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  1. OH MERI SANDEEEEEP, sorry dude. Small world.
  3. The Bike Ride was greaaaaaaaaat. There were so many racist motorists tho, got called a "P*ki" ALOT of times, but it got motivating after a while.
  4. bally.s

    Bike Ride!

    oh, dude I'm doing it. I'm from leicester, I dont know the exact details either but its on the 18th of June, and yes there are some forms. Whats your email? I'll send em.
  5. Long Walks. I Always end up going for really LONNGG walks, everyday, when they should be jogs. And then I get into thinking mode, and I dont like thinking. Then I dont get time for hmw e.c.t e.c.t And then and then and then.. I just cant focus man.
  6. thanks to everyone, and its penji :wub: Howcome there is no singhnee emotions?
  7. tut, how did i manage to post it twice :lol: @
  8. I'm pretty agnostic. I love and agree with most of the things in Sikhi, but I dont fully understand how it defines the Soul and Reincartion. I Define reincartion as... Energy is never destroyed, always passed on. e.g when a person dies, if hes buried, his body will slowly rott and become a part of the soil, then a tree might come along and grow off that soil, the tree could be used for paper, or used to make a wooden table, then that could be burnt and used for fuel and so on, so that person or material, is re-created again and again. Buuuutttt, I dont see how it has anything to do with karam? are the conseqences meant to be experinened in this life or the next? What does Sikhi say? And the Soul..What is it man, the conscience? heightened emotions? an energy? Sorry if I offended anyone. :lol: But, I'd really appreciate some deep and meaningful views.
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