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  1. somebody asked me this after seeing indias space mission to mars
  2. that guy also does not look very gursikh to me, the way he is speaking. i heard he runs or used to own a strip bar so he just a trouble maker trying to make sikhs look like ignorant extremists and insult hindus
  3. well they have not started off very well http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2756249/Newly-formed-Al-Qaeda-branch-India-botches-terror-attack-mistakenly-trying-capture-Naval-ship-thought-American-aircraft-carrier.html
  4. but why he ripping up other peoples religios books make us sikhs look bad. also i heard that swami statue he got is founder of ISKCON, a western hindu movement. The founder of that movement even told sikhs to follow their religion so why insult him?
  5. i doubt it otherwise india would not be such a diverse nation as it is. look at other countries in the area like china, japan, south korea and pakistan. no way are they as diverse as india in religions, cultures, languages all living together
  6. I wonder if Police caught these people as i know a complaint was made
  7. many people did start t fight back read this http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Indian_independence_movement
  8. what happened to this topic? it seem to have got deleted???
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