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  1. If anyone doing cousin marriage, that is wrong. If any sikh arora people do it, please dont do it. You are neglecting arora community name. Hindu arora people are totally against it. I know even sikh arora people are not doing it, its exception in every community. 2-4 person did and whole community have to get negative image.
  2. I have been with thousands of Hindu khatris /Arora, i never heard about it. I never see they marriage first cousin or same gotra. I have been close to mehta punjabi (khatri) community, they are totally against it and consider taboo. Some Arora people in past due it due to less education and low population or poverty. All arora community doesn't do it. Some individuals of the community do it, which is very less population - 10 in millions. Even Arora community against it and considers it taboo. In modern times, they considered it sin and taboo. I dindt know about sikh arora people, i know they even dindt do it. If anyone doing it from any community we are totally against it.
  3. Some individuals of kamboj sikh are doing but percentage is very low.
  4. Hindu khatri /Arora community have vast population and good education, they are against cousin and same gotra marriage. I have seen people from the community stoping another community people to dont do this. Some kamboj people are doing cousin marriage.
  5. In khatri /Arora community you cannot marriage in same gotra and first cousin. In Hindu khatri community its non existence. In arora community some uneducated people do it in back times , but that is rare case 10 in millions. In today world arora community consider it taboo and sin. I dindt know about sikh arora, i even think its uncommon.
  6. Cousin marriage between Hindu khatri \Arora community consider sin and taboo. Maximum population belong to Hindu arora /Khatri community. If you even think about it, you can thrown out of family. In mehta community of khatris its negligible or non existence.
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