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  1. How long can the BBC ignore the race of groomers as a insignificant, in the face of 85% of all street groomers coming from community group.
  2. 30 August 2013 Last updated at 17:35 http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-23896937 http://www.thisisleicestershire.co.uk/Men-jailed-sexually-exploiting-schoolgirl/story-19731370-detail/story.html#axzz2dTuNRMc6 Six men have been jailed for paying or offering to pay a "vulnerable and damaged" 16-year-old girl for sex. Leicester Crown Court heard she had been used as a "sexual commodity" and left with internal injuries. The girl told the men she was a prostitute, but the judge said they should have seen she was vulnerable and helped her. The men, whose ages range from 20 to 39, were jailed
  3. Waheguru ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh, We are hearing of at least 2 Girls from Sikh families who have been introduced to drugs in London, in both instances the suppliers have given them free drugs to further exacerbate their dependencies not only to the drugs, but to the people supplying them. In both instances these young women have been involved in a temporary marriages to the same people. Mut'a - as defined by Islamic Scriptures allows a person to keep a "sex Slaves" in addition to his wife, without any sin. Alarmingly this is now come to attention as being practiced in the UK.
  4. **IMPORTANT PLEASE SHARE *** AKAL THAKT DECISION ** DHUNDA** CLARIFICATION ON DHUNDA ISSUE. **FROM: United Sikh Youth Bodies UK** Over the past week, we have seen a lot of talk about Sarabjit Singh Dhunda. Unfortunately there has been a lot of very good people, with good intentions caught up in the middle. This guy is charismatic and his debates at face-value seem very convincing and heartfelt. But senior Gursikhs from all Jathebandhis etc can clearly see through him and know his true divisive intentions. We as a Quom have still not come to terms with unspeakable atrocities at the hand
  5. ^^^^ LMFAO @ ""These radical Sikh men then escape on their motorcycles as quickly," an intelligence official said" pathetic
  6. GOI PROMOTING BRAR ON YOUTUBE.. http://www.youtube.com/user/IndiaArmedForces?feature=CAwQwRs%3D coinciding with all news agencies around the world researching him.. NOW IS THE TIME TO PUT OUT ALL 1984 MATERIAL SHOWING WHAT BRAR DID.. HEAD THESE VIDEOS WITH HIS NAME
  7. there's 2 scenarios I know of, of ex-nihang types who both had problems with nasha and poverty.. i'm sure sangat are aware of them too. But I want to compare the approach taken. 1. was approached by christian charity who helped him get sober and and helped him financially to get on his feet.. so naturally he shaved and became a committed christian. 2. Dera Choota Sauda guy.. again, broke and hooked on drugs, the guy went to choota sauda and they helped rehabilitate him in one way or another. He again shaved and became a dera die hard... I will never have mercy on those that use bana to
  8. Procedure that was initiated by Guru Nanak Gurdwara, Luton 2008, to implement the Akal Thakt Guidelines Fairly. If couple want to marry via Anand Karaj, they must both come in around the same time as the initial booking, for one-to-one Sikhi sessions with an appointed "Anand Karaj Advisor" - REGARDLESS OF NAME, CASTE, CREED, COLOUR, MONA OR KESHDHARI. In these bite-size sessions the basic concepts of Sikhi are taught. Requirements on the day, amongst others: Requires the groom and bride not to have any intoxicants in the body (stag night, the night before are very common) Languar must be
  9. The Marayda for Anand Karaj stems back to all original rehtnameh.. including Shri Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharajs hukkams. All Paratan Marayadas are in agreement in the fundamental, i.e. Anand Karaj is for Sikhs. There are conditions such as keshdari only, other sampardhiays will marry Amritdharis only, some originals put more emphasis on the Parents to marry their daughter to a Singh(which some may class as sexist now). In essence the current Akal Thakt Marayda is heavily watered down. It's up to the Gurdwaras how to implement it correctly, in a justified manner, i) preserving the Sancti
  10. Please re-read the sandesh.. it says "if the either the groom or bride is NOT Sikh" .. i.e. if they follow or associate themselves with a different faith, then they must embrace the Sikh faith first and then he/she will be eligible for Anand Karaj.. As a sign of their commitment to the pursuit of Sikhi they are to change their name. If the couple both have originally identified or followed the Sikhi as their only faith..then these conditions are not necessarily applicable. Yes, there are many loopholes to this, But, this is to fundamentally avoid scenarios like today, where there was 2 wedd
  11. Following Protest today by Sangat, the Anand Karaj was cancelled. Facts: Sangat spoke to both families concerned in a peaceful and respectful way. The Brides’ family had approached another Gurdwara first who refused the wedding due to it being inter-faith. Ajmer Basra President of the Gurdwara, saw this as an opportunity when the family came to him. He had no-intention of following or implementing Akal Thakt Hukam. Basra owns the Civic centre which was booked as part of the package, where the Hindu Part of the wedding and pooja took place, without disruption. Basra used his links with a
  12. UPDATE: Private Security Company were known to Singhs, they have been approached and have now pulled out for tomorrow. The Gurdwara committee are passing messages that marriage is cancelled. The committee have proved to be corrupt and liars, so this may be a diversion tactic THEREFORE, Khalsa Fauja traveling from far should not come. Everyone else is still urged to go ensure: 1. Sham Anand Karaj is definitely off. 2. Shri Guru Granth Sahib ji is not taken to the Party hall instead 3. The corrupt Gurdwara committee is confronted and sent a strong message that the Sangat will not tolerate
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