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  1. Punjabiwolves

    Which gurdwara do you really want to go to?

    Harmandir Darbar Shaib will always top the list for me. I have been there once and I felt blessed.I dream about Harmandir Darbar Shaib so definitely want to go again. I would also like to visit Patna Shaib, Hemkund Shaib and Hazur Shaib.
  2. Punjabiwolves

    Don't masturbate

    maybe you can help this guy out lol
  3. Punjabiwolves

    India war Pakistan bomb India

    War Between the Two Nations will not solve the Kashmir issue. Many innocent lives will be lost. It will also be a major problem for Amritsar as it's only 50km from Lahore. Imran Khan to his credit as emphasized peace talks rather than having a war while Modi is in full mode War. You can really tell how well educated Imran Khan is While modi is an uneducated buffoon. The Indian media has also been rallying up the Indian public for a war against Pakistan not realising severe consequences of having a war. It's also a major concern for everyone else as both nations have nuclear weapons.
  4. Punjabiwolves

    Is Ronaldo a saint?

    NO. Your new and only saint/Sant is
  5. Punjabiwolves

    Things you never see

    1) A Sikh that supports Millwall FC 2) A Sikh Male doing gymnastics 3 )A Sikh Family going on holiday to Butlins
  6. Punjabiwolves

    Lilly - Wannabe black girl

    all he cares about his views. no morals or self respect
  7. Punjabiwolves

    Lilly - Wannabe black girl

    and we also have these two. who could possibly be the most cringe-worthy Punjabi youtubers
  8. Punjabiwolves

    Lilly - Wannabe black girl

    he was full of Drama. apparently, he was going to hold a concert on July 15th which was going to promote world peace but it broke down due to bomb hox. Fouse then went mad on one of his mad rants. he is also bipolar and stopped taking his meds which made matters worst. Adam Saleh called him for being a fake and dishonest. man, the Muslim side of youtube is full of drama lol.
  9. Punjabiwolves

    Lilly - Wannabe black girl

    Fousetube tho is not an Apna he is an Arab. not sure what Simmi's parents thought of their daughter in a relationship with a devotee Muslim.
  10. Punjabiwolves

    Lilly - Wannabe black girl

    what about Simmy Singh? she used to date fousetube who had a massive breakdown and left youtube.
  11. Punjabiwolves

    1984 Sikh Genocide Sajjan Kumar

    shame it has taken so long. he should be let to rot in Jail where the rats bite him every day. Jagdish Tyler should be next to convicted hopefully.
  12. Punjabiwolves

    Punjabi men and mental health

    that is very true. Parents think we are being ungrateful for being sad, depressed. most Punjabi parents dont want that talk with their children about their feeling and what they want. a common solution Punjabi parents think to resolve depression problems is get their son/daughter married which just makes matter worst. I am thankful my parents don't think like that. another big issue is izzat. Punjabi parents put high expectations on their son/daughter to do well career-wise so they can tell everyone about it. its common for our people to judge you on your job title and compare with others "oh Mr Hayer's son earns 30k a year " ohh that's nothing Mr Bahia daughter earns 40k a year" srs this is why I avoid Indian weddings. this puts pressure and makes you feel worthless because you are on a low salary. I am on £8.20 an hour and it used to bother me alot. but now i don't care I know if i stick to my plan can i reach goals and in any case money is not everything in life (our people seem to chase it alot which can also cause depression )
  13. Punjabiwolves

    Lilly - Wannabe black girl

    Lilly Singh has said in previous videos that she does not follow any religion, so it harsh to criticise her for not being culturally Sikh etc but she is annoying and way over the top. Jus region is just as bad
  14. Punjabiwolves

    Punjabi men and mental health

    this sums it up well

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