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  1. Where can I watch Sadda Haq Movie??I want to see this movie can anyone please provide me Link of this movie?? and I think its not available right now on TORRENTZ.com a website where movies are downloaded....I am really curious to watch this movie Sadda Haq and want to know what its about any Foreign Resided Sikh can tell me about the PLOT etc and how is the movie??What its all about and what was reaction of yours? I know its not banned in other countries but its Ban in India :(
  2. But Sir I have myself seen my neighbour throwing burnt ash on my head in 2006 then she Hid her face.....I never believed in these things myself but when it happened with me I had horrible dreams I could'nt sleep whole night I have something like Hallucinations seeing Dark Pictures...It all happened when I changed my school from Guru Nanak Public CBSE,Ludhiana to Guru Harkrishan Public,Ludhiana I lose everything then I came back to my school 10 months later everything was then OK.....Depression has been ruining my Life whole day No friend circle at that time No Support Nothing I had in My Life
  3. I am a 21 year old Sikh Male...I am really obsessed with my Appearance and I always look myself in Mirror of how I am looking...The most common problem with me is That I can't tie a Turban perfectly and I have loosened my Faith in having Hair When my Turban doesn't come in Shape I think about seeing the Turban Trainer's door so that he can tie my Turban but I can't tie perfectly my Turban like them....I have a Goatee neither I know how to Tie my Beard perfectly..Some of people have given a lot of bad comments on my Goatee and the way I tie the Turban and at end I thought about cutting hair at
  4. and I have seen Viewpoint of Baptized Sikhs Maryada and I think people have made a lot of restrictions...To be Khalas does one only need to be baptized or should see His Deeds as well?? People nowadays say that an Amritdhari Sikh cant' eat or drink half eaten food or Water of other Guy who is not baptized....They can't hold anything where an Ordinary person has saliva touched there like Turban Cloack or wear same T-Shirts,Shirts ....Not even touch there Turban etc because they tell they are Khalsa Now that seems to me like creating Inferiority in minds of others.... These restrictions shoul
  5. Galt gl hai aa.....Kurhiya nu Darr ke nahi jeena chahida..I think we should look at western Countries There Thinking is Far Above from Us and we are Still living in Ancient World....If Girls Wear Naqab just for Fear from Boys I don't consider it Correct...........Nowadays even Baptized Girls are wearing this Naqab thing one should Follow the Rules as said by Guru's and Skin and Complexion affects boys as well I have'nt seen Majority Boys wearing Rumaal...But the way Girls dress these days it looks like Talibani Dressing Sense....
  6. Sat Shri Akal Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh Is that right for the Sikh Girls to cover there faces and wear Goggles,Glares while Driving Scooter,Scootie??But logically it is not correct as Guru amar Das Ji rejected Veil Wearing Or Purdah System??But many Sikh Girls are covering there face due to fear of Boys we can say that and also due to exposure of dust,dirt in there eyes,mouth??How correct is it Logically according to your viewpoint?When our Guru's have told one should look like how God has made him....So does these things really matter to them?
  7. Well but Sikh means the one who goes on step of Guru's our guru's have kesh so we should also keep Kesh as told by Sikh Guru's.... But if Mona has devotion in his heart then definetely he will also get fruit for it...But that doesn't mean that he should forget his identity.... one should ask himself Without Kesh is he himself a Sikh?? If u have kesh then u will have no need to put Khanda tattoos on your body OR Lockets,Stickers on your cars to show that you are a Sikh as your identity will show that you are a Sikh That's it....and always wear a beautiful turban or Dumalla if u r amritdha
  8. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh I have gone through one article where some Sikhs believe that Cow is important to Sikhs maybe they are Namdhari Sikhs.... But is cow important to Sikhs???? and there are some Gurbani Tukhs written in this article by Bhagat Singh http://www.sikhphilosophy.net/sikh-youth/22775-the-importance-of-cows-in-sikhism.html The Khaamadhayn, the cow of miraculous powers, is the singing of the Glory of the Lord's Name, Har, Har. Guru Arjan Dev When it rains, the cows always have grass to graze upon, and housewives can churn the milk into butter. Guru Nanak
  10. Well Bhai saab That looks like Misogyny to Blame Only Bibya......So many Male Sikhs were going to Nirmal Baba for Taking Kirpa.....Those who are fed up with Life they don't go to Doctor OR Gurdwara but instead they would go to Baba's for Treatment....STRANGE.... In fact I don't understand this Tradition as well that why Bibiya are not allowed to do Kirtan in Darbar Sahib?? Aren't we following Same Muslims Custom of ther Mosque that WOmen are'nt allowed to perform religious ceremonies OR are not allowed to sit equal to men.. In fact Guru nanak dev himself was reformist for Women Rights...."So
  11. That is different Topic Veer Ji.... Jaadu Tuna can be true or myth or minds illusion as well....Even I should tell u I always refrain from all superstitions like cat crossing path,karva chauth,maun vrat,raksha bandhan But m that sort of Guy who himself admit that Jadu Tuna and Ghosts do exist?Even if we think from Gurbani perspective then it can be true as well....I believe Paranormal activities do exist It reminds me of Sakhi of Assam,Gurdwara Barrcha Sahib when Bhai Mardana was made into Lamb by Witches who performed Magic and was turned into Human by GUru Nanak Patshah I agree miracles
  12. Sat Shri Akal I have seen that whenever any Hawk OR Falcon stands on Nishan Sahib or come and stands near gurdwara Window some people start Believing that It is Guru's Baaj....How can they be so sure??I know we should regard Baaj or White falcon u can say as it was lovely bird of Guru Saheb but that doesn't mean we should start worshipping a Bird without any specific Reason??A White Falcon was always perched on Guru saheb's hands...... Do you think by these superstitions we are promoting Animal Worshipping in Sikhism as well??? I have seen many videos where a Baaj sits near gurdwara window
  13. Just one Question m curious to know I have gone through a video on youtube Where Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale Said "I will kill 5000 Hindus in one Hour if my Jeep is not returned" Why would a Sant use this kind of Language?? Gurmukho Please tell me....Or he was a govt tool?
  14. Sat Shri Akal Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh I have seen that in some Non-Punjab States there has been a major problem for Sikhs of learning Turban (Dastar) perfect Turban and they wear Patka's which is meant for Sikh Kids....I have visited Delhi some years ago and I watched that no one was much passionate in wearing Beautiful Dastar But what amazed me was that they are atleast Sabat Soorat Sikhs and don't consider much Fashion or appearance things....But the thing that pinches me is that why some of our expert Punjabi Sikh Brothers don't bother to open Turban Training Centres in
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