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  1. I am curious to know what would one call their father's mama in Punjabi? Also what would one call their father's Nana?
  2. Kanshi TV (SKY 772) the Ravidassi Channel which is supposedly run by followers of Bhagat Ravidaas Jee, quite contradictorily also shows Christian programming. In the below video you can see shameless distortion of Gurbani shabad "sun sun jeeva teri bani" and also a cheap imitation copy of famous Sikh dharna "vaheguru bol kade na dol" Video is of the episode of "All Nations Church" currently showing live today 1 August 2022 at 20:00 I request sangat to please complain to the channel who must apologise for this disrespect and provide assurance that this will not happen again. Kanshi TV Ltd. 1st Floor, Harvills Industrial Estate, Harvills Howthorn, Hill Top, West Bromwich. B70 0UH Tel: + (44) 121 502 4304 Email: info@kanshitv.co.uk Website: http://www.kanshitv.co.uk 20220801_211503.mp4
  3. Punjabi Roots in Smethwick, Birmingham https://punjabiroots.co.uk/product/17485_3FT_Kirpan__Damascus_2 https://punjabiroots.co.uk/product/15018_3FT_Kirpan__Damascus_1
  4. Thankfully I don't think this sister has actually committed suicide as the police are saying it is a false rumor. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.latestly.com/india/news/delhi-gang-rape-case-police-refute-news-of-victim-committing-suicide-3310729.html/amp I hope Sikh community of Delhi will provide her and her family with full support in every way.
  5. There is a new Muslim bhangra singer from UK called Raf Saperra. Not only has he made a music video where he is lusting after and flirting with a Sikh girl who has a prominently displayed kada, but the song has been produced by so called Sikh Sukhshinder Shinda and the background of the video is full of so called Sikhs wearing kaday, egging on the Muslim singer to flirt with the Sikh girl and sing about her lustfully. Astonishingly there is an old Baba with a long white dhari and white dastaar in the video as well. I have not seen one comment on the YouTube page that is concerned about this. I have also noticed that as part of his image in general this singer has avoided highlighting he is a Muslim, only reluctantly alluding to being from West Pakistan during an interview when asked. Instead our so called Sikh people are all backing him up and featuring in his videos wearing huge kaday while holding alcohol bottles. There is a blurring of lines here with regards to identity which is normally used by this group to take advantage of our people. Our own people are stupidly helping this cause. There are a few of his bhangra videos which also feature smoking (Muslim Pakistani culture) which will probably confuse Apne thickos into thinking this is now a normal part of our own culture. They are making bhangra videos without making it clear they are Muslims and subtly putting their own culture into it. What has happened to these people's zameer? This is the video.
  6. You can read the section on Anand karaj in the Sikh rehat maryada, under "marriage" http://nsouk.co.uk/rehat-maryada-a-guide-to-the-sikh-way-of-life/
  7. There is a video going around of a nihang Singh at the farmers protest in Delhi talking about how at some nihang Dal Amrit sanchars there are two baate of Amrit - from reading around apparently 'mazbhi Sikh" have to have a separate bata of Amrit from everyone else and also there are separate pangats in langar. Does anyone know what this is about?
  8. Must watch this video- how the government plans to make it look like farmers are firing guns so the army and police can shoot at them
  9. Does anyone know if Bhai dharam Singh nihang of sach Khoj academy has gone to akal takht for pesh as I know they declare him tankhaiya a few years back. Just wondering is he still considered tankhaiya? Has he been excommunicated or considered part of panth? I quite like his veechars Nihang Singhs don't seem to have an issue as he was at a nihang event in 2018 https://youtu.be/fw_zLnhlQ0s
  10. I used to have this issue before and even posted about it in here, but have now realised. When you read rehat maryada really carefully you see that the actual BAJJAR kurehit is to use tobacco. That doesn't mean we can drink sharaab though. The rehat maryada says not to have any NASHA including sharaab. However alcohol outright not being included as a bajjar kurehit is a very sensical thing and shows Maharaj's perfection. The reason for this is that if alcohol was placed as 'bajjar' kurehit life would be pretty much unliveable. Why? Because chemical alcohol i.e. ethanol is present in so much - bread, fruit, medicine etc. When the manufacturers say alcohol they mean that yes it's technically ethanol so it's alcohol in a chemical sense but it's not really the same as sharaab in terms of use in this instance. I mean the buiscuits and cakes we eat and soft drinks like coca cola, when they have 'natural flavouring' in the ingredients, usually this also contains alcohol (ethanol), but it's not being used as sharaab it is being used as a chemical solvent to hold the flavour. This is why such products contain alcohol (ethanol) yet even by the government they are classed as non alcoholic. The intent is not intoxication and neither does it cause intoxication.
  11. Who is the jathedar of Tarna Dal? What are the different branches of Tarna Dal? Which section of to Tarna Dal is associated with Shaheed Baba Deep Singh Jee, I have heard it is hariavela but then I have also heard it is Baba Bakala?
  12. I don't mean the ring mala. I mean like in this picture.
  13. I have noticed quite a few nihang Singhs seem to wear a ring on the finger. Mostly seems to be sarbloh. What is the significance of wearing this?
  14. Wear your kachera over the club shorts. Why can't you wear a kirpan? If you really can't. You can always wear a Dori wali kirpan if you are really stuck Kangha even if you couldn't put in your head, could easily go in a pocket?
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