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  1. Taken from: http://sarbjitsinghdhunda.blogspot.com/ Amazing Punjabi Katha in response to Sarbjit Dhunda. Putting him back into place, and answering questions by a 19 Year old UK born and bred Singh.
  2. What a joke! Open challenge to Iqbal Singh, Dhundha and any1 else to contact us for an open, live televised debate!! you decide location, and everything else. we will bring the cameras, and pay for it to be on live TV. (numerous times this offer has been put forward, but they don't accept!!!)
  3. Please vist: www.SarbjitSinghDhunda.blogspot.co.uk for more articles in Punjabi and English exposing his true chracter and beliefs. Please vist and spread the word New videos and and audio to be added tonight Including 1 hour katha by a 19yr old UK born Gursikh answering all questions posed by Dhunda!! WATCH THIS SPACE!!!
  4. Taken from: www.SarbjitSinghDhunda.blogspot.co.uk Dear Saadh Sangat Ji We would like to bring to your attention the events that have occurred over the last few days as a result of Sarbjit Dhunda’s continued spreading of controversial and anti-Sikh discourses at Sri Guru Singh Sabha Southall (Park Avenue). By way of background Sarabjit Dhunda’s main views which are anti Gurmat include: That Sikhs should not do Naam Simran (repetition of God’s name as accorded by Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji) That Sikhs should not pray for the well being of all That Sikhs should place no importance on the bath
  5. Taken from: http://sarbjitsinghdhunda.blogspot.co.uk/ More info on Sarbjit Dhunda on: http://sarbjitsinghdhunda.blogspot.co.uk/ Please share and forward.
  6. Fantastic!! Niddar and Sarbjit are very similar. who loves hinduism other one hates them..lol but the tactics used to destroy the Sikh religion is the same!!! the Singhs that made the stand, were again panthic Singhs!! Where was Dhundas boys when the need rose to stand up against Niddar????
  7. **Press Release from Slough Sangat in regards to the events of 04/11/12** It is with great remorse we announce to the International Sangat, that Gurdwara Singh Sabha Slough, which was once the centre for Panthic movements, has now aligned itself with controversial characters some which have been removed from the Panth. These individuals are constantly attacking our rich history and beautiful Gurbani by causing doubt, confusion and splits amongst the Sikh Nation. In the past, Singh Sabha Slough has called many “Kathavaachaks” (Preachers) who have continually attacked the beloved w
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