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  1. Hammertime007

    Direct flights to Amritsar

    Waheguru je Khalsa Wheguru je ke Fateh. Direct flights due to start from Stansted in 4 weeks with air India and having down some searchesr found it to be 250.00 cheaper per person than from Birmingham. Also a low Cost air carrrier called Flypop is looking to start direct flights Stansted to Amritsar.
  2. Hammertime007

    Best martial art to learn?

    Wheguru je ka Khalsa Wheguru je ke Fateh, all martial arts have benifits, its usually what's have access to in your area. At the moment it's all about MMA.
  3. Hammertime007

    Sikh girl kidnapped in Pakistan

    Wheguru je ka Khalsa Wheguru je ke Fateh. Some incite to the situation, please share and if any can help please do. https://www.facebook.com/213340065427036/posts/forced-conversion-of-sikh-girl/733559903724728/
  4. Wheguru je ka Khalsa Wheguru je ke Fateh. I've never heard the term Khalsa Sajna Diwas , but happy Khalsa Sajna Diwas , and happy Visakhi.
  5. If it is 50% higher charge to land at ATQ, what would that matter to someone like Emirates they are a billion pound company.
  6. Before Amritsar Airport was up running punjabis from UK Canada etc used delhi airport. I would say back then over 40 percent of Delhi airport users went on to Punjab.
  7. British Airways, virgin won't do Heathrow to Amritsar direct. Because these airlines make their money from first and business class travellers, punjabis only do economy. Qatar best flight to Amritsar 1.5 hour stop at doha. Then a small plane to Amritsar. Nothing to do with tax in my opinion.
  8. I used Air India to Amritsar last there was a 2 hour stop at Delhi no issues, they came on board to check passport and issue new boarding pass. Decent plane alot better than Turdministan.
  9. Wheguru je ka Khalsa Wheguru je ke Fateh. Last month an Indian carrier indigo started daily flights from Amritsar to Dubia and the return journey. Howver having checked on the Emirates site for Heathrow / Birmingham to Amritsar, they offer nothing with connections with indigo. They offer some 35 - 40 hour journey London /birmingham to dubia then to Delhi then Delhi to Amritsar, with Delhi to Amritsar on some other local flight. Missed opportunity for all parties, especially missed revenue.
  10. Hammertime007

    Sikhs in Motor Trade(UK) or the lack of

    I have one now but would like to see what stock Sikhs have for next time.
  11. Wheguru je ka Khalsa Wheguru je ke Fateh. Few weeks ago was looking for a used car, through searches found no Sikhs in this trade mainly English obviously and alot of Pakistani. I did Google search Singh and car sales and found one. Singhs do work as mechanics and own garages. Anyone know of and Sikh traders
  12. Hammertime007

    Muslim Groomer - Pathetic behavior and acting

    Inbred scum Deport them.
  13. Hammertime007

    Ringleader Dhaliwal

    Bring back hanging it's the only thing that works.
  14. Hammertime007

    Ringleader Dhaliwal

    Was he groomed to be a groomer by Pakistani community to make us bahdnarme?
  15. Hammertime007

    Ringleader Dhaliwal

    'Amere' or have they miss spelt Amir.

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