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  1. Well, that's sad. Also there's little incentive for Hindus to convert, if casteism still somewhat exists between many Sikhs.
  2. Do you really think the Indian government would comply to a referendum which breaks up India ?
  3. Agreed. For one, Sikhs should have more kids, 1-2 isn't going to cut it. India must grant freedom to a separate state, although I'm not sure if the Hindu majority districts/ Chandigarh would comply, if we were to assume that the Indian government is receptive to Punjab independence.
  4. So anyone you disagree with, is an "undercover" "troll" ? I mentioned it would not be irreligiosity, but low fertility rates responsible for the dwindling Sikh population.
  5. Not really lol, those other communities have much higher fertility rates, Pakistan only got more than half of punjab because of the demographics favouring the Muslim population - because of the consistently high fertility rates between Muslims (sure many were forcefully converted, but it's difficult adapting to an Abrahamic religion, from an Indian religion) . edit: Same case with Muslims within Punjab right now..... within a few decades you'll see Sikhi die out (because of low fertility rates more than irreligiosity), you'll see more Hindus become atheists (though the Indian census won't likely accept atheism), and Muslims increase fast in population %.
  6. Scheduled "lower-caste" Hindus should be converted into Sikhs, that's the only way Punjab can prosper.
  7. He would be hypocritical if he called others out for leaving, simply recognizing the problem doesn't make one a hypocrite.
  8. Well yeah you're right. It's not only Punjabi Sikhs which immigrate, punjabi's hindus do as well, but the immigrants in Punjab are typically Hindu/ Muslim.
  9. Poverty leaves you with no choice. Also what kind of work are you talking about!
  10. See If the ~2-3 million Sikhs came back to Punjab, we wouldn't need immigrants from UP/ Bihar.
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