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  1. Alright Moderatorji, Thats it for me on this forum. I wish the sikh community success in their future endeavors and hopefully you will find what you are searching for in terms of justice. Sikhs will always be my brothers more trustworthy than the Hindus. There is a new breed slowly coming into politics that will listen to your pleas for justice. They are not tainted by whatever happened in the 80s.The old guard is dying, dead, retired or thrown out of politics. The trick is to support the new breed wholeheartedly even if they stumble a little bit. Be wary of politicians and individuals who
  2. Exactly - you should mention that to your other posters as well. And I have the full speech do you want me to post it?
  3. I posted the video for a reason because I knew the peanut gallery would chime in and talk about "context" because I'v heard it before. And my reply to that is like this: Could you take Amitabh's alleged comment in context? Could you take Harbans Lal Khuranas comment in context? Could you take the actions/words of Tytler and Sajjan Kumar in context? Could you take Indira's comments in context? As for saying he is the greatest sikh of our time - the proof is in the pudding. The successful sikh community (the pride of india) is now looked at with suspicion in India and indeed across the worl
  4. I am not saying he surrendered or that there are documents. Just stories circulating widely in the Armed Forces. He did not surrender but was taken alive critically injured. We have seen two pictures the latest one shows a clear close range gunshot to the right temple. The army will not say how he died which also raises my suspicion. Also, we can see Shahbegs picture and you can see what looks like rope or something around his upper arm shoulder on both sides. Like he was tied up or something. We also have the issue of a famous journalist (forget his name) who says he was shown pictures of
  5. I have watched the video of Swamy talking about Bhindranwale. Do not know who to believe. I will admit that he was uncorruptable and stood by his words. But to succeed in politics it takes power and finesse.
  6. Nor am I completely sold that what Bhindranwale and his followers were doing was a "dharmyudh" in the strictest sense. A true dharmyudh as per ancient rules must have clear political goals, be in the defence of dharm and most importantly be in the favour of all of humanity. It also must be declared when other options have failed (negotiations done in good faith) have consent of elders and take precaution against harming innocents. But saying that I also do not completely believe the government version. Or Brar's statement that "we had gods name on our lips when we entered" or that innocent p
  7. I am fully aware of sikh traditions because they originate in the wider subcontinental culture with some regional differences. And don't think having arms inside a temple, worshipping them, respecting them is outside of Hinduism. Back to my point. Do you have AK-47s in western temples as well, or do you carry them around in Europe, Canada or America? Probably not because you would probably get arrested faster than you could say your name.
  8. You're legit human rights I am for - language, religion, water, justice for 84 riots and other atrocities against you. However, hording arms in a religious place of worship thrice and holding pilgrims hostage is not a right. BTW, for those that say Sandhu was a government mole are just fooling themselves. Government moles dont spend several years behind bars especially at the notorious tihar jail.
  9. I think that Rahul is a nice guy but not very bright. The world of politics is cut throat and treacherous perhaps he is not cut out for it. It does not help that he has never held an official position ever something that would give him some experience. Instead, he was given the task of becoming Prime Minister. Administrating a small pind is hard enough let alone an entire multi-faceted country with umpteen security, economic and social concerns. His father was also thrust into the prime minister position without any real experience and we know what happened there.
  10. There are awesome stories currently being studied by the top universities in the United States concerning reincarnation. Although scientists will not admit it publicly they say that;something is there. One story involved a 5 year old who spoke perfect sanksrit the kicker was that he was the son of evangelical christians living in the deep south of america. Anycase, the boy described his life living in sri lanka or south india I believe and they managed to trace the person. Very interesting. How did the ancients know about reincarnation? Dunno It also poses another problem - prove reincarna
  11. God can do whatever he wants. If that means an avatar then its not out of the realm of possibility. By saying that he "could not" or "will not" is limiting his ability, and in essence saying that we know everything about him or her (want to be politically correct lol! ) Peace!
  12. a) Shahbeg's brother freely admits that the aim was for the disintegration of India with pakistani support. b) Longowal admits to Nayar (??) the aim was to kill all hindus and for khalistan c) Bhindranwale's own secretary admits the killings of hindus and others were done by people inside the darbar sahib d) The other 38 gurudwaras were not "attacked" but searched. Nothing found, no resistance and the army went away. Case in point Damdami Taksal was searched, people cooperated and the army went its way. e) we also know that after operation bluestar the temple complex was occupied at least
  13. I have already stood up for sikh rights and justice multiple times on this forum, and even encouraged you to use political astuteness to get what is legitimately yours. Even called the GOI propaganda about hit lists as bogus based on the evidence. Originally, when I came on this forum I believed that the bhindranwale ordered all the killings selective and random. However, based on the evidence I have changed my position. I cannot hold him responsible for the random killings because he did not approve of them. I will go forward and mention this to everyone who wants to have this debate. Just me
  14. I agree with everything you have said except one point. The people inside the darbar sahib did have direct links with pakistan. You can find this in the Day and Night series on Operation Bluestar when Shahbeg Singhs brother Beant Singh spills the beans. He says one day Shahbeg Singh came and said that pakistan has backstabbed us and is not going to provide support, as promised. He also goes onto say that if Bangladesh can be created why not a khalistan over here. Along with that we still have members of certain groups still hiding out in pakistan. And we know that Benazir Bhutto gave lists t
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