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Found 7 results

  1. Guest

    promise to God

    Once I made a promise to god I asked him for something and made a promise that the day it will be completed I will complete my promise but now I don't want that to happen can I take my Promise back from God?
  2. Why some Amritdhari Don't Eat/drink Food /water With Non Amritdhari sikhs ? + I have heard Many Nihungs Don't even Eat food if Some Non Amritdhari Made it.. Why They Follow This Rehit ? And Who Started it ? Bhai Kanhiya Ji Was Sehajdari sikh Who Gave Water to Khalsa Singhs Shaitan Gangu was Cook who made Food For Sikhs
  3. Guest

    Bibi sangat

    Vaheguru jio I have an issue. I'm a bibi who has a another friend obv another bibi. We were both about to get and get blessed with amrit and then a few months before she fell off the path and now she's doing stupid kinds of things. Now she saying she wants to take amrit but only when she's ready and I'm thinking in my head like how are you ever gonna be ready if you're not doing anything towards it and I really don't understand her. I really need your help here what do I do I need her to take amrit with me I've done ardaas and everything help me.
  4. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh! Does anyone know how to tie a Puratan style Dastar, the same type of style that Guru Gobind Singh Ji or Guru Hargobind Ji wore?
  5. Guest

    Anger/swearing/ dream

    Hello Everyone, Firstly may I just mention I'm not a gursikh but I am a sikh punjabi, who doesnt eat meat or egg anymore, I've started doing amrit vela paath only recently and am trying to get on the right path, so I hope its still ok for me to carry on as im not sure if this site is only for gursikhs. I wanted to come on this site especially to get gursikh views from a religious point of view thats all. My issue is I cant stop from swearing in my head at my husband! I have tried so many times to tell myself I'm only making it worse for myself, i do try to listen to path as much as
  6. Guest


    Hi there I'm a Sikh girl and I'm a non amritary, I have recently been thinking about how non amritary males no longer keep there virginty and therefore I do not want to be a virgin if my future husband is not . It's not right I think how women should stay pure when majority of men are not . Yes it is a sin but so is me cutting my hair and if God can forgive me for that can he not forgive me if I lose my virginty . Yes they are completely different things but as a women why should I stay pure as a non amritary Sikh if my husband in the future that I know for a fact will not be as it is highly u
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