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  1. http://r8---sn-vgqsenez.c.youtube.com/videoplayback?app=youtube_gdata&devkey=AX8iKz393pCCMUL6wqrPOZoO88HsQjpE1a8d1GxQnGDm&el=videos&upn=Sr4Uzzr1B0s&uaopt=no-save&source=youtube&itag=18&id=fae156d659c0d0b7&ip=,id,ip,ipbits,itag,mm,ms,mv,source,uaopt,upn&signature=6EBAACAB8165C2169187B99557444FBBFABE751B.308A364D4C32A68E9307FB2EAFF8F3C46996BEB4&key=cms1&cms_redirect=yes&mm=31&ms=au&mt=1415826432&mv=m Shouldn't gurdwaras in uk an north america set up mma training an boxin
  2. You do have interfaith marriages in church's haha my brothers wife is german cathlic an they got married in a church an gurdwara Maybe in some church's its banned But question is why is it people are more offended by a girl marrying outside of the community then a boy Yes some people protest regardless boy or girl marrying outside the community cause they do believe that non sikhs shouldn't wed in the gurdwara But what about the people who only get angry when its a girl who marries outside the community and don't get angry when the boy marries outside the community in the gurdwara Yes und
  3. What I don't understand is when sikhs say talwinder parmar an bagri did not do air india bombing an to read the book soft target cause soft target says the indian govt did it Well guess what the book soft target actually says talwinder parmar an bagri did the air india bombing but the conspiracy added is that they had bin working for the indian Govt as blackcats to destroy The reputation of the Movement
  4. You can apply same logic an argument used against 9 11 truthers towards air india bombers When I hear conspiracy theories I usually tell ppl about the stone Cutters A video of the stone cutters
  5. Actually agnostics don't know if their is a god or if their is a god what that god is Agnostics believe their isn't enough evidence to say their is a god or isn't a god n don't practise religion
  6. Jkvlondon I am talking about atheists who follow the buddhist philosophy like meditation but don't believe in superstition For example youtube sam harris atheist buddhism Buddhism provides different philosophies for different type of ppl to apply in their lives from believers to non believers
  7. Jkvlondon nice try at trying to insult me but major fail Sorry if I am making you feel insecure an scared by asking questions that require you To think outside the box Sikhi encourages critical thinking and to ask questions and seek answers an that is what I am doing Sikh means to learn an to learn you have to question thinks an analyze the information Regards to respect for our guru granth sahib I believe the way our gurus wanted us to respect the guru granth sahib was by respecting the teachings by practising them Sikhi teaches us to respect knowledge an the guru granth sahib provided
  8. Hinduism is clearly a man made religion if dasam granth gives any credibility to Hinduism then it would be hard for me to believe what the dasam granth has to say Hinduism is fairy tales that's why I really want to know does dasam granth acknowledge some hindu gods exist or does it reject Hinduism an point at Hindu gods do not exist?
  9. one thing gurdwaras can do is show how people can remain agnostic if they want to and still apply Sikh teachings to improve their lives one way is educating people on power of meditation and how it neuroplasticity explains the healthy effects on meditations on the brain an why atheists like sam harris follow Buddhist philosophy with out believing in any higher power or superstitions
  10. personally I would ignore it an not really care what the person has on the laptop an the reason why I believe this would be the best way to deal with the situation is because I don't believe in idol worship or rituals cause guru nanak asked his followers to be logical and rational an reject hindu traditions of idol worship and rituals what would you personally do and why?
  11. luckysingh99 a better way to ask the question why are the protestors far more likely to target females marrying outside the community vs males marrying outside the community why are the protestors far more likely to target females marrying outside the community then agnostics and atheists getting married in the gurdwara if each group was equally targeted then it would be easy to believe that these groups protest for religious reasons but when they target just females then it makes ppl wonder do they protest cause of their own personal insecurities an then hide behind religion to defend th
  12. ghettosingh im not any of those insults you tried throwing at me but you probably are if they did these protests to protect core values of sikhi then they would protest weddings of agnostics from the community getting married in the gurdwara and protest men marrying outside the community just as much as they protest girls marrying outside of the community but when most of the protests are when a girl marries outside of the community then its easy to understand in news articles of Sikhs protesting a girl marrying outside of the wedding why in the comment section you have white guys and blac
  13. Big tera one of the most educational threads Can you go more in depth in understanding these five temptations For example lust has destroyed ppl out their but at the same time isn't lust needed for a married couple to engage in sex to reproduce
  14. What would you do if someone has the guru granth sahib downloaded on their laptop an you know their is dirty videos on that laptop but you don't have the password for the laptop Would you break the law an damage the persons property
  15. Mehtab singh by TRYING to insult me you have shown how dumb an insecure you are Ciscosingh let's say interfaith marriages are banned in gurdwaras Then why arnt their as many protests when a man from the community marries outside the community As well why arnt their protests when you have you have a couple getting married who don't know anything about sikhi an don't follow it An are more likely to protest when a girl marries outside the community
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