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  1. I think we should stop talking about them. It's getting boring. It seems like jonny ( reminds me of jonny jonny yes papa) has seem it all with his own eyes and is sitting in a fighter plane ready to go ...........
  2. come on.....gamer's generation...................seems like someone doesn't have the guts to do the real thing and is just satisfying himself on the computer. and Badal's vendetta continues: Bikram is denied bail and remanded into judicial custody for longer period where he will face the ire of Sukhbir badla. his accompalice has been traced and is preparing for the similar fate. their parents were also subject to humiliation. some relatives have gone underground. Baba Daduwal arrrested and old cases have been re-opened for his support to HGPC. 8 others were arrested with him as well. His
  3. There was no TV during baba nanaks time but he spread Sikhism without any technical issues. You don't need TV in the era of internet where right from today's hukamnama to latest Kirtan CDs or DVDs can be accessed via Internet/ recorded and watch on the big screen. It's easy to give your money to someone else and think you are doing sewa. But that's not sewa. It's a mirage. It's called sewa when you yourself do it. It's good to donate to charities but I don't trust any of them. At some point you would see your money bring misused or financial irregularities. It's better to save in a piggy
  4. It's like one of those rituals but why lots of Sikhs still do it? I have seen amridharis sending and tying rakhis. I think it's genetic. Even after so long the superstitious nature and the sense of participating in the rituals hasn't completely gone from Within some Sikhs. What are the other rituals which Sikhs still follow proving RSS agenda? We must ask Sikhs to stop this. Sorry for misunderstanding. Is pair karma around SGGS sahib one of those rituals?
  5. amazing! lots of Sikhs still celebrate Rakhi especially in India. why cant they stop? http://lakhvir.wordpress.com/2006/07/28/why-raksha-bandhan-has-no-place-in-sikhi/
  6. Sikhs must unite for SGPC: Sukhbir Sanjeev Singh Bariana Tribune News Service Natheha (Talwandi Sabo), Aug 6 Sikhs, for once, need to get above their habit of ‘dhadebandi’ (factionalism) and unite on the issue of SGPC’s supremacy over the HSGMC. This was stated by Deputy Chief Minister Sukhbir Singh Badal talking to this correspondent on the sidelines of a campaign for SAD candidate from Talwandi Sabo Jeet Mohinder Sidhu, here today. “Sikhs, by nature, are habitual of attaching themselves to groups as a part of their daily lives. They all need to come on a common platform and understand th
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