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  1. Punjabiwolves

    Lilly - Wannabe black girl

    all he cares about his views. no morals or self respect
  2. Punjabiwolves

    Lilly - Wannabe black girl

    and we also have these two. who could possibly be the most cringe-worthy Punjabi youtubers
  3. Punjabiwolves

    Lilly - Wannabe black girl

    he was full of Drama. apparently, he was going to hold a concert on July 15th which was going to promote world peace but it broke down due to bomb hox. Fouse then went mad on one of his mad rants. he is also bipolar and stopped taking his meds which made matters worst. Adam Saleh called him for being a fake and dishonest. man, the Muslim side of youtube is full of drama lol.
  4. Punjabiwolves

    Lilly - Wannabe black girl

    Fousetube tho is not an Apna he is an Arab. not sure what Simmi's parents thought of their daughter in a relationship with a devotee Muslim.
  5. Punjabiwolves

    Lilly - Wannabe black girl

    what about Simmy Singh? she used to date fousetube who had a massive breakdown and left youtube.
  6. Punjabiwolves

    1984 Sikh Genocide Sajjan Kumar

    shame it has taken so long. he should be let to rot in Jail where the rats bite him every day. Jagdish Tyler should be next to convicted hopefully.
  7. Punjabiwolves

    Punjabi men and mental health

    that is very true. Parents think we are being ungrateful for being sad, depressed. most Punjabi parents dont want that talk with their children about their feeling and what they want. a common solution Punjabi parents think to resolve depression problems is get their son/daughter married which just makes matter worst. I am thankful my parents don't think like that. another big issue is izzat. Punjabi parents put high expectations on their son/daughter to do well career-wise so they can tell everyone about it. its common for our people to judge you on your job title and compare with others "oh Mr Hayer's son earns 30k a year " ohh that's nothing Mr Bahia daughter earns 40k a year" srs this is why I avoid Indian weddings. this puts pressure and makes you feel worthless because you are on a low salary. I am on £8.20 an hour and it used to bother me alot. but now i don't care I know if i stick to my plan can i reach goals and in any case money is not everything in life (our people seem to chase it alot which can also cause depression )
  8. Punjabiwolves

    Lilly - Wannabe black girl

    Lilly Singh has said in previous videos that she does not follow any religion, so it harsh to criticise her for not being culturally Sikh etc but she is annoying and way over the top. Jus region is just as bad
  9. Punjabiwolves

    Punjabi men and mental health

    this sums it up well
  10. Punjabiwolves

    Punjabi men and mental health

    Mental health issues are a hidden problem in our community.many elders don't understand it and were told in their time just to get on with life. feelings were irrelevant. people in India still live like this. our people need to understand its ok for a man to have feelings, to feel depressed, to be in need of help. I have depression and anxiety issues which come and go but I really want to snap out of it permanently. I have some research, watched some videos about these issues spoken to a few people about it and taken a self-esteem course called NLP . and the information I gained from this has been helped me. we are all imperfect, we have our weakness and strengths, our aim in life is not to be perfect but to improve ourselves as best as we can each day. (self-growth) we must have faith in ourselves and god. in order to progress to the life we want we must first build a solid foundation. that foundation will be who we are as person aka I am passionate, caring , loving, family man, compassionate. we build form them with the thinking we are good enough already instead of the negative thinking we are not enough yet. we must view life inside out and instead of outside in which most people do. we get influenced by media, other people opinions on us we should not let that shape us. only we can shape ourselves and be the change we want to be. its easier said than done thou.
  11. Punjabiwolves


    what's wrong with Arthi. it's been going done at Patna Sahib and Hazoor Sahib for centuries. even in Buddhism, they have Arthi. its not exclusive to Hinduism.
  12. Punjabiwolves

    Do you trust other Sikhs?

    I fully trust Sikhs (well most Sikhs ) I get on well with them. I remember the time i was travelling alone for the 1st time. I was at Delhi airport. the airport security guards wanted to see if my laptop bag had one of those tags. I told them the tag was toward the bottom(in Punjabi) but they were not listening to me and were giving me a hard time. (this Singh who nearby came and explained to the security guards in Hindi and they let me proceed) during that trip I even got questioned by immigration before I was allowed entry to India. srs man I had an approved India visa so there was no reason to ask further questions. Back in the UK most of my friends are Sikhs and I get on well with them. For advice, i would feel comfortable approaching a Sikh as we can easily relate.
  13. As for Wolves that 2-0 loss vs Huddersfield was shocking, the worst I have seen wolves play since Nuno took over. all the players played crap especially Neves. Cardiff is a must-win match now. can't afford to lose as we will then be in a relegation battle. Nuno needs to change the formation to 4--3-3 vs Cardiff as we get bullied easily in midfield and need a 3rd midfielder someone like Dendockar. btw I think I know who you are lol?
  14. no offence was taken. those Hindus that worship cows are way out of touch with reality and have made Hinduism look like a joke. when you think about it Hinduism is just about mediation, respecting living things and living with nature. there is only one god but has many forms which represent its own meaning. but over the centuries or so nonsense has been added. Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji alluded to this point all the nonsense and injustice of the cast system in Hinduism. as for Mandirs etc in the Uk , they are run like a business, the pundits only care to make money. The pundit at the main Mandir in Wolverhampton comes works 5 hours a day in the temple where he mostly watches cricket (The mandir has sky sports) he makes money off weddings funerals and on top of that he rents out properties so he is a landlord aswell.

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