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  1. Ah, my views is do not worry about it. I mean, we all should try to be great gursikhs to our full potential, but we still won't able to be perfect. Koi kamee tha ra jao kee. Then again, Guru jee is only interested in u doin simran in it, and not how perfect u were (to sum extent).
  2. YOU THINK that you only have to be pure inside, but GUROO JI THINKS that you have to be pure outside and inside, if you want a relieigon that only needs you to be pure on the inside, become a chrisitian or something. WHy are you calling yourself a Sikh if you dont even agree with what guroo ji is saying, let alone following. "If a son does not look like his father, what do you call him?"-sant jarnail singh ji khalsa bhindranvale. HHHHMMmm i think i was getting carried away wid my views on this topic (and life). Okay, i completely change everything. Yeah, i agree to being both pure on the
  3. HHHMMMM.... i spose i have had shown pride in myself... Well, i think maharaaj is opening my eyes. The first thing to do now will be to get rid of pride and become humble. This is the first step. Chaloo, gallay koi nee, we all learn the hard way. As 4 keeping my kesh i have not thought of that... but any ways first things first. Thanks bros and sis out there 4 opening my eyes... A bit... okay, okay mabe a lot... AH, jees. Thnks 4 opening me eyes... WIDE!!
  4. Hmmmmmmmmmm... there is 1 teeny tiny problem wid d new Khalsa Fauj (Shown in the trailer)... Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindreawale is... dead/ shaheed.
  5. Is it ok 2 wear black colored Kacheraa? Or is it essential 2 b wite or any other lite color?
  6. YES i do say to alot of people that do not keep your kes if u dont feel that u can do it. I also always say before your do anything keep your inside pure, then keep ya kes and do what ever.
  7. I dont want to obey guru's order because i will end up in a jathabanide like all wannabe sikhs. Also if i am pure from inside thats all i need. I dont need anymore thatn that. The reason for why i do parchaar of sikhie is to let everyone know that u must be pure on inside, and the rest does not matter. I hope people suport me on this.
  8. Waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh sangat jeeo The concern of today is why are we mona looked down upon in sikhie. All amrit dharies of today think they are better than monai and think they have more rights than us. I ask you this we mona singhs are not prepered to stand for this stupidness. My pholosiphy in life is ''maan saaf rhoop saaf'' Which means if your mind is clear and good then you yourself are perfect. I as a Mona singh think that keskis is a kakkar becasue i never keep a keski away from my monaey kesh. I think that keski is a kakkar because i feel it reflets disciplin
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