charlatans. Doesn't have to be food, it could be in the form of schooling expenses, health care, housing....real things that go beyond the pics! Empower them to build a gurdwara! As much as you wanna give these brothers a pat on the back, deep down we know this is more about building some +pr. We need to realize where society is heading and prepare in that direction. Wasteful expenditure of our resources is not smart.
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