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  1. thank for the tips. I also listen to Mool mantra before I go to sleep. I regularly go to the gym and for walks etc. Its related to my brother .
  2. Hi Guys I have not posted on here in a while. The past 8 months have been the worst in my life for me and my parents. Its like something out of a tv but its really happing to us.for me to cope withb this situation I go to Gudawara every week(Nanaksar Thath Isher Darbar) I spend normally 20-60 minutes in the Darbar listing to the Shabads which really does bring me inner peace . They are times when it looks like things have turned a corner but then we are delt with more problems honestly its like dealing with a never ending storm . Honestly I have no idea what to do.
  3. wow what a <banned word filter activated> show is this thread. Its just putting hate into Sikhs against all Hindus . I have said this a few times on here but not all Hindus are the same so why brush us all under one umbrella? a few bad apples does not make the whole community bad. without going into much detail as i have been thought it before but not all Hindus were against Sikhs in 1984 infract many helped sikhs during 1984 in Delhi. to wish harm on all Hindu's for 1984 is just wrong. Those responsible for 1984 should rot in hell for sure. off the internet I have noticed more Sikhs have become pro Khalistan and have become more distant towards Hindu's. so if that the aim then your guys re winning on that front. Most if not all Sikhs get on really well with me even when they find out what my Surname is (Sharma ) which makes it obvious that I a from a Brahmin background. but I tell them right away dont judge me for being a Hindu, Brahmin judge me for whom I am as individual(thats the thing with Indians/Pakistani's they dont accept individuality.) even Hindu's question me and say things like "why do you wear a Kara you think your a Singh". I just tell them to do one and mind thier own business. I do whats right for me not a what a community say etc. People question me about Modi I am like i dont know much about India politics my main concern is that baffon Boris Johnson Wala as he is my PM and his decisions effects my life not Modi. (that response also winds people up) As for me being a Modern Hindu I would say I would identify myself as an Indian more then Hindu thats for sure. I incorporate Indian culture with British Vales. I would say I live a good balanced western lifestyle.
  4. Not related this this topic as such but today at the Bullring Birmigham I saw a Singh(Keshdhari) with a lovely looking apni(The Singh was holding her hand )I went passed the Singh , thinking fair play to him. He had good thick beard too. good sense of style.reminded me abit of Pardeep (streetstyle Singh from youtube) so those who say Singh's struggle on the dating sense are incorrect. I have seen Singh's right up there in terms of being desirable attractive men. You need a sense of your own style , confidence and ownership of that fact your a Singh/Sardar. I have seen some Singhs use the excuse of "I have turban that why I am Single or cant get the job I want " thats bullcrap. as for Shaddi.com its bakwas .
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aJBtiNIAak0&t=2560s
  6. LOL I have had debates over Khalistan with pro Khalistan sikhs in real life. I am not scared.
  7. on the subject of Khalistan. I would take it seriously if it was better alternative to India by that I mean Free Health care for all Free education for all up until the age of 18 new universities campus Free Wifi better structure of pay benefits for low income workers International firms being bought in to create more jobs. Basically a system like we have in the UK. Butan has done it so its possible to do.
  8. LOL . KittenForce1 needs to calm down. my above post was simply a joke. it as not Anti Sikh. I have never made an anti Sikh post on here if i did was would have been banned along time ago.
  9. Background to this song, Chris Gayle a legendary Jamaican cricketer who plays for Punjab in the IPL. he is loved all over India especially Punjab . Chris embraced the Punjabi Culture with this song calling himself as a Punjabi daddy( not sure why). Chris Gaye is all about lavish lifestyle, Women which is the theme of the video.(no different for the light of Jazzy B etc)
  10. your Cleary not reading my posts properly. once again my main point is regardless of faith /race, rapes like this should go punished with an instant brutal death penalty , rapists should have no human rights
  11. come on man lighten up,and notice how i did not get personal like you have done.
  12. Khalistan press conference live on sky/BBC News reporter. Sikhs have been voting for the Khalistan referendum since November but the polling results are yet to be disclosed why is that Mr Pannun Pannun: Sikhs want Khalistan. we must have it . Reporter : But what do the polling results so far Pannun" polling result are irrelevant Sikhs want Khalistan, Khalistan Zinabad . Reporter:yes but how can you determine that without knowing the result of the poll ? where are the poll results? Pannun.:we lost them but no need fo that, you RSS agent , you all RSS agent , Khalistan zinabad. Brahhh. Reporter: what is an RSS agent. we can get now go to Boris for this thoughts? Boris: ohh yes I feel Khalistan referendum should only be recognised if I am invited to desi party.? What is Khalistan btw Panununn: Ohh hanji Brois Ji. come my house we have good Indian food, Indian music , party all night ji. we Indians know how to party; Reporter: I thought you was against India, Indian now you are claiming you are an Indian? Boris; enough of this leave the man alone. come on Panunum lets get this party started. I love a good party especially during a lockdown . Panunum : Khalistan referendum is in lockdown
  13. that did not happen as South Africa won the test series 2-1 and the took the ODI series 3-0.
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