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  1. It is a very good & welcome news .Till now online Punjabi Wiki in Gurmukhi had been very poor presentation with only 9000 or so entries iI am looking forward to the new launch
  2. Ads inside a site page got nothing to do with google , it appears in Site content . Ads are allowed by site Admn team , let Any Administrator reply about this
  3. Every time I open this site I see ad for getting astro Predictions on line .i don't know the policy of the Site Admn team , but is it worthwhile to accept ads which do not confirm to the Tenets of Sikh Faith? no further comments
  4. A balanced diet is neither vegan nor meat - Balanced means which fulfils all body requirements for carbs (energy ) Proteins (needed for reconstruction) Fats ( body insulation & functioning of Many glands , vitamins & micronutrients required for digestion , assimilation and smooth functioning of Nervous System
  5. SHAEEDEE OR otherwise , this is not new year for khalsa , Our new year is either start of Khalsa Samvat - on Baisakhi Day , or PRakashvPurab of Guru Nanak Dev Sahib (Nanakshahi Samvat) I pray someday our folk realise this
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