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  1. in the process derail women rights, kill those who dont conform with your believes . totally ruin an economy and sent the nation back to the stone age. sounds like a good plan right.?
  2. Because India is the Homeland of Sikhs , Punjab is the homeland of Punjabi's be it Hindu , Sikh, Buddist Muslim , Christian' atheists etc. . Our fight is against the Government not India . and you are really praising the Taliban? they are cowards not fighters .
  3. thats not true , they are Hindu Singh's Like MS Dhoni.
  4. Yes I know that Sikhs and Hindus have a very good relationship especially almost the punjabi community. My comment was solely directed towards this forum and certain posters like the OP. some of my comments were a knee <banned word filter activated> reaction which I did not mean.
  5. IMO Sikhs , Hindus and Buddhist should look out for each other as they are all Dhamic faiths . India is Dhamic nation (not the Government btw) not be happy to see other one in danger, pain etc. This forum is full of hate for India and all Hindus. its fking ridiculous. and ohh yeah some posters on here have extra hate for Brahmins LOL. and I can see some Jatt hate too. I must say Jatts have big heart. Thier are the best Punjabis IMO.
  6. what a dumb thread. How our Hindus to blame for 1984. it was the Indian government and its goon who are to be blamed. likewise with Babri Masjid etc. you cant cary bad karma for something you have not committed. Hinduism has given a-lot to the world its more then a religion. it a way of live. its very diverse too. you can convert the whole of India to Christianity but you will not kill of Hinduism. its growing in other nations aswell. Resect all faiths.
  7. While i fully support the farmers of India Ido think the London protest went out of hand and lost its meaning 1) The UK is has just come out of lockdown infection rates and deaths are still high and protest should only happen if social distancing is possible. In this protest social distancing went out the window and some were not even wearing masks. this will only drive Covid 19 infection rates and could be in lockdown once again. 2) why the need for sports cars ? why block the roads? I dont see Farmers of India driving in sports cars while doing farming . These Uk punj
  8. I am from a Hindu Punjabi family and I fully support the famers i even posted on my social media which i tend to avoid when it comes to political issues. Indian media has made its look like its Khalistan affiliated protest when its clearly not . its famers all over India protesting against the bill. its important people do their own research into this matter rather then watching Indian news outlets which are heavily Pro Modi and right wing Hindu. as for Punjabu Hindu not all are the same , many will back the famers and sikhs in general sadly they are some that see Modi as thier god and
  9. So thier is Sikh Family in Eastenders who are badly portrayed in very Indian stereotypical manner. the father of the family is in Jail. the Eldest son has Dastar(kheerat) the other 2 sons are mona's . The daughter is a doctor who is bi-sexual and in relationship with a muslim girl. The mother is just pure evil who faked having cancer so her kids would not leave her. The family run 3 business which are 1) call centre 2)convient store 3)landlords renting houses amongst this the youngest son is know for doing insurance jobs. The latest scandal saw Jags g
  10. 5 win out of 5 for Punjab.Must be the Chris Gayle effect . Big up the Universal Boss
  11. Their is too much Bhramin Bahsing on here some of it its mythical and plain wrong. dont get me wrong thier are some nasty crafty Bhramins out there and despite being one I dont really get along with them expect my family.(why are not Bhramins in the traditional sense as you guys might think) so let me debug some of those myths 1) Brahmins control India ? far from it , they are make u 2% of the population and dont get any special rights and reservations. 2) Hindus have it easy in India? Err no thier is alot of Hindu phobia in India . Hindus easily get labeled an extremi
  12. I dont think India Govt has the power to hold such details. The UK and EU would block it and it would be illegal baed on the data protection act . as for what Rani01 said about Sikhs being different people thats not sure. Sikhism is not exclusive to punjabis's they are Sikhs from different ethic backgrounds . Sikhism is a religion not an ethnicity. Punjabi is an ethnicity. come on folks its basic stuff . you should know all this.
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