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  1. So ever since I got to the age of i think 16-17 I've stopped looking at bani and paath (prayer) -- I don't know why, I used do loads! of nitnem and look into bani. I'm now 19 and still not even touching nitnem or reading bani... I very disappointed in myself I used do loads and me and my dad would have debates about things and get told about stuff I've not even heard about. I think its got something to do with Kaam... and I'm not going to lie I do find myself... doing that thing quite a lot... But I can't help I've even done paath on a random occasion to stop but Kaam keeps grabbing me by the neck -- I don't want to do this anymore and just go back to when I was 15 doing loads of paath and studying even deeper into sikhi. I don't why I've stopped its like I forgot about sikhi. Although, there are a couple things that I sort of disagree on sikhi ever since I got to 19 years old (if you are keen on knowing what I'll send you a message because I don't want to share this out to every and become a bad person any way), I also think thats why I'm not doing paath -- because of that. Any suggestions? On what I could do or what could possibly be the problem. I know that I'm 19 and I'm indulging in the wrong stuff (Kaam related) I also think that could be a massive problem... but seriously I just want that life back when I was doing paath and reading bani at young age. All in all, I'm trying my absolute best now -- trying to squeeze paath. I just can't see myself moving any closer to light -- what it looks is a sikh boy on a path at a stand-still and not moving towards Guru's light.
  2. will youll probably end up getting a hard time, to be honest -- i personally dont care about marriage at all. So even if it didnt work out your still a human being. You'll probably end up marrying her in the end despite 'this not been able to talk girls issue'. Now that your in the marriage phrase theres no going back, unless its something severe. It shouldnt really matter whether you can speak to girls or not, because she has to accept or rather shes accepted you in her life... Well i just tend to stay away from girls, they are a burden :) and btw this is my sochni (thinking)! lol
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