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  1. We've been living separate and there causing more trouble making up accusations about me, low life people they are they slagged me off to one Singh who knew and he put them straight, but there dumb to be honest without sounding harsh, they think its some sort of game I don't wanna get back with her at all and I thank god we didn't have kids otherwise what life would that be for them
  2. I could do that but I'm planning to go back to her to much has been done and said they'll get what's coming to them karma is a killer Vjkkvjkf I mean I'm not planning to go back to her
  3. Her mum lot are arguing about money still, even though I've proven i haven't taken anything, I wouldn't marry a amratdhari girl again, taking amrat had just become as status for a lot of people,her whole family is amratdhari her dad does Paath at the gudwara and even he lied! Do people not fear Guru JI anymore? Taking amrat is the first stage only when we depart this earth and we enter Maharajs court and our actions is put in front of us will we know if we are true gursikhs Vjkkvjkf No she didn't report it she denied it when I said put your hand on a gutka
  4. She's trying to get panj piarre to come see me but that's not gonna happen to give someone a second chance when it comes to domestic violence is something I can't do I can't take that risk especially as she works in social services
  5. I love it when people say this I'm looking at a divorce myself my singhni accused me of hitting and stealing money from her and then denied it her parents who are amratdhari didn't ask her why she made the allegations they just said we believe Her full stop. So what's the solution to this then? She can accuse me of hitting next she could accuse me of a lot worse which could get me put in prison so what's the solution then?
  6. Vjkkvjkf brothers and sisters the seva at Guru Hargobind Gudwara in coventry continues, if anyone can spare time on the weekend to come down and help out or even come down and have Maharaj Darshaan then please attend yesterday Marahraj Sach Khand was complete at the last minute I'll try and upload pics if possible please drop me a pm if any more details are required. There are many beautiful Gudwaras in the U.K. please can we all help to build this Guru Kaah to the standard which our Guru deserves. May we uphold the seva for our guru Vjkkvjkf Pritpal Singh
  7. I'm going through a divorce penji after a year of marriage my partner wasn't who I thought she was turned me against my family, I was in major depression didn't leave my room for a few days and then eventually went to the gudwara been going everyday since been 6 six weeks since I been to work but as I'm self employed its flexible for me, overall message is keep your chin up its not our fault so we shouldn't be held accountable God bless pritpal Singh
  8. To cut your kesh is a massive thing brother, and I think you will regret it massively our kesh is a natural blessing from our guru, look into our history and you will find the inspiration eg Bhai Taru Singh? I cut my hair all my life as a kid as in Mac 3 job all over, sometimes I have nightmares that I cut my hair and nearly start crying, bro my advice is do ardas and think long and hard to think you can amrat again at a later late is a bad way to think as your blessed with it already. God bless
  9. Take every day as it comes, I'm going through a divorce, and in the beginning I was lost, went gudwara everyday and prayed my advice go the Maharaj and do ardas, and all will come clear only with Guru can we succeed without Guruji we are mere sheeps "Rise and rise again until lambs become lions"
  10. You should never discard shastars singh these are blessings from Maharaj, but what we can do is keep the satkar for the shastar keep it clean and put in a safe place, I do shastar Prakash and I have some shastars which I find no use for but still I keep then clean and kept safe
  11. A kirpan which can not be taken out is not a practical kirpan sister as stated maybe invest in another shastar
  12. What sort of kirpan is it? If it's a taksali kirpan in a wooden metal case they can tend to get stuck if it's rusted you can clean it with coconut oil if the rust still is there maybe use a light grit sandpaper to clean
  13. Your right singh but If someone accuses you of a thing that can get you sent down then what can you do? In a society wheres courts would believe the women over a man, not only that if I was ever to get remarried I would like my slate to be clean whereas walking around with domestic violence allegation on me
  14. Fateh Ji, this is something that is bugging me a lot, I am 28 years old amratdhari singh and last year I started to look for a partner, I had to marry within cast as this was the only the issue my family would have, so I met with elder singhs and they found me a Bibi, all was well and when the family's sat down all I asked was that I would like to live with my parents and look after them, in the past I looked after me Bibi who suffered with dementia and was bed bound to cut a long story short I had to quit my job and studies to look after her full time, eg the reason why I wanna look after my
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