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  1. sort of irellevant but hows bhai amritpal doing, I heard hes on meds now
  2. and to all the mods this isnt a disscusion about meat but about rehat
  3. theres nothing about khulla maas on his insta page or the jhatka maryada website
  4. the method of slaughter was either halal with stunning (thus not halal for muzzies) and or something else. What he does know is that the meat was not halal
  5. Fateh ji, im a Singh From the uk. one of my gurbhais has consumed khulla maas. for context we took amrit from buddha dal in the uk last year and have issued akali nihang licesences. I knew his rehit was slacking and he told me he was going to take chulla amrit to strenghthen his bond with maharaj. recently he reached out to me and said that he went too a resturant with his family and they peer pressured him into eating maas. he also googled if the maas was halal and it said it was not. A few days later he sent me a messege after doing further research and providing the method of slaughter used the animal. he doesnt know if what he did was kurehit but he is very ashamed of peshi . what should i advise him too do?
  6. are u the nihang from canada who ties a dastar bunga dumalla
  7. ive also tried doing research on bhai dharam singh please send us your sources
  8. if u are feeling p3d0 thoughts read sri charitropakhyan bani and dont try to justify ur fetishes. whats wrong is wrong.
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