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  1. I think thedoc and akular have made some valid suggestions. Rather than keep on re-creating the confrontational scenes having a presence in these specific Gurughars could prove a stronger advantage. Even attending the diwans in large numbers and providing your time to carry out sewa within those Gurughars not only increases the moral of the genuine members of that sangat but inadvertently the presence can pose a threat to the manmat management committee. I have always mentioned my opinions on protesting and from my personal experiences of being involved in some of the protests (and seeing the
  2. Derby Ramgarhia doesn't have a party hall. in fact this one is pretty good. It has Skhi to the max on a screen, simran, excellent kirtanees who do good prachar, including encouraging the sangat to receive amrit (although they do not do sanchars themselves), a regular sangat in weekdays in the morning divan (but very quiet in the evening) and a sangat that is from all 'jaat paats' including many of the regular, devoted sevedaars. However, there is still room for much more improvement........
  3. hmm. there will come a point where this chaudar pauna manmat committees will fizal out becuz their kids wont be interested about running the gurughars. caste run gurdwaras will be the most effected as they will struggle to fill their quotas up. so that leaves either the shut down of the guru ghars or a take over by genuine sewadars..but in the meantime we are lumbered with drinking dens like the jassa singh ramgharia halls n the sikh centres, the fruits of which are our newly formed over alcohol indulging naching taping community. in hyde park on sunday there will be several thousand people r
  4. Nicely put....let's do an ardaas for the Singh in hospital. wjkk wjkf
  5. This is the Kenya Ramgarhia mindset......let's party , lick our fingers after downing some meat and Mobasa style fish and knock it back with Johnny Walker or Teacher's whisky.........
  6. I've said time and time again.....Ramgarhia gurdwaras need to change their ways, open up the committees to 'all' sikhs and to change the name of the Gurdwara to either 'Guru Ram Das Ji Gurdwara' or just 'Gurdwara Sahib'. When I last suggested this on this forum, with a lenghthy analysis, I got a very threatening phone call, from the likes of the bloke who tried to run into the Singh , handing out leaflets. This is absolutely disgraceful behaviour. Kudos to the SInghs who were doing this type of prachar to stop the evil activity going on at Ramgrahia Slough....my prediction is that Ramgarhia Gu
  7. Interesting quotes from the great Cambridge University-educated philosopher Bertrand Russell (author of Principia Mathematica): Bertrand Russell was a great philosopher and free thinker and is said to have given Christianity (same applies to Islam and Judaism) a body blow and exposed its absurdities; but even this great man got stuck when it came to Sikhism! In fact he gave up and said "that if some lucky men survive the onslaught of the third world war of atomic and hydrogen bombs, then the Sikh religion will be the only means of guiding them.” Russell was asked whether this religion was cap
  8. Sikhi has it's roots in Punjab and therefore the culture of Punjab has influenced the content of langar-this is obvious. Langar has some good things such as proteins from the pulses, calcium from the yoghurt, iron from spinach and vitamins and minerals from salad . However, the fat content is a problem, for adults. Ghee or butter are full of saturated fats. In small amounts, these are fine, but your fats should be mono or polyunsaturated. Olive oil and sunflower oil are excellent for cooking. We have to adapt. The Guru's have taught us to look after our bodies. Sheikh Baba Fareed Ji says i
  9. WJKK WJKF By what method(s) can the Sikhs unite as one voice? Can we ever unite?
  10. You've probably got a case of tractional alopecia. Tie your joora looser and your hair should return (unless you have male pattern baldness at the same time). Oil application is all pakhand-there is no solid scientific literature to back up oil causing hair regeneration. The only function of oil is to lubricate the passage of the kanga through the kesh, preventing hair being traumatically pulled out from the scalp. If you find oil useful-by all means continue using it. As a general tip, give yourself a scalp massage in the morning and in the evening, with your fingertips. making sure that
  11. Question-my sarbloh kara has caused hairloss on the back of my wrist and lower arm due to constant chaffing / rubbing. Is this classified as a bujjar kerehat ? wjkk wjkf
  12. hhhmmmm this isn't funny. Many people want to clean up the 'Ramgarhia' hall fiasco and are very serious about it.....comments like yours are a very low form of wit. i suggest you read Sikh History to find out what a great general JSR was and how he , with th rest of the great Sardars of that era saved Sikhi from extinction. WJKK WJKF sorry, everytime i think of jassa singh ramgharia i think of the dance halls where the drinking dens are. cant help it if the modern ramgharia misl sardars are all boozers now! i aint doubting jassa singh ramgharias was a great gursikh, but does anyone car
  13. hhhmmmm this isn't funny. Many people want to clean up the 'Ramgarhia' hall fiasco and are very serious about it.....comments like yours are a very low form of wit. i suggest you read Sikh History to find out what a great general JSR was and how he , with th rest of the great Sardars of that era saved Sikhi from extinction. WJKK WJKF
  14. Forgot to add that Baba Jassa Singh Ramgarhia also built a small shrine to Baba Deep Singh along the parkarma of Darbar Sahib that was later consolidated by Akali Phula Singh. This is the place that we pay our respects to when we go to Darbar Sahib.
  15. Dear Cyber Sangat Jee WJKK WJKF Just to remind you all that it was the birthday of great Khalsa Fauji, Sant-Sipahi Sardar Jassa Singh Ramgarhia yesterday. The picture of the ' article of the month' is of Jassa Singh Ramgarhia, conquering the Red Fort in Delhi. after which the Nishaan Sahib was hoisted in the Red Fort for the first time in Sikh History. He help build numerous historical gurdwaras, such as Tarn Taran Sahib, Baba Atal Tower, Bhagat Namdev Gurdwara and the Bungas in Amritsar and Hazoor Sahib. He was a member of the Taruna Dal. His Khalsa contemporaries included greats lik
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