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  1. We teach an intelligent fighting system based on traditional battlefield and street fighting principles. Various weaponry is taught, including modern and traditional blades (sword and knife), axe, spear/staff. Hand to hand fighting using internal striking methods, mastery of body mechanics and strategy is taught. Alongside kara and puratan shastar are taught, as well as street psychology and tactics’. All variations of weaponry and hand to hand scenario is based on one fundamental set of fighting principles, movement and energy. Classes are only for those who are prepared to treat them as
  2. Organic is not good enough. It is 'killed' milk. Pasterised and homoginsed. You need RAW organic.
  3. Please like this page and keep upto date on issues ethical regarding your diet. Guru has said that milk and ghee are the best foods. We should increase their intake, even if it means lowering intake of other foods. Alterntaive milks have artificial derived (and low) nutrition, have been highly processed etc. Real milk is a super food. Medicinal. Has whey, proteins, omega 3 fats, a complete food. Sadly ALL supermarket milk, including organic, is plastic milk. Dead. Pasterised and homoginised. RAW milk is the way to go. Our sangat of over 70 familes has been consuming raw milk for over a ye
  4. The mot important seva of shastar is learning how to use them. Sadly this is something majority of quom do not take seriously. It's much more a spoken subject than a practiced one. The same way it is disrespectful to keep gutke or have Maharajs prakaash at home, but never do paath from them, or khoj in them, same is true for this expanding culture in our Panth of naujwaan keeping museum collections of shastar on display but never training and with them daily or partaking in Yudh Abhyaas. To keep Bani or Shastar at home and not making daily and intelligent effort to LEARN form them is nothi
  5. VahiGurujikaKhalsaVahiGurujikiPat-h Elusive Fighting is on SKY Sikh Channel tonight between 7pm and 8pm. It will be part of the Sikh Organisation for Prisoner Welfare show. Students who attended the Fighting For Freedom seminars in order to raise money for our innocent Khalsa families illegally tortured and imprisoned in India, will be interviewed and the seminar video shown: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=334174250062645&set=vb.432861230092196&type=3&theater For those who don't have SKY, you can watch here: http://www.sikhchannel.tv/watchus/ Please find ways to get invo
  6. After the baby is a year, I would advice moving to this : http://organicrawmilk.co.uk/raw-organic-milk-delivery/ Your usual pasterised milk is void of nutrition and is massively paap intensive. These guys use ethical dairies where calves are left with the Cow for 6 momths (instead of instant beef burgers or worse, dumped in the bin because meat is so cheap today, it is cheaper to throw anmials away than pay for the processing costs). Plus the cows have a natural and nutritious diet, roam and eat on clean fields and live an average of 14 years as opposed to the factory farmed 4 years (which
  7. If the baby breast feeds, no issues, ensure mother has a good diet. In Punjab we traditionally give the mother pinniyan made of a mix of highly nutricious and calorific nuts, seeds and herbs. This ensure super quality mil for the baby. Problem today is bibiyan are too worries about their weight and many do not partake in this special diet anymore (which also helps the mother to recover and build up strength super fast). Otherwise, ignore all the mainstream baby milk powders as mentioned above, they have a lot of rubbish in their and the milk is low grade, plus many babies have digetion iss
  8. This is disgusting. You would not see this happen to old people from other ethnic backgrounds which are more 'feared'. It's high time SIKHS stopped being seen as EASY TARGETS. PLEASE make 'STREET FIGHTING STRATEGY AND PSYCHOLOGY' part of your rehit. AS IT SHOULD BE. Learn any good fighting art. BUT NOT AS A HOBBY. Learn it as a passion. Give it the same discipline and reverence you do your NITNEM and Simran. Learn what YUDH ABHYAAS is. This is the only way you will understand what TYAAR BAR TYAAR means. If you are not learning anything else already, free to get in touch. We teach
  9. Thanks. Afaid not. They are inter-active - Student to Teacher. The aim is to establish professional high quality education (something missing in our Quam).
  10. Last year TURIYA Charity assisted by the School of Elusive Fighting, organised Summer Martial Arts Seminars to raise funds for the amazing..... Bhai Nand Lal Project. The project is not a 'memorial' website. It is an erstwhile attempt to help ENLIVEN the highly sophisticated, artistic and spiritual SIKH CULTURE, which has sadly and slowly diminished over the last few centuries. As a natural next step, TURIYA is bringing to the world sangat the first ever dedicated on-line Farsi in the Sikh Tradition beginners course. The aim is to empower Sikhs to retrieve their heritage and for the sang
  11. 2 successful seminars delivered, 3 to go... you can still join in! Learn the principles of intelligent defence and learn to THINK (rather than regurgitate techniques). Do sangat in a GurMat atmoshphere and enjoy healthy snacks. Kick start the HUKUM of Dasmesh Pita with most of us do not follow.. start your journey in the art of FIGHTING. MOST IMPORTANTLY - SUPPORT YOUR INNOCENT BROTHERS AND SISTERS, SUFFERING IN INDIAS CRUEL JAILS UNDER FALSE CHARGES, AND SUPPORT THEIR HELPLESS FAMILIES. Get in touch and book your place - Mob: 07967 638212 Email: elusivefighting@gmail.com Pics from
  12. VahiGurujikaKhalsaVahiGurujikiPat-h Via the invite of a sangat in East London, Elusive Fighting will be holding an Intro Seminar THIS SUNDAY 4th August - 11am to 3.30pm for those who are looking to seriously learn the traditional 'fighting' arts. Our aim is to promote a 'martial culture' rather than provide simple MA tick box exercise, in that you will inherit and be able to pass on a 'thinking' or 'live' fighting culture to your next generation. This is not sport nor demo orientated. You will learn the art of the sword, stick, knife and hand to hand as per 'extant' fighting cultures. We
  13. Please spread the word. Make an effor to support and attend the event, come to as many seminars as you can, we are flexible on attendance.
  14. Following the success of the Bhai Nand Lal Project “Street Awareness” seminars last year, EY Sikh Group has kindly offered to host this summers Sikh fundraising Martial Arts event of the year, Fighting for Freedom. Hosted at Waterloo overlooking the Houses of Parliament, join like-minded intelligent individuals and arm yourself with practical knowledge on how to deal with knife attacks, escape grabs and hold ups, and improve your health and breathing using ancient martial exercises. See how the ancient fighting arts of South East Asia are still applicable in the modern context. Alongside
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