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  1. like i have said many times before,Hate the Govt not the country itself as for the 2022 I dont know about a Chinese invasions but what I do know it that there is good chance India will win a test series in South Africa for the 1st time ever. what a performance
  2. LOl what evidence do you have to back up that statement ? your basically calling me and my family along with other HP worthless. that really class of you. anyhow I got no time for a heated debate. I got to enjoy the rest of the 2021 before 2022 arrives.. I wish you a good new year despite your personal attack on me.
  3. If your taking about true Freedom then Punjabi Hindus especially those still living in Punjab should be able to vote after all its there home aswell. Punjab is the home of all Punjabi's just like India is the home of all Indians. the amount of Hindu /India hate in the Uk is really uncalled for and most of its false. I challenge it and more often then not no one has answer back. They way things are going i would be be surprised to see a more intense bitter feeling towards Hindu's by Sikhs in the UK which is sad as Hindu's and Sikhs have great Dhamic bound. like or bite it Sikhs and Hindus are
  4. brilliant news , congrats to all Indian farmers.My reaction today after hearing the news.
  5. LOL thanks. I think most on here have a negative view of Hindu Punjabi's based on bad experiences and those Punjabi Hindus's back in India who would rather uphold Hindi as the main language over Punjabi.I have met those people back in India and they dont like me at all as I will always speak Punjabi over Hindi. However they are many Hindu punjabi's that will fully embrace Punjabi culture and language. My family are like that and I would say we go the Gudwara more so then we got to Mandir. I dont know many Hindu Punjabis outside my family but the ones I have spoken to seem a
  6. its total madness. Suki is real evil women who is confused over her own sexuality. great acting thou on the actress plays the suki character really well mixed in with a few Punjabi words.
  7. Now based on the Map Khalistan will be a Hindu Majority state and that too by a long way. it it will have the biggest Hindu population outside of India not only that but it will also contain the Holiest city for Hindus (Haridwar ) come on now this map no sense . Will you guys be ok with Hindu majority Khalistan? will you guys be OK with Khalistan being a very important country for Hindus when in-fact you want to get away form this Hinduism and Hindu's How can the UN take a referendum seriously when the majority of this proposed Khalistan state citizens(Hindus in Punjab , Haryayna UP etc
  8. 1st of off RIP to the farmers that lost thier lives. Hope those politicians get what the deserve Now now Now. To reply back to the Punjabi Hindu bashing on here which quite frankly is slander on the whole HP community(which we dont have to be fair lol)I shall address the issues on this thread In bullet point form as I will end up writing an whole essay lol. 1st off as some of you may or may not know I am from a Hindu Punjabi background but follow Sikhi more closely. I do not consider myself on non sikh. They(HP) dont speak our language follow our culture.? hmmm rea
  9. in the process derail women rights, kill those who dont conform with your believes . totally ruin an economy and sent the nation back to the stone age. sounds like a good plan right.?
  10. Because India is the Homeland of Sikhs , Punjab is the homeland of Punjabi's be it Hindu , Sikh, Buddist Muslim , Christian' atheists etc. . Our fight is against the Government not India . and you are really praising the Taliban? they are cowards not fighters .
  11. thats not true , they are Hindu Singh's Like MS Dhoni.
  12. Yes I know that Sikhs and Hindus have a very good relationship especially almost the punjabi community. My comment was solely directed towards this forum and certain posters like the OP. some of my comments were a knee <banned word filter activated> reaction which I did not mean.
  13. IMO Sikhs , Hindus and Buddhist should look out for each other as they are all Dhamic faiths . India is Dhamic nation (not the Government btw) not be happy to see other one in danger, pain etc. This forum is full of hate for India and all Hindus. its fking ridiculous. and ohh yeah some posters on here have extra hate for Brahmins LOL. and I can see some Jatt hate too. I must say Jatts have big heart. Thier are the best Punjabis IMO.
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