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  1. Again you are showing same 'sickh' mentality by regurgitating same bullsh!t again and again and again... You have not address the OP till now! Just same old farts of yours b/c apparently 13 michies are stuck up in your assss and you are desperate. Why not talk what is the problem with OP? Why flying here and there? Why is this anger? Can't understand this...
  2. Absolutely! If two individuals who love eachother and care for eachother consensually have safe sex with eachother, then how can law stop them? (SARCASM INTENDED ON SECULAR MORALITY! Apparently, some brainless idiots can't get it unless I write it here.....)
  3. Its funny that your posts are directed at me while you quote someone else? lol... Sikhs living in UK are very frustrated creatures. Mirpuris would've done bad things to you guys for sure...very bad things.
  4. Express Tribune? lol...Its a joke...wait, its BEYOND a joke. Nobody cares what this piece of sh!t western-agenda driven pseudo liberal newspaper has to say. Dr Alvi IS right. Co-education is not for whole Pakistan... People of Pakistani tribal areas will prefer segregated education..whats wrong in that? Educating masses is important, and this should be our priority...if some areas want segregated education then why not? Its not that only Talibans want that..In tribal Pashtun societies, mingling of sexes is frowned upon for centuries... Also, Tribal areas only account for 3% of Pakistan's
  5. We do condemn terrorism on media ... Btw, if you haven't noticed, status quo in the West suits us...globally, world is going multipolar which again serves the interest of global Islam Inshallah..So why do you think we need to make extra effort to change something, when everything is going OUR way as we speak..Mashallah
  6. So when your plan has been executed...and everything is settled...how will things look? Will Islam vanish from earth? How will Muslims be different then as compared to today? Also, if your plan local for U.K or you want to put global Islam to its place?
  7. Can you explain how? Or it is part of a 'secret' plan? :lol2: Also, who are "their" that you are referring to?
  8. Source? Lying isn't allowed in this forum as per mods. Give credible source that general Muslim population was thinking like that?
  9. Thats actually pretty accurate. "Demanding"? lol..Yes, there would be some idiots preaching that either you convert to Islam or rot in hell...but guess what? It doesn't matter. Christian preachers preach this message openly in their satellite television shows with millions watching...On college campuses, Christian preachers come and spew hatred against homosexuals, call sexually active girls as 'slutsss' and have the same message " If you aint true christian..either convert or rot in hell" ...Know that personally... How many Muslims preach these things in UK? may be 300 out of 3 million? l
  10. lol..Why would a Muslim write this piece which doesn't represent Islam in a very positive way? Probably some indian wrote it...indians have habit of spreading lies against Islam on international forums...just look some Sikhs here who bring Islam into everything? To the bold part : Are you being sarcastic or serious? What do you agree with and if so, then how come the OP generated such reaction here? I mean..."why" people reacted to the OP in this way? I'm still failing to see that, other than the fact that people here have deep sense of inferiority-complex/anger/helplessness regarding Islam?
  11. Sardar ji, no one said that this was written by an American solider. I already explained this. Come out of the sea of your inferiority-complex...relax..take a chill pill..go back..and READ again! Probably then you'll not act the way you are acting now...
  12. Again..no reply on OP lol...just crying and crying by inferiority-complex stricken sikhs...
  13. Nothing is wrong. Muslims are doing just fine in U.K! What you'll get here in this forum are bunch of ghetto youth exaggerating everything...Both communities have 'ganday andays' (rotten eggs) who cause trouble...but other than that, Muslims and Sikhs at large just live their lives fine.... [Mod Note] Lies will not be tolerated on SikhSangat.com. Please provide any news article references. Just because you're not in QC, it doesn't mean you can blindly post baseless claims. We know how to deal with the problem without crying about it on internet...
  14. Again, all the crying babies moaning their own inferiority have not quoted the OP and dissected it. lol..Again, "what" exactly is so horrendous about OP that has extracted such reaction out of poor champs here?
  15. These areas (Egypt, North Africa, Syria, Upper Middle-East etc) were under Byzantine Christian Empire...Iran/Afghanistan etc was under Persian Empire...both of these empire were the super powers of their times and very brutal and militaristic vast states...so they had much more than just the concept of warriorship... hahaha..first thing..Shalwar is worn by even indian males..isn't it? Also, Shalwar is like jeans...worn by both males and females....there is a difference though in male shalwaars and female shalwaars..being an indian..you should have known that..no? Already ruling 50+ count
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