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  1. U know this guy?? I think they spell him 'banerjee' btw
  2. How did the Tamils do it ?? EASY. They got INDIA on board. They did NOT lobby Cameron or Harper.. they lobbied INDIA. Once India agreed to champion Tamil concerns, India's slaves (UK, Canada) fell into lockstep.
  3. No it is none of the above. The key issue is INDIA. INDIA decides to support the Tamils and the whole world falls into step with them. Conversely, INDIA chooses to ignore Sikh concerns and the planet follows suit. INDIA promotes itself as world's largest democracy and an enormously important economy, and thus no one wants to offend INDIA.
  4. Some community leader apparently SUPPORTED Ron Leech comment, and threw in several remarks about SIkhs as well SEE http://www2.canada.com/calgaryherald/news/story.html?id=6e452021-c216-47ef-9701-da22ec1b9617&p=1 Last month, hundreds of Sikhs went to Parliament to demand that the government of India grant clemency for a convicted terrorist Balwant Singh Rajoana, who was the backup suicide bomber in the assassination of an Indian political leader. NDP justice critic Jagmeet Singh demanded the same thing in Ontario's legislature. Rajoana belonged to the banned Babbar Khalsa terrorist group, which fought in the 1990s for the establishment of a pure Sikh nation called 'Khalistan.' The movement called for the ethnic cleansing of the Hindu minority in India's Punjab state and was responsible for the bombing of an Air India jet which slaughtered 330 mostly Hindu Canadians. An Ontario MPP should be commenting on justice issues in Ontario, not using his status to stand up for convicted terrorists in a faraway land. Hundreds of Sikh Canadians happily protest in favour of this terrorist, but when have we ever seen large numbers of these people picketing on a purely Canadian issue? Shockingly, Pardeep Nagra, manager of employment equity at the Toronto District School Board, admits to having numerous discussions with youth about 'Khalistan' and sees nothing wrong with the concept. This may explain why some second generation Sikh Canadians are becoming brainwashed into supporting a genocidal ideology which is dead in the land of its origin. And ultimately, we Canadians are responsible for the presence of not insignificant numbers of people who reside here but dream of slaughtering people overseas.
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