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  1. We do have canine teeths so tht make us omnivors if we want to be! Doesnt it? Humans are either herbivors or omnivors! God gave us a choice.. Well thts wat i believe! Ima meat eater too!
  2. U guys dont get wat im saying it possibly could b some stupid indian raw agents but some of the youth wen they hear stuff like wat i posted above they get riled up nd start acting with their heart not head. Im from surrey btw...
  3. Could the attack on the mandir be a type of revenge??? Surrey, BC, Canada (June 11, 2013)Sikh24 has learned new details emerging in the case of the takht attack at Guru Nanak Sikh Gurdwara (Surrey-Delta). A man was apprehended and held by sangat after attempting to attack Guru Granth Sahib at 2 PM this past Sunday. Details are sketchy as to what the mans motives were, but the RCMP are now investigating. It remains unknown if in fact he has any mental health illness or not, as has been rumoured. Although it does not appear that the man has any mental health issue since it seems that he had an
  4. Khalistani187


    im having trouble choosing a career in life and my parents keep hounding me to do something fast but nothing really interests me ! Ive graduated and everythin from highschool 2 years ago but i just feel lost also i believe waheguru will help me find my path... but i think just waiting for sumthin to happen aint gunna help me! plz help out a brother thats feelin abit lost! Thanks in advance !
  5. Im a mona myself but never in my life would i pick up a hand to attack a Sikh/ Giani the thought has never even crossed my mind if i was there nd saw ppl trying to attack singhs i myself would beat the hell out of the monas dont care how old or anything! Damn stuff like this just proves to me how stupid our community can get at times! Really i shake my head to this ! Stupid pathetic monaa!
  6. I dont truly believe what ur saying is right when u say "say no to pictures" i mean when i metha tek to say the pictures i keep in mind not the painting but the Satguru in the painting that taught us equality love and devotion to god ! I keep in mind Shri Guru Gobind Singh Ji for what he stood for, and all the hardships he faced to bring about this beautiful panth...
  7. Yoo end this post already just like Sat has said just been talking over nd over for the love of God (literally) go talk to the guy and get it over with! I think ur being way to insecure bout urself just give it a try it not gunna be the end of the world...
  8. Yo calm down first of all this aint no life or death situation. I would say go talk to him face to face nd tell him ur feelings if hes down wit it then its a happy ending other wise if hes not down wit it then its not the end ... Move on
  9. Thanks for the reply! But if you watch this video ull have a better understanding of aliens being on this planet also habiting the moon with credible sources from astronauts who walked the moon talking bout wat they saw in space! I mean dont aliens have to follow the path of god aswel ? Sikhism talks just abit but does not go in full detail! http://m.youtube.com/index?&desktop_uri=%2F#/watch?v=WlLN_Jcg1pc
  10. Ive had this question puzzle me for so many years nd still ive never really got a proper answer for this ! What does sikhism say about Extraterrestrial life? Are aliens visiting earth ? We cant believe tht were the only dominant species in the universe! Ive watched alot of shows on discovery channel and a bunch of other channels, done alot of research on this subject online via internet, youtube! Trust me when i mean alot ive done alot! I know the governments hiding alot and what about abduction cases ppl seem to get abducted and no one can really do anything about it. I mean what does the shr
  11. Khalistani187

    Haleimi Raj

    reply man i want to know how u had these darshans ! Nd if its true or not !
  12. Thanks... I will surely try the waheguru jap next time for sure!
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