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  1. https://www.rt.com/viral/341617-new-planets-discovered-life/ Don't let the title to mislead you, but they found some 3 new Earth-sized planets which makes me curious and both excited as it feels like we are closer and closer to find life. What's Sikhism's view on life or "Aliens", I know that this is very stupid, but I am just curious because I believe that the Guru Granth mentioned about devotees on other planets.
  2. So my parents are really religious a long time ago when I was young they weren't religious, but they became religious since my dad got a job, but now my parents are really wacko religious. It's starting to annoy me a lot and I have to pray with them. What do I do? I don't want to cause an argument with my parents over this its just gone too far.
  3. The reason why Donald Trump is winning due to his racist views and etc. If he is president he will last for a year or less trust me.
  4. First of all I am not leaving Sikhism, as I am proud of my faith. I am just wondering whats people's reaction when someone leaves their religion, like for example in Islam they kill people if they leave their religion while for Christians who had left their religion will go to hell? What about us? I know that Sikhism doesn't kill people or tells them that they will be punished, but still. What will happen to those who leave their faith?
  5. I just realize that there are so many fake organisations that are ruining Sikhi apart, like RSS, 3HO, etc. Like look at this! and https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=62&v=wxoyfsA_udA its just.
  6. 3HO, is I guess a scam, they pay like what 300 bucks and its just annoying..
  7. When you said,"Religon is not the cause for evil, etc" that's what I was saying. People use religion and God as an excuse to do bad things.
  8. I mean during the Crusades that soldiers killed civilians in the name of "God". In attacks so many nut jobs claim they do it for "God" and it angers me. They are using God In a bad away and it's horrible, like ISIS, they killed innocent civilians for being different and they did it for' "God", but the funny thing is, most of Islam hates ISIS and considers them a disgrace.
  9. Look, I am just saying that people use religon for their advtange and use it for bad things. Then they get away and people will blame on religon. Like the Abortion shooting Colorado, they blamed it on Christaitinity for the shootings, however the shooter was some wacko, who was told by God. In wars some people do it cause they said it from God. Come on, are people that stupid to believe that guy. Pretty much, people use God for bad things.
  10. It's okay if you are married to the same surname. For example, in my family we are a Kalkat, and my dad's friend from his pind, is also Kalkat. Does this mean we are related to each other? The answer is no.
  11. Look, not all Atheists are bad. Yeah, religions caused war, but its not religions fault, its the people. Like the Crusades, the Church aka the Pope made Christianity declare war on Islam and caused so much death. Also, there are some morons who say, " Don't believe in this religion, go to hell", that's not true, that person is a <banned word filter activated> and is making religion look like a joke. Its not religions fault for causing destruction, its the people who use religion as a scapegoat. Like if someone causes damage, he will just use religion to get away with it and people will blame it on the faith. For the Atheism part, not all Atheists are rude or anything like that. My best friend is an Atheist, but he is a really nice friend of mine. Yeah there are some Atheists that make fun of people for believing in god, its their point of view, we can't criticize them. There are some Atheists that say god is fake and that people who believe in god are stupid, these people are making people think that Atheism is a rude, but its not true. So basically, its not religions or irreligion s fault, its the people who act like morons and make their own beliefs look like a joke.
  12. Eh, my parents should me some path and there was some guy at the gurdwara telling people that, " People who don't believe in god say they are happy, but they are not happy". He is saying that non believers are depressed people, but that's false.
  13. Well, how is it religions fault. Like the Crusades, it wasn't Christianities fault, it was the Pope and the Church. You see the Church used Christianity as a scapegoat and used it for war. Like come on the Church used indulgences which were pieces of paper which people payed to reduce the punishment people received for their sins. Its not religion's fault, it's the people. Some people like to use religion as a tool and get away with it and people will blame it on religion. 2, not all Atheists are bad, my friend is a Atheist and he is a nice guy. That's my view, however some people like Richard Dawkins are giving Atheism a bad name, he bashes religion and preaching Atheism like a religion as well.
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