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  1. https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/demand-release-supreme-religious-leader-sikhism-jathedar-jagtar-singh-hawara-head-sri-akal-takhat
  2. yeah i know its him but what is he saying is he doing kirtan or what?
  3. Is this a shabad that is being played in the background? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QWhXi49HW-A&feature=related
  4. Should Matha Tekhna be done for parents or just for SGGS
  5. Is it OK to get the license before the ANAND KARAJ?
  6. I am getting married soon and wanted to know how to do the Anand Karaj in USA i am talking about the marriage license?
  7. Is there any shabad against horoscopes or pandits?
  8. Why do people such as Sant Ji and others wear two karas on each hand is there a special meaning to this? I will have to find out what amritdharis do here i never paid attention to what they wear.
  9. What is the average size kirpan people wear mostly? What type of kara people usually wear? The reason i am asking here and not the local sangat is because local sangat usually wears Gold Kara's or Platinum Kara's and most don't wear kirpans they usually make a religious thing into a fashion statement and i want to avoid that.
  10. We need to keep count in the future and also get sikh channels to record the event so everyone can see what is going on and also then BBC and TIMES OF INDIA will have to post accurate numbers. We can also try to get some officials as well that are non sikh that can also verify the count that way we can spread a big message to india that lots of people are still remembering and have not forgotten 1984.
  11. Yeah India is going to cry they can't handle the fact that over maybe 25,000 people turned up for the rally and they are also disputing BBC. I think BBC count of 25,000 might be inaccurate as well so its funny how Pro Indian source like BBC is saying something and then Times of India is saying something else. I think overall the rally this year by UK SANGAT was more of a success then previous years since BBC mentioned it and also it was mentioned in TIMES OF INDIA.
  12. My suggestion is get all the sikh channels in UK involved and get them to hype up the event before the rally and then have them at the event and show it on there channels. If we want to create awareness we need to do not just the event but a big publicity stunt. You are right as well you guys need more english translators or speakers. I live in USA and here we have on Vasakhi people telling what we are doing to people who don't know anything in English and letting them know and handing out refreshments and information. You guys should do the same in UK maybe hand out refreshments to non sikhs who seem interested to know whats going on that way people will take interest that are none sikh and will spread the word. Oh yeah and come out with some type of leaflets that will talk about what happened and give those to any people who do not know what we are protesting about.
  13. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-13660218 I am surpised only 25,000 showed up if that is the correct count.
  14. Can you please move my topic #NeverForget84 back to the General What's Happening instead of it being in politics so more people can see it and join in and create awareness. Thanks
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