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  1. So I recently got a lot of new dastars from India but the dastar fabric just isn't coming out right is there a special way I should wash the fabrics or???
  2. Vaheguru Ji ka Khalsa Vaheguru Ji ki Fateh ? I am actually going to the Amrit sanchaar with one of the panj piaarae I just found out so I guess I can ask them for help. Thank you for giving advice though
  3. Before doing Chandi Di Vaar, keep in mind that there is a certain rehat to follow for that particular baani. There's a story that two shaheed Singhs visited Sant Baba Harnaam Singh Ji to firm Baba Ji's views on this baani. They explained that if Chandi Di Vaar is recited after the sunset, then it must be continued all night non-stop. It is alright for two or more Singhs to do it in turn. If an individual can recite it all night then that is alright as well. A clean cloth should be spread underneath where you're sitting and you must have your bath first. An oil lamp (dhesi ghior dee joth) shoul
  4. I wish Giani Ji could come to America particularly the east coast it would be absolutely amazing to hear their bachan instead of relistening to previous recordings on youtube Is there any way u could please make the picture more clear? Thank you Ji
  5. Tim Hortons in Canada sells eggless donuts and cookies
  6. Thank you so much for this idea I'll try this dastar style out at home and if it works out I'll definitely do it like this thank you
  7. I've always regarded ordering dastars online but talking to other people I've found out that sometimes colors of dastars posted online can be a little off and some fabrics aren't as good as they're said to be
  8. So basically, with Maharaj ji's Kirpa I will finally be blessed with Amrit next week and honestly I can't wait I'm just so so excited. Thing is, I don't know how to do my dastar on that day considering the panj piaarae put Amrit in ur kesh as well. I don't want to do a joora I want to do my dastar I just don't know how to tie it so they can still put Amrit in my kesh. Any ideas? Please help.
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