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  1. Israel is out numbered in middle east an win Just like sikhs were out numbered an destroyed mughals an afghans
  2. West london singh are you just as concerned for the christian minority in middle east and muslim countries What about how homosexuals are murdered in islamic countries Palestine an arabs started the fight in 48 an 67 an got their butts handed to them cause the jewish people are superior to the muslims Israel is acting from place of self defence Muslims in israel have more rights then in any muslim country Palestinians an arabs started the war an israel wooped them an drove the arabs an palestinians out for starting the fight West london singh what about the other arab nations the once wh
  3. West london singh Canadian media is fair its pretty much at the center I hate american right wing media like fox news especially their conspiracy theories about the mainstream media and calling it the liberal media and anti american media That rhetoric started long time ago when social conservatives would call the mainstream media the jewish media and anti american Lol those same right wingers use to attack media calling it jewish media till the cold war when soviets aligned with palestine and america then aligned with israel As well the first generation of jewish immigrants started off p
  4. West London Singh actually canadian media is better then england an america combined and tends to be pretty central Another thing I hate right wing media and fox news and laugh at their conspiracies of the mainstream media being liberal meda but few decades ago social conservartives use to call mainstream media and liberal media the jewish media Also jews usually control the left wing liberal media which focuses on ending human suffering in middle east As well I already states many jews are protesting especially tela aviv the israeli capital cause their hearts break seeing innocent palestin
  5. Drummer are you saying israel is the bad guys for targeting hamas militants that are shooting rockets at innocent civilians in israel I would say going against israels right to self defence is anti sikhi Sikhs are tought to defend themselves An its hamas that is using civilians as human shields which is savage and cowardly What should israel do sit on the side line n let palestine attack israel
  6. Drummer considering how small gaza is and the high concentration of people israels weapons are far more advanced in accuracy then early 90's Now tell me what are they suppose to do if hamas member fires rockets from top of apartment complex Have the rocket pin point the hamas member n blow him up with out their being colateral damage Also drummer its hamas who are the savages using civilians as human shields Tell me what should israel do?? You are the president of israel n hamas is firing rockets fro$ civilian locations into israel 2 thirds of the population are running to bomb shelto
  7. I will have a biased opinion cause I have a hard time trusting muslims considering the history between sikhs and muslims Cannot post videos but if you go on youtube search bill maher rips hamas over gaza What should israel do as hamas shoots rockets into israel Does israel not have the right to defend itself Should israel just sit their n just hope the iron dome knocks down every incoming rocket from hamas Plus this conflict is hurting israels economy cause 2 thirds of the population are running for bombsheltors daily rather then going to work running their businesses Hamas is targeting
  8. one of the things nato and America goal is to set up democracy in Afghanistan not to take the country over they've built up the hazaraa tajiks and turks of Afghanistan they help built them up military wise and economy wise and Afghanistan is now having elections cause of poverty their will be severe corruption and years for their economy to modernise Pashtuns reject the democracy cause they see hazara tajiks turks voting in govt that will discriminate against pashtuns
  9. shah shuja was a puppet for maharaja ranjit singh then became a puppet for the british after the first war but was over thrown by his brother which led to the Kabul retreat
  10. Pashtuns have bin conquered a dozen times alexander biharis of the maryan empire arabs who brought islam mongolians turks under nadir shah mughals sikhs british soviets won every battle but cause of foreign assistance they ran out of money british never lost a battle in the three anglo afghan wars only reason they were overthrown after the first war was the british east india company was losing money in Afghanistan and their share holders grew angry so the company had drastic budget cuts and left 4500 soldiers 4000 which were benagli muslims and 500 british officers and 12 000 wives
  11. K never heard of this before or learned about these claims That sikh gurus have lineage to hindu gods I thought sikhi rejected hinduism with having millions of gods and believed in one god
  12. what are some other great battles were the Sikhs were the underdogs
  13. navy seals sas british special forces green berets speznas Russian special forces Israel special forces
  14. what can be done to inspire more Sikh youth to the gurdwara what can be done to teach and inspire the next generation to learn sikhi if something doesn't change in 30 years in the west how many people will attend the gurdwaras and know anything about sikhi would you agree to many youth lack knowledge on sikhi
  15. they can be special forces or gorilla groups who do you believe are top five military groups and why who are top five military groups from last 100 years and why
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