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  1. So sangrand is 17th then 20th right lol
  2. Any brummies confirm for me? And veerji do you happen to have the number
  3. Is there amrit sanchasr on 20th sep at 10am pls tell me asap thanks. At gng soho road.
  4. Sometimes its good to clear things infront of the panj
  5. Wow the satkaar you have is beautiful
  6. Google dadabhagwan and have a read. Book on celibacy gives some tips
  7. A friend of mine follows someone called DadaBhagwan he is a hindu and hes published books. Ive read one of his books it is on celibacy obviously maharaj calls this outdated in bani saying Kal Meh Keerat Har Naama but have a read it talks a lot about how to deal with kaami energy and gives a 3 step vision when you get kaam. Look at the person, imagine their insides i.e. the gandh inside them and then lastly imagine the soul thats where Guru Maharaj resides and then try and see if kaam attacks you. It wont.
  8. Is there amrit sanchar sep 20th (sunday of ssngrand) send details pls
  9. When is the next amrit sanchaar after sant kartar singhs barsi please let me know asap it is for someone and they want to give their head asap.
  10. Lol yeh that is the most recent one! Need more!!
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