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  1. Punjabiwolves

    My current situation now

    Vitamin D3 is vital as we lack Vitamin D due to lack of sunshine in the UK. my anxiety comes and goes and I find it worst then depression. The misconception about depression is that your sad all day etc. but that's not the case. you can be feel nothing at all at times and sometimes even fine. for me, I find that I usually have interpreted sleep I wake up around 3.30 or 4 ish and I feel depressed. I then try to get back to sleep. I do get depressed during the day but put on a brave face. It is a hard issue to talk about open in the public. I feel stuck and lonely in life. But I will get out of this rut. I am going to start taking self-confidence classes and rebuild my lost confidence then take it from there.
  2. Punjabiwolves

    Do you trust other Sikhs?

    I fully trust Sikhs (well most Sikhs ) I get on well with them. I remember the time i was travelling alone for the 1st time. I was at Delhi airport. the airport security guards wanted to see if my laptop bag had one of those tags. I told them the tag was toward the bottom(in Punjabi) but they were not listening to me and were giving me a hard time. (this Singh who nearby came and explained to the security guards in Hindi and they let me proceed) during that trip I even got questioned by immigration before I was allowed entry to India. srs man I had an approved India visa so there was no reason to ask further questions. Back in the UK most of my friends are Sikhs and I get on well with them. For advice, i would feel comfortable approaching a Sikh as we can easily relate.
  3. Punjabiwolves

    My current situation now

    good luck with your recovery. Everyone here is here to help. glad to see your posting here more often. I am too am dealing with moderate depression and anxiety. its a battle but it a battle that can be won.
  4. As for Wolves that 2-0 loss vs Huddersfield was shocking, the worst I have seen wolves play since Nuno took over. all the players played crap especially Neves. Cardiff is a must-win match now. can't afford to lose as we will then be in a relegation battle. Nuno needs to change the formation to 4--3-3 vs Cardiff as we get bullied easily in midfield and need a 3rd midfielder someone like Dendockar. btw I think I know who you are lol?
  5. no offence was taken. those Hindus that worship cows are way out of touch with reality and have made Hinduism look like a joke. when you think about it Hinduism is just about mediation, respecting living things and living with nature. there is only one god but has many forms which represent its own meaning. but over the centuries or so nonsense has been added. Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji alluded to this point all the nonsense and injustice of the cast system in Hinduism. as for Mandirs etc in the Uk , they are run like a business, the pundits only care to make money. The pundit at the main Mandir in Wolverhampton comes works 5 hours a day in the temple where he mostly watches cricket (The mandir has sky sports) he makes money off weddings funerals and on top of that he rents out properties so he is a landlord aswell.
  6. Hindu's do not worship cows. they respect them tho some take it too far . but none the less cows are not gods in Hinduism . its quite fashionable to abuse Hinduism and Hindus by calling them cow worshippers, piss drinkers, <banned word filter activated> worshippers. tree worshippers and so on yet they have zero understanding of Hinduism and how in theory it's a very simple faith when broken down to its original form.
  7. Punjabiwolves

    If India and Britain went to war?

    Gora cant do the Bhangra thou . just look at Bumble's comical attempt lol.
  8. Punjabiwolves

    If India and Britain went to war?

    tough question, Puzzled made a good point. The UK is our home, as we work here, got educated here etc. while India is the motherland so there will also be a connection to India. I support both nations. In a war, I would not pick a side but I bet some Uk extremists will single put British Indians and attack them. But an India vs Britan war is very very unlikely. both nations have a decent relationship, In the UK British Indians have become apart of British UK culture. The Gora's love us .some of them come to me and say how the love Indian culture and British Indian people. they love our food and even picking up on some Punjabi words.
  9. Punjabiwolves

    Young Sikhs in UAE? (Dubai / Abu Dhabi etc)

    are you from Bur Dubai? you should let people know about this fourm at Jabar ali Gudwara.
  10. Punjabiwolves

    Is Sikhism a religion?

    I agree with you fully. with this kind of rules, places more focus on following the correct protocol for the rules rather than actually praying.
  11. I think its small progress but none the less progress and gives hope the top end govt people involved like Jagdish Tyler and Sujjan Kumar will face the death penalty.
  12. NEW DELHI: One of the two attackers convicted of killing two men during the anti-Sikh riots in 1984 has been sentenced to death by a Delhi court. The other convict will spend life in prison, the court said today. Naresh Sherawat, 68, and 55-year-old Yashpal Singh were convicted of killing the two men in south Delhi's Mahipalpur. They have also been fined Rs. 35 lakh each. Yashpal Singh's death punishment in the anti-Sikh riots is the first since 1996 when Kishori Lal, a butcher, was sentenced to death in at least five cases by lower courts. The Supreme Court later commuted it to life term. Sherawat, the second person to get life imprisonment in 34 years, worked at the Mahipalpur post office while Yashpal Singh was a transporter. The verdict has given "Sikhs a ray of hope", said Union minister Harsimrat Kaur Badal.
  13. Punjabiwolves

    Why are we not Hindus?

    I was having a think about the relationship between Hinduism, Sikhism, Jainism Buddhism the other day and I think there is nothing wrong if someone of Hindu faith considers themselves Dhamic and not be labelled as Hindu as Hinduism is an open book faith. there is no set worship, rule book, it is only the RSS that has come up with all this bullcrap which has somewhat turned Hinduism into a conventional religion when its clearly not.
  14. Punjabiwolves

    Top Sikh websites

    I disagree with what you say. your videos do not relate to Sikhism as Sikhism does not have any rituals or promote future life readings etc

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