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  1. My views , shoukd nobody feels agitated, Gurbani says " Rang sabhey narainey jetey man bhavann ." ( ang 134- 3, Baramaha Manjh M5) Nature and colors are all made by Waheguru, parmeshar himself , how come One is bad and other good. Because green was the color of moghul army flag , the use in khalsa dal was taboo to avoid misundestanding during battles, and for the same reason red was banned as pahadi rajas , who were perpetually at war with guru sahib ji . It was simple logicand practice without religious adsignment for colors. Did not guru sahib had many muslims and hindus on his side?
  2. So , guys here believe that it can be switch on switch off for rehat and kakars Why are we then blsming younger generation for not keeping kesh , what we say as GURU di mohar? So whole matter of Amrit and kakars is over .
  3. Why do you think pepple with divergent views cannot engage into meaningful dialogue?
  4. Wah , kya baat hai, such long intellectual discussion on Makhiya Marna?
  5. Really Ontellectual question hahahahaha
  6. Savinderpal singh, Is your research on rehitnamys over? Please do come with quotation to support your point .I m eagerly waiting
  7. One is Bavsn Akhri in raag Gauri at ang340 by Kabir ji , and Gauri Bawan Akhri M5 by Sri Guru Arjan Dev Ji just before Sukhmani Sahib in SGGS.Which one you like to discuss
  8. I do not know much , as far I know he was plagiarist and most of his work and ideas are not original.
  9. Actually his name is Paul Twitchell , born 1908,9 , 1912 or 1912 died in1971. Has worked for scientology, krioalof sawN kripal mission( breakaway radasoami sect),and many hindu sects before setting his own shop
  10. Does anyone Singh from USA kniws about this guy Paul Twitcher . I read about him while perusing about Radha Swamis. He is American, establoshed a new faith & what he called the church of Eckangkar. He has been previously in touch with Scientology, Sawan Kripal mission, Yoganands divine mission, buddism & many other denominations.But no much is available on net as to how he came around Ek onkar.Any help available?
  11. End of the day, do we have councillors to discuss and give advice on such matters in Gurudwaras? Forger about the granthis they are not trained to handle psychological matters , neither are they able to answer the querries of the young generation (due to lack of their own academic qualifications) . The only answer to the communication gap can be filled by either volunteers with good educational background , understanding properly of principals of Sikhi and training in councelling . Or few gurudwaras jointly hire such professiinal who can offer services a few days every month at all places.
  12. No idea why ppl of same faith calling each othet herectics. Since long all around the world there has been use of lunisolar calendrs( base on lunar movements , fine tuned with earth movement around sun ) we have chinese, tibetan, russian orthodox, burmese, jews calender folliwing these lines. Even within india there are bengali, tamil, gujrati and many other local calenders making adaptations ad per local needs. Does anybody know that sidereal calender known as most perfect which is based on Earth one revolution around its axis has to be corrected every 27000 years . Its only we people who waste time in proving each other herectic ( As a matter of fact both sides opposing each other have only superficial understanding of astronomy.) There is no reason why maladies cannot be sorted out if matter is handled by experts of the subject and shedding of stubborn stance by all involved
  13. Bro, even your reaction is limited by your knowledge( or lack of it) . That is my point - What seems to us our freewill is limited by place , time (period or kaal) our social and academic grooming , hence actually the freewill does not exist . Bhana, Hukam,Razaa are the facts you should understand befoe commenting on freewill Do not kniw what sis kaurss wants to convet
  14. Savinderpal singh, if your last statement is your pov, why have been dragging rehatnamey this far?
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