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  1. On 19/09/2017 at 2:58 PM, superkaur said:


    And as the muslims moved in those economically deprived but reasonable socially cohesive area's then that area went further downhill fast into higher crime and less friendly and safe environment on the streets.

    Sikhs do crime too. Check out the number of Sikhs in Birmingham's major prison, then compare it to the number of Pakistanis and Bangladeshis in there. Then compare those stats to those group's share of Birmingham's population as a whole. You may be in for a shock..




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  2. 5 hours ago, Hammertime007 said:

    If the pakis don't care what faith the victim is why don't they do it to their own?  

    ‘One of the local Pakistani women’s group described how Pakistani-heritage girls targeted by taxi drivers and on occasion by older men lying in wait outside school gates at dinner times and after school. They also cited cases in Rotherham where Pakistani landlords had befriended Pakistani women and girls in their own for purposes of sex, then passed on their names to other men who had then contacted them for sex. The women and girls feared reporting such incidents to the Police because it would affect their future marriage prospects’


    There was an extensive report released a few years ago on Muslim girls being groomed: http://www.mwnuk.co.uk/go_files/resources/UnheardVoices.pdf

  3. 13 minutes ago, dallysingh101 said:

    Guys. If this guy is guilty, I don't think we personally should feel ashamed about his actions. Even though (I imagine) there are quite a few antiSikh people who will be happy as hell that one of our lot is getting tarnished with this brush, even more so given the way certain members of our community have been very proactive (and even successful) in forcing our own, and wider society in the UK to face up to this stuff going on under everyone's noses. 

    We shouldn't live in any denial about it. We DO have sexual predators in our community. It's impossible that we don't. If anything they are probably under-reported. 

    The sooner these people are caught and/or exposed the better. We should be alert (without being paranoid) about it. 

    What I would say is that we don't seem to have an epidemic of this stuff (as far as I am aware) in England. But cases will exist and pop up. 

    As long as we are honest to ourselves about these things. We can all strive to keep these things to a minimum in our community. 

    @MisterrSingh I think you said it best a while ago in some thread when you posited the possibility that we are probably going to have a bunch of cases emerge (I believe especially with cases within families) in the future, as more and more people feel confident enough to talk about it. We all know how powerful 'shame' and 'honour' are in our communities psyche and how it has already prevented (probably) thousands of girls from keeping their own sexual exploitation hidden over decades. 

    Let's keep it real, and strive really hard to make sure we don't have scores of prolific, hidden paedos in our midst. 

    In the end, let's take some solace in the fact that any guilty people being caught means that there will be vulnerable victims who are now that little bit safer. And that such predators will have a harder time doing this in future.

    Don't focus excessively on the impact it has on us personally - think about the victims instead.  


    Why do you think there are many more sexual predators belonging to the Sikh community than say, the Hindu one?

  4. 10 hours ago, Big_Tera said:

    Islam is projected to become biggest religion by numbers. Mainly due to muslim population having a median younger age then other religions. 

    This is a quite significant. The fruits of historic forced conversions is paying off for the muslims. For instance indonesia was originaly buddist and hindu country. Now its all muslim. Same is true with nigeria. Once it was all christian now half is muslim. 

    Nigerians and Indonesians converted due to traders, not forced conversions.

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  5. 2 hours ago, dallysingh101 said:

    It makes good sense to me. Paks are more homogenous and would live together, whilst 'Indians' aren't as likely to clump together. You have Hindu areas and Sikh areas, and mixed areas and wherever Sikhs are there are damn sure to be some Paks.


    From what I understand the concentration of Sikhs are in Gravesend, Southall, Wolves. Maybe some areas of B'ham but not sure. Goodmayes has a reasonable Sikh community but I'm sure there are as many Gujus and Paks there too? 

    Statistically Sikhs are just as likely to clump together as Pakistanis are http://www.ethnicity.ac.uk/medialibrary/briefingsupdated/more-segregation-or-more-mixing.pdf

  6. Evidence please?

    0.06% of British Hindus are in prison compared to 0.18% of British Sikhs, according to this http://www.mcb.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/MCBCensusReport_2015.pdf page 42

    According to the UK's latest statistics (2012) the Sikhs make up 0.9% of the prison population and thats largely in line with them being 0.7% of the general population of the UK.

    The Hindus make up 0.5% of the prison population and its important to note how the Hindus in general in the UK are mostly middle class and live in nice areas where crime and contact with the criminal justice system is less likely. The Sikhs in the UK however, mostly live in inner city areas and are mostly working class. Thus, it makes perfect sense that a Hindu in the UK would be slightly less likely than a Sikh in the UK to be in prison.

    That is common sense but common sense goes out of the window when one considers the figures for India. In India, the opposite is true as the Sikhs do not exist at all among the millions of Hindus that belong to one of the criminal tribes or castes and Sikhs do not exist among the very destitute beggars who are of course more likely - sometimes justifiably - to committ crime. In India then, despite the Sikhs being less likely to commit crime than a Hindu there are three times more of them in prison. How do you justify that then ?

    Your right, that seems unjustifiable. Maybe you could try looking up the prison stats in Punjab and see what the most common types of arrests are.

  7. Well thats where things get even more interesting and the figures actually even more damning. You see, ther are whole tribes - a whole caste grouping - among the Hindus who are officialy a 'criminal tribe' meaning that the sole vocation of that grouping is to commtt crime. Their numbers run into the millions and the Sikhs have no such equivelent. And then also we have to remember that Sikhs are generally not part of the destitute very poor of India. Again, those people are mostly Hindu and their numbers run into many many millions. Now, those are all people that not only do committ the most crime but also are likely to commit more and the one thing they have in common is that they are Hindu.

    So, when you consider how the Sikhs at large are actually far less likely to committ crime than the Hindus at large the figures are actually even more alarming than at first glance. Evn though a Hindu is more likely to be a criiminal the official figures say that a Sikh is 3 x more likely to be arrested.....3 x more likely to be put before a judge in court......3 x more likely to be found guilty by a judge.....3 x more likely to be in prison than a Hindu.

    Exact or similar figures that apply to American blacks.

    Exact same institutionalised vilification and demonisation. Exact same degrading of our history, dignity and sense of self-worth.

    The people that do this to us have done so well at making us lose our sense of self-worth there are still some Sikhs that say they are Indian and proud to be Indian even after finding out how the Indian system officially, according to their own stats, view the life, dignity and freedom of Hindu as three times more valuable than yours. Just what kind of a Sikh would be happy to inflict such a degrading existence and value upon his children ?

    Even Sikhs in the UK are 3-4 more times more likely to go to prison than Hindus in the UK.

  8. Probably because they're too busy kidnapping and raping innocent little girls to find the time to become extremists. Virtually every single 'Asian' or Pakistani grooming gang in this country is made up of Mirpuris.

    Come off it.

    That has nothing to do with religious extremism though. Yes they're more likely drop out of school, become criminals, "groomers", etc, but they're still less likely to become extremists because many of them are Barelwis.

  9. lol are u feeling ok? Is that why mirpuris go around dealing drugs and beating people up? Have u ever been to mirpur? You know how many trrirosts camps there are there in AJK? How many brits gone there for training? Your disillusion, what about the boy from high Wycombe who went for jihad?

    Mirpuris are sufis because they are peaceful? LOL yeh right, they definitely arent sufi I can assure you that. Most sufis would be those from central punjab who speak our language. Also how can u be sufi and sunni? Sufis used to be critised hard during our gurus times as they wernt and still dont follow mainstream islam. If you read guru granth sahib ji u can see those sufi mytics who are vegeterian etc. Dont see many mirpuris as vegetarians for example.


    mirpuris definitely into worldly things and dont do meditation I can assure you of that.

    Lol dude I never said or indicated Mirpuris are all peaceful and law abiding. Yes they're more likely to be violent thugs and criminals (because of their background) than other Asian Muslims, but it tends to be the less religious ones amongst them that are like that and they're still less likely to produce Islamic extremists. There's a big difference between being a criminal and an Islamic extremist you know. There's barely any religious extremism in Mirpur since most Sunnis there are Barelwi. I'm pretty sure most people from the UK don't go to training camps in AJK, they've traditionally gone to FATA to do that kind of thing.

    'Mirpuris are sufis because they are peaceful' Did I even say that? Many (maybe most) Mirpuris in the UK follow the Brelwi school of thought which is heavily influenced by Sufism, this is indisputable. The ones in the UK from Central Punjab are mostly Deobandis, as are most Bengalis and Guji Muslims in the UK. These three groups are much less likely to become violent criminals than Mirpuris, they're also more likely to be well educated and disciplined, but they're also more likely to become extremists. If you watch the enws, most of these people going to Syria are educated people at university, they aren't drug dealers from Manningham. If you go to an area like Blackburn which as a large population of Mirpuris and Gujarait Muslims, it's common for the Gujis there to stereotype the Pakistanis there as 'Grave-worshipping Barelwis' because the Gujaratis are very strict Deobandis. In the Punjab and AJK region, the educated ones in the urban areas are more likely to be Deobandis and the ones in the rural areas (e.g. where Mirpuris come from) tend to be Barelwis.

    That link doesnt work.


    Sufi orders are largely Sunni and follow one of the four schools of Sunni Islam and maintain a Sunni Aqidah or creed.[6] Over the years various Sufi orders have been influenced by and adopted into various Shi'ite movements includingIsmailism- which led to the Safaviyya order's conversion to Shi'ite Islam and the spread of Twelver Shi'ism throughout Persia.

  10. most pakis in the uk say theyre sufi... I call bs they are all sunni. Sufis get persecuted

    Most Sufis in the world are Sunni, and a minority are Shia. It isn't an independent sect you know. It doesn't even have a set definition.

    A high percentage of British Pakistanis (especially 'Mirpuris') follow the Barelwi school of thought, which is very heavily Sufi influenced. This is why Mirpuris are actually significantly under-represented amongst Islamic extremists coming from the UK, (if you think about it, you barely ever hear about an extremist coming from Bradford). Most of the British Asian extremists that you hear about on the news that have gone to Syria are Bengali, and there are even a few Gujaratis that have gone, like that kid from Dewsbury who recently blew himself up. The remaining Sunni British Pakistanis tend to follow the Deobandi school of thought, which I think is what almost all the Guji Muslims and Bengalis in the UK follow.

  11. Also the leic' police blatantly protected those paedo paks, at the expense of the sikhs/the girl. Which i dont understand frm a vote bank p.o.v, as leic in terms of its minorities, is a gujarati (hindu/muslim) city, with a large sikh community, but hardly any paks there, yet they were protected.

    They were Gujarati (Hindu and Muslim) and Afghan


  12. We are indeed, especially when one takes into account how the object of this sham 'interfaith harmony' exercise is for Sikhs to now play their part and in return visit a Mosque.

    And there you have it. Naiveity in a nutshell. No Muslim stepped foot in the Gurdwara and yet a bunch of naive Sikhs are about to return an imaginary goodwill gesture by 'muslims' that never happened by visiting a Mosque.

    You couldn't make this stuff up. :(

    How is that 'naive'? Some Ahmadis visited a Sikh Gurdwara and now some Sikhs are visiting an Ahmadi mosque. What's the problem exactly?

  13. The comparison between today's immigrants and those from 50 years ago is naive.

    My grandparents came to this country because there was a shortage of labour and therefore a precedent for mass immigration. They worked hard and were law abiding citizens, as most of our people who came to Britain were.

    This can't be said for any of the more recent migrant communities, except perhaps for the Polish. By and large (and I know there are exceptions) the Somalis, Romany Gypsies and Pakistanis who have arrived on these shores over the past two decades account for a shockingly disproportionate level of crime in the United Kingdom. They consistently refuse to integrate into society at large. The areas to which they move acquire some of the character of the third world.

    Delusional lefties will insist its because these people are mired in poverty, and that crime is the consequence of this poverty. This is absolute nonsense, my grandparents were desperately poor when they came here, they and their three children all slept in one room. All through this they never resorted to illicit means of making money, very few of our people did.

    Not all immigrants are of the same character. They don't all come here to work hard. Too many of them come here with the intention of living off of the taxpayers' money.

    Ever had a look at your own community dude?

    Welcome to the Slums of Southall: How unscrupulous landlords have illegally built squalid back garden homes for immigrants

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2049676/Welcome-Slums-Southall-How-unscrupulous-landlords-illegally-built-squalid-homes-immigrants.html#ixzz3SWTAideL

    A TORY councillor has sparked fury after declaring 'criminality is endemic' in Southall and claiming its Indian community 'exploits their own people in squalid third world living conditions.'

    Benjamin Dennehy, who represents residents in Hanger Hill, made the controversial comments on his blog on Tuesday (6) where he said the number of illegal immigrants in Southall was a 'constant on the public purse.'

    Mr Dennehy wrote: "Southall is a constant on the public purse in Ealing. It is home to the worst concentration of illegal immigrants in the UK. It has gambling, drinking, drug, prostitution and crime issues unlike many other parts of London.

    "It is a largely Indian community who say they deplore this behaviour but yet it is that very same community that harbours and exploits their own people in squalid third world living conditions."

    Labour councillor Shital Manro called the comments 'outrageous' and intends to lodge a formal complaint to Ealing Council's board of standards, which monitors the code and conduct of councillors.

    "It's very offensive," he said. "He's virtually calling the whole Indian community gamblers, drug addicts and prostitutes and that only in Southall this occurs.


    Sikhs are the second most segregated religious community, after Jews.


    Also, lol @ thinking Pakistani and Romanian immigrants "account for a disproportionately shocking amount of crime"..not compared to other immigrants



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  14. Virk are a mainly Sikh Jat got but in Gujranwala and Sialkot there were a number of Muslim Virks as well although they were still less than the Sikh Virks there. The fact that this paedophile is involved in grooming shows that Pakistani grooming is not a problem of Mirpuris but also involves Pakistani Punjabis as well.

    How is it that these Pakistani Jats and Punjabis are involved in grooming but the same is not the case for Sikh or Hindu Jats or Punjabi? It has to the religion that made him a Paedophile just as is the case with what the Islamic State is doing in Iraq and Syria.

    The most disgusting bit is that even if one of these guys for whatever reason displays tendency to commit rape who is it that he is not only able to discuss such a subject with his uncle and nephew and also have them join him in the rape? Apologies but can any of you guys imagine something like this happening in our communities or even our own families? Would you be able to discuss committing such a vile act with your uncle or nephew and even get them involved? This just shows what sick individuals these are as well as what a sick community they belong to. Committing rape didn't just occur to Virk on the spur of the moment otherwise he would have just raped the woman himself but he and his relatives must have discussed this before or even committed other rapes for him to be able to just phone his relatives up and get them involved.

    Also can any of you imagine that other family members not directly involved in the rape would have been unaware of their activities? There is a culture of silence in the Pakistani community because these paedos are only raping non-Muslim girls and not those of their own religion and this is never discussed because the mainstream media as well as the politicians think that Pakistanis are like the British who usually don't even talk to or know their own neighbours. Every Pakistani knows what his community is up to but they keep quiet because it's just the kafir girls getting raped.

    Do you have any evidence that he's Pakistani Punjabi? Mirpuris also have the surname Virk as there are lots of Jatts amongst them. You also get Sikhs and Hindus involved in this, too, btw:

    Sajad Ali, 34, Asif Hussain, 33, Ashad Jani, 33, Jerome Joe, 35, Akbari Khan, 35, Taimoor Khan, 28, Sohail Qamar, 40, Vikram Singh, 45, Harmohan Nangpal, 40, Faisal Iqbal, 32, Mohammed Imran, 38 and Farrukh Bashir


    Sandeep Kumar and Jaskaran Ghuman, both of Clarendon Avenue, claimed their sexual activity with the teenager had been with her consent.

    But a jury at Warwick Crown Court at Warwickshire Justice Centre on Friday rejected their versions of what happened and convicted Kumar, 28, of two charges of rape and Ghuman, 23, of one charge.


    Bharat Modhwadia, 25, of Wycombe Road, was jailed for 16 months for paying for the sexual services of a child, inciting child pornography, and trafficking the girl by driving her to a location for sex. Judge Pert acknowledged that he had initially advised the girl not to have sex for money, but this did not ultimately stop him from "taking advantage of her".

    Chandresh Mistry, 37, of Berridge Lane, was jailed for eight months for attempting to pay for the sexual services of a child. He used Facebook to arrange to have sex with the girl, but they did not have sex because he became aware of the police investigation.


    A pair of workmen who raped a prostitute at the house they were developing have been sent to prison after a jury found them guilty of the brutal attack.

    Arvinder Singh, 22, of Oakwood Road, Southall, was jailed for eight years and Karnail Singh, 36, of no fixed address, was sentenced to seven years. Both will be deported from the UK after serving half of their sentence.


    Puppy Parmar and Sandeep Chauhan now face being deported after being sentenced to a total of almost 14 years.

    The pair were said to use their 16-year-old victim as a "sexual plaything" and were told by a judge how their crimes were "so heinous", their staying in the UK would be to the "detriment of society".


    Two Sikh priests have been jailed for a total of 12 years for raping a 26-year-old Glasgow prostitute after she refused to have sex with them.

    Gurnam Singh, 30, was sentenced to seven years and Sukhdev Singh, 36, to five. Both will be placed on the sex offenders register indefinitely.

    A MAN who groomed a 14-year-old girl before plying her with alcohol and sexually assaulting her in his house has been jailed for 12 years.

    Harjaskaran Singh, of Trelawney Avenue, Langley, was told he would serve a minimum of eight years behind bars, with an extended licence of four years, at Reading Crown Court on Friday (4).


    Akshay Kumar, 38, admitted one count of causing a person under the age of 18 to be involved in pornography and was jailed for two years and 10 months.


    Vinayak Rama, who is 29, of Kashmir Road, and 29-year-old Reynold Carvalho, of Prestwold Road, were sentenced today after pleading guilty at an earlier hearing.

    Rama admitted to two counts of rape, and was handed 10 years and six months in prison. Carvalho pleaded guilty to oral rape and was jailed for eight years and three months. Both men have also been placed on the Sex Offenders Register.

    They raped the 12-year-old after befriending her in Holden Street, Leicester, on 1 October 2013. She was raped in a car by Rama on two occasions and subjected to oral rape by Carvalho.


    I could point out that East Punjab has a much bigger gang rape and female infanticide problem than West Punjab, and then say "What's the difference? It's the religion" but I won't because that's just stupid.

    British Mirpuris are a quite messed up community yes, but not British Pakistanis as a whole. There's a huge difference between Mirpuris and people who come from Central Punjab, Karachi etc. If you did your research you'll actually find that Mirpuris are severely looked down at by other British Pakistani communities: Look at these links (It's a Mirpuri run website)

    http://www.portmir.org.uk/pages/sample-1---trash-attacks.html http://www.portmir.org.uk/pages/sample-2---trash-attacks-2.html http://www.portmir.org.uk/pages/sample-3---trash-attacks-2.html

    Also, the notion that they don't target their own Muslim girls has been disproven. Read this: http://www.mwnuk.co.uk/go_files/resources/UnheardVoices.pdf You'll actually find they find it easier to target their own girls because of the notion of 'honour' etc where girls keep silent. It's nothing to do with targeting girls from other religions since they do it to their own as well.

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