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  1. For those outside the UK, download the programme below. http://rapidshare.com/files/333481256/1984_-_A_Sikh_Story.mp4.part1.rar http://rapidshare.com/files/333490357/1984_-_A_Sikh_Story.mp4.part2.rar
  2. Not sure why my previous post was deleted....I'm guessing it's probably down to me calling names to the protesters for their disgraceful behavior. Apologies if that was the case, I just felt angry seeing the below video's, and the disrespect shown to the Guru and his service.
  3. How do you know he bends over naked? Your dirty mind at work again? :rolleyes:
  4. Any 'nitnem' that has the wisdom of Sant Baba Maskeen Singh has to be a good thing. Shows how much you know about Sikhi and parcharaks LOL, you got the name completely wrong. Veer ji, 'Sant' was his first name, not a title - his name was Sant Singh Maskeen. Thank you Veer Ji, you are perfectly right here. Sant by name Sant by nature! Please confirm you agree with Sant Singh Maskeen Ji's views, including those on Dasmesh Pita Ji's bani? So now you are agreeing with the "Sant" title and the existance of Sants? These are all typical missionary mistakes. I just love Blooms poetic writing style, simply brilliant, please carry on and expose these heretics. I wouldn't use the word 'poetic' to describe it.... From so far what I have heard I agree with Gyani Sant Ji's views. Like I said, Sant by name Sant by nature! NS Chauhan - Sikhi Te Kehar.mp3 Ik Baba Nanak Si.mp3
  5. Probably owns a better car than an Audi. Why? Something wrong? You jealous? If I had more money, I would buy him something better than what I drive as he is driving for parchar! What a Rolls Royce?
  6. I'd love to see an iPhone App with a really good Gurmukhi Keyboard (iPhone style keyboard!), (and maybe a Punjabi-English dictionary) so I can send of my Gurmukhi text messages to other iPhone users.
  7. "A person who is able to make use of telepathy is said to be able to read the thoughts and stored information in the brain of others. " - Wiki Actually this maybe true, I honestly don't know. I myself have produced other paranormal abilities, (not telepathy!), but all this distracts us from Naam,.....and no! I haven't been watching too many episodes for Heroes!
  8. What's wrong with wearing a purple or pink turban? I don't know if they drink or not, unlike you I'm not in the game of writing nindhiya (slandering) about people, unlike you, I believe in Sab da Ballah. You've suggest these people as drunks, snakes, you called another person on this forum a Rat. Where's the evidence. Is that Sab da ballah? What kind of Guru da Sikh are you? Aren't these fellow humans your brothers? Would you call you brother a Rat or Snake? Are you a brother of a Rat, or a Snake? Using derogatory names (which in the past the moderators have been force to remove your posting) without engaging in an adult response, this show's your lack of maturity and frustration. Oh well this is the nature of your soul, to protect the Nindiya of some, and do the nindiya of others, to spew egotistical rants, not to win an argument based on evidence and to prejudge people. Even with all this hatred, venom, and nindiya that you spew, I still consider you my brother.
  9. Veer ji, 'Sant' was his first name, not a title - his name was Sant Singh Maskeen. Thank you Veer Ji, you are perfectly right here. Sant by name Sant by nature!
  10. Any 'nitnem' that has the wisdom of Sant Baba Maskeen Singh has to be a good thing. Watch Part 2
  11. Interesting that you didn't list Tapoban in my 'nitnem'. Spokesman??...I thought they were from the Des Pardes? http://www.youtube.c...h?v=6zX9zA98Gz4
  12. Fordcapri, have you not seen the actual video of S. Dhadrianwale? It takes just 2 minutes: Anyway, S. Dhadrianwale spent just 2 minutes on bogus attacks on preachers, and not just on Babbu Mann (he didn't even mention him by name). This is out of an hours-long divan. The reason he took a few moments about the Mann song is he was shown a video a few hours before the divan, so he just commented on the fact that people are attacking preachers for small things. Also, the original unauthorised video which was on YouTube featured pictures of S. Dhadrianwale. It was a bit of a PR disaster on Dhadrianwale's part on commenting on the song without knowing the facts, this coming after his birthday video debacle too. Hopefully next time he'll do his research beforehand and have a set parchar rather than an improvised one.
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