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  1. From the looks of it, I don't know if there were any Sikh deaths yesterday. The three deaths involve one RSS volunteer , one Muslim shopkeeper and an unknown. Here are the details. Three dead in communal clashes in Saharanpur, Centre rushes 600 paramilitary forces Saharanpur/Lucknow: Around 600 para military force personnel were rushed by the Central government after three persons were killed and 19 others, including policemen, were injured as violent clashes broke out between two communities over a land dispute in Saharanpur on Saturday. Following the incident mobs indulged in arson, a
  2. Bhen jee, that is a common myth that many seem to be believing in. These pedo gangs have and will target vulnerable girls in the Pakistani community as well. How do I know? One neighbour of mine had his daughter preyed upon and he was a Pakistani Muslim. Here is the detailed government report on the issue. This is the website http://www.childrenscommissioner.gov.uk/info/csegg1 You will see 3 reports on the righthand section. CLICK this one; 1- CSEGG Inquiry Interim Report - November 2012 The PDF will link to the full 138 report Here are some extract
  3. The documentary was excellent and I seriously can't believe the BBC actually produced and aired it. Bhai Mohan Singh is a hero and he came across intelligent, calm and collected and highly articulate and informative. It was touching to see him listening to the girls stories and giving them a shoulder to cry on. The abuse can be bought to a rapid halt. The first thing that many brothers on here have talked about is the parental role. Parents have to be aware all the time. Watch out for your flock! This is not a part-time job but a huge responsibility that WaheGuru has entrusted us with. Aside
  4. They are trying to chop us down bit by bit. They know that mass assaults (84) will make matters worse so now they use economic warfare. This isn't the first I have heard of this with many of my own family being turned down jobs in other states for no reason. Now combine this with the opium and sharab that is flowing in Punjab and you have the tools to utterly destroy our community. I have said it before and I'll say it again we face extinction in India and we are headed towards it fast.
  5. The EU wil do nothing....They are falling over themselves to kiss the bund of the Indian establishment. Sikhs will forever be seen as expendable.
  6. To be honest he should have never been on here anyway. This is a forum for Sikhs. With any website it is case of enter at your own risk and if you get offended you shouldn't go on the net. But it has to be said that anyone would have lost his temper had they had the same stuff directed at them i.e. their faith dissected/under the spotlight etc. You only need to look at the bakwas Christian missionaries use to convert Sikhs and Islamic zealots who use it to bash our faith. Very few folk can maintain a manner befitting debate.
  7. I've said it from the start. These disgusting cults that aim to dilute Sikhi are the biggest threat to our community. These people are everywhere and what's most worrying is that they have firmly entrenched themselves in Western countries, where the Sikh expatriate community has been strong i.e. free from Indian influence. We need to start educating our community against such people and the masses.
  8. From a Jatt clan and have been Sikhs from Guru Hargobind Jee's time.
  9. I prefer the old school guys like Alaap, Apna Sangeet, Heera, Safri brothers and Malkit Singh. No controversy, great songs and the memories of the 80's aaaaaah. I used to love those school weddings with a single balloon attached to each chair and the terrible dancing.
  10. I have no issue with them marrying each other but we have to look to the future. Homosexual lifestyles and relationship choices are now being presented to our children, in schools as acceptable and on equal terms as the sacred tradition of marriage between man and wife. This whole "acceptance" thing is fine but it does open up a can of worms. How long is going to be before we have "Sikh" same sex couples turning up to the Gurdwara and demanding to be married? Why are people not looking at the fact such relationships are not beneficial to a person i.e. the rate of HIV infection for gay men is m
  11. Well done to the Sangat there! Chandigarh: In the hour of extreme crisis in the flood-ravaged Uttarakhand, volunteers in Chandigarh have begun a massive exercise to collect food items and other relief materials for the flood victims and local survivors, who are stranded in big numbers in many areas of the hill state. Several welfare associations today held donation camps across the city to motivate people to come forward and donate food items like biscuits, warm cloths and other relief materials, which will soon be despatched to the flood-hit areas. Bachan Singh, president of the Chandigarh
  12. The area is one of the most conservative on the planet and it is not surprising. Remember the TuttiBum (Taliban) are a very real threat. Change will take place slowly in the tribal areas. On a side note it is a well established fact that single sex schools outperform mixed schools consistently. Girls schools do even better.
  13. WaheGuru! Uttrakhand, India: According to recent reports about 3,000 Sikh pilgrims who were stuck for the past many days at Hemkunt Sahib have been successfully evacuated. These pilgrims were stuck there after the Uttrakhand state of India witnessed heavy rainfall, foods and land-slides. According to vice-chairman of Shri Hemkunt Sahib Management Trust (SHSMT) N.S. Bindra nearly 600 persons were air-lifted this morning. While the remaining nearly 2,300 pilgrims were evacuated by road after jawans of Indo-Tibetan Border Police (ITBP) constructed a temporary bridge across the river. He said,
  14. Absolutely Paa jee. Our problems need to be tackled and we have so many, and on such a scale that our tiny community is really under threat. I have addressed these in my previous posts and don't just come on to bash the Muslims 24/7 or any other community.
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