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  1. Your response has been reported. Please refrain from namecalling, inciting violence and hatred. Im sure if this is your version of spirituality, you will find people like us offensive.
  2. Thanks all for answering and discussing/debating. I for one do not believe in heaven and hell. I am more concerned with taking care of my family and those in need and becoming a better person everyday. I am least bothered with becoming celibate or saintly. As I said before, I am not a celibate... I am not deliberately avoiding 'kaam' or sex. I just do not feel sexual or wish to get into this marriage business. As far as explaining what marriage is in todays generation, maybe I was explaining a bit negatively. But these are my opinion. I am not saying that all women are bad. Nor am I saying that thats the reason im not getting married. I just needed a clarification as a lot of sikhs/people get angry when someone says I do not wish to hook up or get married. I think the way human population is increasing everyday due to 'upar wale ki den', our world needs more people like us who do not wish to bring in more car parking issues and dirt and crowd. Also, I am showing much more love and respect to my offspiring by not bringing him/her into this sick dirty world. I live in India where people love to keep their houses clean and throw their garbage and dog poop out of their windows. They can afford sunroof audi cars but not a 250 rs a month garbage man. Plus sikh philosophy does not need offsprings to spread. We are not muslims who think that we should have 10 kids in every family or else we'll end up extinct like dinosaurs. Thats the uneducated approach we must avoid. Sikhs are as pure/impure as others. We just need to find goodness and spread spirituality happiness and brotherhood... sikh or no sikh.
  3. Hello all, wjkk wjkf I am 27 years old and male. I would like to discuss about a new phenomenon/orientation that not a lot of people are aware about.... but is completely natural. I want to talk about asexuality. Its an orientation where people do not have any sexual desires towards any gender. Some of them masturbate, others dont. Some are romantic but want to stay away from physical relationships. As a matter of fact I found a sikh girl on AVEN forums (Asexuality forums) as well. Ever since I was in my late teens, I stopped being sexually attracted to women in real world. I am interested in them, but the idea of marriage and/or sex intimidates me. Especially in India nowadays, feminism and women power is being abused tremendously. Marriage in itself honestly is a business transaction. Men get married coz they want either sex, or hopefully a servant, or a child, or because marriage is a symbol of maturity. Women want to get married coz log kya kahenge, to get 'freedom', children etc etc. Girls parents literally 'sell' her daughter to the highest salaried person. I have not found one woman I can respect in a loving way. Moreover, almost all indians get married and have tons of kids. We are not dinosaurs who will become extinct. I hate my surroundings and how dirty it is. I dont want to bring my child into this depressed corrupt environment. I was on singhstreetstyle facebook page and made a few comments against 'marriage'. It doesnt mean that I hate married people. Are there any seekh or quotes that suggest that one should get married as a rule? I couldnt find one. I am a virgin and want to stay that way. I see almost every 11 year old having 'banda' and 'bandi' and kissing. I just cant imagine being in that state.
  4. Thanks Balkaar. I mentioned in my post that I am sort of apologetic for coming off as if punjabi is my property. But most of them arent following sikhi or even punjabi culture. In recent years of punjabi cinema and music's growth, they are into this because its hip n happening. They go to markets to buy gabru punjabi kind of tshirts or they go to gurudwara for selfie pics. Although I dont think they can even understand whats being spoken or recited in gurudwaras coz of crowd, but it seems to artificial. They want to be honey singh i think.
  5. wjkk wjkf This is my first post. I am chanan singh from Delhi. My question is regarding the wannabe sikhs and punjabis that I see everyday. It really makes me sick. Everyday in Delhi/India we can see Biharis/UPites who listen to punjabi music, the grow trimmed beards and try to talk in punjabi and sound foolish. They do not understand sikhi nor do they follow sikhism. They are all about spitting paan. Most of them visit gurudwara for selfie pics. What to do about them? How can I stop being irritated by these kinds? Is it a bad thing that punjabi culture/lifestyle/music and movies have become mainstream... so much so that these kind start copying/mocking it? Although I shouldnt be jealous/angry, but long time back I had to visit Patna, Bihar to go to Patna Sahib. I got into an auto rickshaw, and a supposed sikh brother was the driver. I started to talk to him in Punjabi and he had a bihari accent. I asked him why he said hundreds of biharis are converting into sikhs. Umm I dont understand why. Is there an ulterior motive? If I discuss such issues on facebook... these biharis tell me that Guru Gobind jee was born in Patna and I shouldnt discriminate. Im not discriminating. its those wannabe honey singh biharis I think that are idiots. Your thoughts?
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