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  1. Maybe the Taksal should replace Dhumma , he is causing a lot of damage to Sikhs by issuing his statements.
  2. The Taksal chief Dhumma has given full support to the Badal Dal as have the Nihang Chiefs. Dhumma has evwn called for Sikhs to do a daily Ardaas for Badals election victory. Do these add to the traitor list?
  3. Send the RSS to the border, where are they ? Sitting at home with their keyboards hating minorities.
  4. Sikhs put in hardship due to border evacuation. The Pakistanis don't seem that worried they have not evacuated. Punjab and Kashmir are used as a football. Modi should play his games in Gujarat that borders Pakistan.
  5. I remember Wimbledon had a turbaned court official back in the early 80s , he was standing behind a major player and was in camera shot for several hours. This was at a time when you never saw a Singh on TV. So I don't think the club is against Sikhs.
  6. Interesting how Badal rushes to give condolences to people like this but ignores Gursikhs.
  7. The difference is that the pictures of the Sants are before the people sitting near them had done their evil deeds.Dhumma is sitting near them After they had carried out genocide. Had the Sants known what they were going to do they would have dealt with them.
  8. Dhumma should go now and the Taksal restored to how it was at Sant Jis time. Dhumma by acting as an Indian/Badal stooge has left the Taksal damaged badly, he may read the Dasam Bhani but he does not act by it.
  9. There is no Dasam Granth issue just RSS strategies for the Punjab elections. BJP/RSS want the upper hand in running the Punjab at the next elections, further running down Sikh institutions serves their purpose.
  10. Whilst forces acting in the background are getting Sikhs to fight Sikhs, nobody says anything against the people doing beadbi of Sikhi and making threats against them daily. Shiv Sena openly saying they will attack Sikhs. http://www.punjabspectrum.co/misc/shiv-sena-leader-threatens-sikhs/
  11. In Canada the new Sikh MPs and Ministers are raising Sikh issues. In India the Sikh MPs never raise issues as they are scared of being labelled pro Sikh by the Indians. In Britain there are no Sikh MPs as Sikhs are fairly disorgained politically.
  12. Gandhi Nehru also said before 1947 that Sikhs could have their own area where they could experience 'the glow of freedom', after 1947 they said ' things have change now'. Sikhs again made no legal agreements and trusted a bunch of liars.
  13. When the British invaded Punjab 1846 -1849 they made off with a huge amount of wealth.When Multan fort was captured by the British its treasury was full of gold and gems and was looted.Also after the Battle of Chillianwallah where the British were defeated they could not take it that a non white army had defeated them in a planned battle. Even today it's hard to find the British defeat mentioned in history books . The British took their revenge at the Battle of Gujrat a few weeks later where the orders were to kill all Sikhs. The British assembled a huge army to do this and we're enthusiasticlly aided by Indian soldiers. This information is usually found in obscure texts of British soldiers like 'Sgt Pearmans memoires' rather than official histories where the British soldiers are said to be disciplined and humane.
  14. If people want to become Sikhs they should be helped. Most of our own Sikhs need to learn as well. Just going to the Gurdwara will not really help. People give up and join other religions because they cannot find information on Sikhi. Remember the Guru Sahibs sent missionaries around India and further to spread the knowledge of Sikhi.
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