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  1. Dear Sangat ji We can give practical help to our brothers and sisters in Panjab by supporting charities working there e.g Seva84 Sikh relief Khlasa aid United Sikhs I checked United Sikhs website and they're running a project supporting families of farmers who committed suicide, helping children get an education. Does anyone have any experience of United Sikhs as have not heard of them before . Are they well run and money gets to people who need it?
  2. You're brave to admit your problems and penji has given excellent advice. I have been going through a bad time myself over the last few months which got worse over the last month. Praying to Waheguru for love and protection has kept me going even when at times I've felt hopeless. My situation is starting to change, and I know its through Waheguru's power working to change the situation and give me direction and guidance. Suddenly you find other people helping or providing the information/idea you need. never forget that Waheguru cares about you most and is always there, never too busy and will always listen - be honest and ask for help from your heart and it will come.
  3. I'm disgusted at the BBC for still not including it in main news - they're gone down in my estimation. There was a demonstration mentioned yesterday on Sikh Channel planed for Thursday 22nd October at Indian High Commission in London. Modi will be visiting UK soon and that will be perfect opportunity to highlight the situation as will be a lot of media attention. There must be other ways we can help people in Punjab besides contacting the media. Please read this link about the famer protests before the beadbi linking the Badal family to what's happening - its full of corruption http://sikhnet.com.news/whitefly-brief-oped This link doesn't seem to work but if you copy the text into the browser hopefully that should work or just type "whitefly brief" to search Does anyone know of organisations working with the farmers so we can give practical help?
  4. he is on sangat Tv now talking about what happened and think on Sikh channel bit later
  5. I just emailed Channel 4 news to ask them to report on Punjab. Here is the link, the more people who contact them the better http://channel4.com/news/contact-channel4-news
  6. he did well to speak up and the presenter over-reacted. The other 2 Asians were more media friendly with their right-on attitudes, e.g marry whoever you want wherever you want. I'm surprised the Muslim girl said she's happy to marry anyone unless she means as long as the husband converts to Islam. The BBC don't seem to be on the cutting edge of news and tend to jump on the bandwagon. Channel 4 news are more likely to cover what is happening in Punjab. We should stop expecting the Western media to speak up for us, and have confidence in ourselves to say what needs to be said like Jagmeet did. He spoke up with the courage inspired by our Gurus.
  7. I'm sure there are some people who are not attracted by physical appearance and only to the soul but they are rare. Viaguru made us into physical beings and to be physically attracted to someone is not wrong or dirty as that is how Vaiguru made us, just as we have a desire to eat. If it is only about attraction of souls than why the need for different genders with different physical forms. Attraction is more than just liking someone's physical appearance, as 2 people may find different people attractive but it is an aspect of connecting to another person, I don't see anything wrong with that. If you are looking for a marriage partner especially in our culture you won't always have time to get to know their soul in depth before marriage. There's nothing shallow about it.
  8. Think you are going OTT about this. Yes whT mai bhago did was brave but only when women act in ways that are typically celebrated as male are they celebrated in sikhi. What about bebe nanaki the first to recognise guru Nanak ji but she is not widely celebrated. Is there evidence of women keeping facial hair in the times of the gurus? In order to make children there has gone some level of physical attraction & unfortunately I don't think many men will find facial hair attractive in women. Please stop the political correctness and be honest
  9. sometimes feel women in sikhi are either invisible or there is pressure to take on a male identity, men and women are different there's nothing wrong in looking different, why must there be pressure to look the same. Like someone else mentioned I've never seen a picture showing women having facial hair in the Guru's times. Does anyone know of any accounts/evidence that women did keep facial/body hair in their times. Its ok for men to say keep your facial hair, for men it can be seen as a sign of masculinity. We need to value women and there qualities and not pressurising them to keep hair on the face so they look male. There's a lot of focus on male identity in sikhi - battles, weapons, warriors, but we also need to celebrate the softer female side too. Most men do not want a wife with facial hair - that is the truth, why should the poster not have the chance to get married and have a family. Women have a limited time to have children and who knows how long it will take to find a man who doesn't mind a wife with facial hair.
  10. skaur8888


    I'm sorry but this man is using you and it has nothing to do with his culture or religion. You and your son deserve better please don't waste anymore time on him as plenty of decent men out there who will respect you & your son
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