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  1. WJKK WJKF BROTHER i was in a very similar situation to this, nearly exactly the same. if u want to talk about it message me privately as i do not wish to share the details publicly. WjKK WJKF
  2. yh but i cant see it being abuse when the girl who was portrayed sexually in the video consented to it, it may not be right ethically but dont think it can be called abuse.. #kaljug
  3. WJKK WJKF Opinions on humbles latest video, what are your opinions on sexual shaming, and what does gurbani say about this. I usually find myself agreeing with humbles philosophies but i feel like this opinion may have been going to far as i feel he draws alot of conclusions based on anacdotal examples, but this topic is quite important and i feel like its not discussed enough in our community. i kinda see both arguements for this one but maybe because im not educated on it. WJKK WJKF
  4. bdemon


    it shouldnt be limited to cows, we as sikhs need to save the world one step at a time, being vegan so simple but it has a huge impact, because its achievable through ommission, and we should be ethical as much as practically possible. also like i keep saying, by bring vegan you are also helping to end human suffering, firstly by being more effective with food and grain on the earth,i.e if we dont feed the cows grain we can feed starving humans and end world hunger and also for helping over population in the world we use up 1/3 of the earths surface for animal agriculture, thirdly, less pollution which means less people are getting sick and we can be stewards of the earth like we should be. all of this and more can be achieved just by choosing to eat one thing instead of another, whats wxcuse do you have not to be vegan ?
  5. bdemon


    If the death torture rape murder and slaughter of innocent sentient beings makes u laugh i think there is something seriously wrong with you. I think you should seek medical help Goodluck little bro Wjkk Wjkf
  6. bdemon


    sorry bro i read the first few para's n i couldnt help but laugh. Where r u getting this information from?? how can u say i dont eat enough protien when u don even know my size lol?? sorry mate i cant take you seriously, i really hope you are young because you have a lot to learn n i don hink u watched any of those movies in five minutes. im dont wanna bother responding but i feel like i have too just incase people take you seriously. studies PROVE that a sendentary vegan is more healthy than a marathon runner who has a bad diet. You think carbs make you fat lol, search durianrider on youtube by cutting carbs out of your diet your body has to run on fat but what does this prove ? I seriously hope you are young bro, like 15 or 16, you have a lot to learn about the world. I highly reccommend you watch those videos and read those books i said in the previous post Please stop spreading false information and do some reserach also, although the who say carcinagin is processed meat they also say its most probably unproccessed meat, and there are many more studies which support this. the most well renound doctors in the world say meat is related to disease and carbs do not make you fat. Dr mcdoogle for example I hope guru blesses you with some gyan about compassion, if the guru cant save you from this 'the world is already feels pain so lets add to it' thinking and mentality no one can. WJKK WJKF
  7. bdemon


    thats not my only goal, i know we have bigger problems but I only started this topic to see what peoples views were, J knoe veganism doesnt have precedent over other issues tght now.. but, If we are fighters of opppresion then its a little hypocritical for us ro carry on with these eating habbits Im not saying change karah parshad, I accept it as gurus hukam but im talkng about the things we do have a choice about tbat we dont do anything about. like when we choose to eat chocolate and paneer at home when we know where its come from.
  8. bdemon


    being vegan does not make you weak, its a myth, the strongest man in the world was vegan and the one of the best ufc fighters is vegan, You can get more than enough protien from plant based foods which means the killing of animals in un necessary, people who eat meat today do it only to satisfy their taste buds and cannot see beyond that.A high carb vegan diet is the richest diet as carbs and glucose arw what gives our body energy, Its our bodies preffered energy source, eating rice, pasta, bananas, oats, suger, all these things are fuel for our body, i Cycle, train muay thai and weight train on a weekly basis, eating meat doesnt make anyone more capable to fighting terrorists lol, in fact i think it would make us less a capable as we would be too obese and fighting cancer and beart disease we wouldnt have time to think about helping others. Im not calling for a change in karah parshad, ofc i want gurdwaras to use ethical sources, but i understans its hukam. Im talking about changing the things in our diet which is not hukam, like serving chocolates, yogurts ans milk chai in langer, and turning more sikhs vegan. Look veganism is growing right now and bc of the envirmonetal impacts, governments will soon have to force people to go vegan, if the sikhs are already vegan its more promotion for us.
  9. bdemon


    Guru talks about raw milk a lot in bani and organic milk
  10. bdemon


    Lol do u know the implications of eating meat and fish and dairy? There is a spiritual benifit, how can u find inner peace if your consuming torture and rape? a balanced diet is bs, 14 out of the 15 major killers of humans is related to eating meat, so meat is not healthy and the world health organisation says meat is a carcinogenic, its ranked amonst ciggerates in terms of how bad it is for you. the reason you do not know this is because the meat industry is bigger than the oil industry, countrieis go to war for oil so imagine how brainwashed we are when it coms to meat. Guru gave us the hukan of feeding the world when he said degh tegh fateh, do you know how inefficient the meat industry is? it takes 300 galleons of water and 20 kilos of grain to create on hamburger, meanwhile theres kids in africa and india who have no water or food to eat, they feed cows soy to get them big for the meat industry where we could have fed that soy to humans and ended world hunger. And dont get me started on fish, They say the way were fishing there are going to be fishless seas by the year 2048, this is not a conspiracy, its happening now. Think of this on a practical level, This is the beauty of sikhi, Guru gave us an ethics based religion, we have to see whats happening to the world around us and how we can help, by Going vegan ur literally saving the planet. the meat industry causes 3x more global warming than the whole of the transport industry combined, think about that. I think we need to talk about veganism before its too late to talk about anything else Wjkk Wjkf
  11. bdemon


    The recipe was already changed when we started using milk from cows of exploitation rather than ethicaly sourced milk ie. our own cows
  12. bdemon


    the fact of the matter is, times have changed and the milk industry has become a business, which means that cows are exploited to provide milk and chocolate, and i wasnt really question karah parshad, im talking about when they hand out quality save chocolates or cha in gurdwaras, thats what im against because its so unnecessary but the implications of doing so are so bad, how can we justify a cow being raped every year and then it gives birth and the baby calf is ripped away and killed right after birth because the humans want the milk from the cow and the calf isnt efficient. Also its not like milk and chocolate are good for us anyway
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