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  1. Waheguru THANK YOU SO MUCH Hearing things from.myself didmt satisfy my mind but hearing it from someone else really hits you. Idk its hard to explain But thank you veer/bheji really appreiate it
  2. Naa bro im not perfect at all If i was i wouldnt be afraid But idk im guessing theres no rehit maraydha for bana ???? Hmmmm ill just make up my own rules
  3. Guest sahib, I know what your trying to say but, me personally I see Guru Ji maharaj's Bana as a uniform. Its like school or a work place or a sporting team or the army you wear the uniform and abide by the rules. Your not allowed to disrepect the code of conduct or your fired or kicked off the sporting team. Doesnt matter how dirty you get doing your job, but when you break a rule or code of conduct then it matters. Some people dont see Bana as a big thing, But I do, to me Your represnting Guru Ji Maharaj, the blood of the Shahheds and more. I was taught you never, ever disrespect your opp
  4. Thanks everyone thats wrote something so farr But i still havent got a answer that im looing for :/sorry its just i cany get it out of my head Im so scarwd ill disrespect and i dont want to do that i really need to know whats the rehit fot bana what do to etc
  5. (Im just using it for time being) (its a family friends account that is staying with me)
  6. Waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh sadh sangat jio I really want to know what things to take into considersation when wearing Maharajs Bana Im new to this fourm (first time) so im not sure were to post this. (And I am really sorry if I did post this in the wrong fourm) I have recenlty finished my 4 months strict rehit (Taksali rehit) and started my routine everyday also staying away from lust anger greed attachment hankar gossip lieing etc to wear Bana. I havent done anything wrong and i kept it going for extra month to see if i can stay commitied and with waheguru jis kirpa i am co
  7. Sorry bhenji it was funny what he wrote.. i know this GuptSINGH in person Arrange a marriage with him like GuptSINGH said, tell you mum to talk to his
  8. i dont care what this singh did............ to me i feel like hes repping sikhi it says his body weight is 68kg and the kalas he vsed matter of fact both kalas he vsed are over 100kg he deserves a reward. our youth these days are all for show but this brother real tough singh
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