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  1. i might aswell stop then... i see where your going when you say its not going to make a diference but we should atleast try, no?
  2. but people see the name kaur and automatically Sikh comes into the mind... the big problem is not that she uses the name, its how she represents it... in her songs or watever... her lyrics are just stupid ... ' Anyway to finish if she uses the name whatever name it is does it realy honestly reflect on the whole sikh sangat?. well... it does affect sikh sangat and how erm how should i say this people think of sikhs? obviously she cant be right using the name because of the lyrics she uses in that link akhoza put it
  3. what if your soo good at making tunes up and it ends up sounding like a fiilm tune but you never ment it to be like a film tune haha haha wouldn't it be funny if you see some indian film making company going on potest saying these sikh kirtan singer ae ripping of our tunes haha
  4. Nice one, have you seen her on the music channels - she is kinda nice. oh yh she is :wubc: did you really have to put that link up?? shows how much of a bad name she is really giving to 'kaur' her first couple words say enough.
  5. yeah i heard jazy b says fateh and wears a big khanda before he does his stuff?..so he says fateh and sings his stuf about girls and drinking etc???.
  6. fateh ji thanks cpu is now sorted thanks to youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu! it was rapimgr.exe that was taking up laods of my cpu... and its to do with active sync thanks again fateh
  7. you can only buy the software not free, and you know how 95% of us are kanjoos...IM NOT BUYING haha
  8. vah vah!!!!!!!! haha you see the singhs at the back got their own water bottles haha
  9. she's a singhnee Ya sure? lolz am sure was a bhaji maybe i got my wires crossed haha haha im sure
  10. wow the atam ras kirtan of i think harjinder singh is amazing, you can hear the sangat loud and clear !! ALL recordings should be like this, where you can hear the sangat ! great!
  11. she's basically said what ive been trying to say to you...
  12. fatehji try and keep the gutke at the highest point keep in a nice clean rumaal washed hands before touching sorry if im stating the obvious
  13. if we cant even sort small issues then its obviously much harder to sort bigger ones.. but i see where your going ..
  14. so does that mean we have to give in and let people exploit these precious names we have been given? the most us Sikhs can do is stand up against for these sort of things even if its not really going to change but atleast were trying to get the message across
  15. :mconfu: where did that come from, thats got nothing to do with what I'm telling you.. obviously im not pure, but atleast i dont go getting pleased about some rapper who has kaur in her name and creates affections for them.
  16. Nice one, have you seen her on the music channels - she is kinda nice. great...keep your lovy dovy minds out of this topic please... she probably has a wide audience because she performs on tv as bob ghandi says, which is not a good thing because then people who are watching her see her dance, sing her weird words and they see the name kaur and catch peoples eyes like bob ghandi... not very good ...
  17. techno - technology not techno music but do you see me and bass singh go round rapping, making music..? no she does i would'nt really care less about her its just that she has kaur in her name and represents it like that
  18. fateh My computer is being really odd.. my CPU usage is 100%!!!!!! i scanned by computer for viruses and that but its clean so what is it thats killing my processor off? it was normal cpu usage before, at like 2% but then suddenly changed to 100% the next day. How can i get this fixed so my cpu stays low?? help pleaseeee ( For those who dont know what CPU usage is, its something that tells you how hard your procesor is working...you can chek this by ctrl+alt+del and at the bottom of the task manager it says CPU usage, check what you percentage is, if its quite low then your fine if i
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