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  1. its wholly inappropriate to slander sevadars who have the panths best interest at heart... and to do so as gupt is particularly cowardly.
  2. ^ who ever it was clearly wants our sikh girls to be grromed and used as sex slaves, someone who has <banned word filter activated> for brains and still believes the muslim community do not play a key part in child abuse, rape, and grooming dispite the masses of evidence and trends which show otherwise. Sikh Patrol - keep up your seva... keep going. next time dont announce publicaly that you need sevada's. ask sangat you trust... and people on this forum who are supporting your work ie hammertime007 and myself.
  3. these organisations that shout the loudest khalistan jakare, how come weve heard nothing from them??
  4. i tried to round up some ppl, i contacted some well known singhs.... i tried out to find out what hotel he was stayin at in hammersmith..... all to no avail.... no one cared.
  5. Londoners Unite Against Hate Crime sangat ji please attend. this vigil is receiving support from external peace, facist and interfaith organisations. please attend, light a candle and show a united front against facism. poster attached.
  6. welcome to sikhi, where you get hammered down for doing anything positive. would have been better to discuss this in private first before puting a negative spin on their business (whether its charitable or otherwise). we just love bringing eachother down. thousands of sant ji merchandise, no one utters a word.... for those of you that made a point that babaji's brother is ill.... ill chase this up and update sangat with the details. if he needs regular care i'll let you all know, and we can donate collectively.
  7. Its easy to rip the piss out of hindus... they are in no position to point at any community and laugh... least of all Sikhs!!! their pandits came running to 9th guru sahib crying and begging for us to save their faith.... guru hargobid sahib saved there raja's and enabled them to celebrate diwali, they hid behind great sikhs crying "help us, o help us you brave handsome sikhs... we cant look after our women or children, O please help us". - whilst wearing dhotis!.. we have saved their faith more times then they have ate hot roti!! it doesnt take high level itelligance for someone to make a vi
  8. i agree that we shouldnt have pics dipicting guru sahib, however this is not a case of "how do we know what guru sahib looks like".. this is a deliberate attempt to offend the Sikh community and provoke a reaction. i think its unlikely that the image is suppose to depict a hindu sadh... when any indian / punjabi person looks at this image they will immadiatly think of guru sahib. Another thought.... when the death sentence of bhai balwant singh rajoana was announced... there was a global reaction from the Sikh community which left all anti sikh elements shitting themselves.... this could be a
  9. the difference is THERE IS NOT A GROWING TREND of sikhs raping and sexually abusing minors ACROSS EUROPE. whereas there is a growing trend amongst muslims - and race IS a factor with them.
  10. if these sikhs who spend limitless energy promoting this "muslims are our brothers" bullsh!t instead put there energy into geting justice for the child girls who have been abused, the communities who have done these sickening acts would have received a strong message by now.
  11. re: Rehiras Sahib.. the panth on the whole will never agree any time soon on what rehiras sahib to recite... for this reason its an individuals choice, if you are stuck, discuss with panj pyare. we need to keep as much ekta as possible within the panth. for this reason its an individuals choice which Rehiras Sahib to recite, leave it at that. re: Sri Dasam Guru Granth Sahib Ji ( < i know im going to get knocked for this) - I just want to make the point that, we all know Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji in its earliest forms was refered to as "pothi sahib", then "adi granth sahib".... at this time,
  12. when you use ACTUAL gurbani / gurmantra then the setting becomes real to a sikh. the singh could have put across his points in another way, without mixing gurbani and gurmantra with jest.
  13. IF this is puratan maryada (WHICH IM NOT 100% SURE), then i believe we should adhere to it... further, we should ask ourselves, should maryada be to our liking?
  14. I dont think we should cut all our ties with radhasoamis. we should try to slowly deprogram their way of thinking. they are sucked into this cult. the reason why this gets to me is because, the sangat are innocent they dont know any better. you really dont know what its like. you really god is before you. radhasoami is very dangerous. re anand karaj - i heard back in the day only those who have had chhaked amrit (charan or khanda di pahul) could partake in mariage. if this is true... we should try and maintain this tradition as much as possible.
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