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Found 5 results

  1. I think we would know what state Sikhs would be in a muslim majority indian punjab we just need to look at condition of our oppressed and brutalised Sikh brothers and sisters in afghanistan, pakistan and kashmir But what about if it became a christian majority state what would be the consequences for the safety and security of Sikhi and Sikhs?
  2. As per bible, torah and quran, god created mankind from adam and eve, and the snake satan tempted eve to eat fruit , etc etc. and how god will in the end destroy the world Bible has a full book in it that deals with prophecies. do you think any of that scripture has anything to do with whats to unfold ?
  3. I was recently watching videos of 2 so called young UK ex-sikh guys both seemed to have been groomed and brainwashed by muslim friends and peers that they hung around. They both didnt have a clue about the basics of Sikhi and both seem to come from a criminal or dysfunctional working class family environments. one from a mixed hindu/sikh parents family and other from domestic abusive family. From my observation back in the days Sikh guys especially the younger guys would not leave Sikhi for anything they were proud, tribal and confident in their religion even if they weren't practising or have much knowledge of it. Back in 80s and 90s Sikhs would fight muslim extremists in street battles when muslims tried to sexually abuse, groom and convert Hindu/Sikh females. But now since the early 2000's the era of the new media, 24/7 broadband and access to information, social media they are becoming alot more vulnerable to non-sikh propaganda sources questioning such things as meaning of life? what happens after death? and role religion has answering it. In india we have christian abrahamics grooming and trying to convert them on the sly. In the west we have atheist hedonist propaganda and muslims grooming and converting them on openly no longer just targeting females. I find alot more younger guys know alot more about other ideologies and researching those than researching their own. There is so much atheist and islamic propaganda talking about key issues that Sikh groups are not talking about in terms of faith. Basics of Sikhi was doing a great job until bhai jagraj Singh sadly passed away now there's no one left doing street parchar or even online parchar proper to guide the next generation in practicing their faith in working class urban environments.
  4. After being tortured for 800 yrs by islam , now its cousin , another abrahamic cult is seemingly responsible for desecration of SGGS saroops in punjab. I have heard its christians who're responsible for desecration and in church , they say SGGS is a devil which should not be seen even from a distance of 10 meters and to not any kind of "parshad" which they say is infested with demons . I honestly wouldn't be surprised, as its a signature characteristic of abrahamic cults to defile other religions as of "satanic/shaitani origin" . either that, or perhaps our own dharmic cousin's fanatics (read rss) is responsible for it
  5. Both of these faiths are mirror image. None of them can be trusted. In the past they have even used each other to spread (e.g Indonesia). There is chapter in the Quran called Isa (Jesus) and hailed as a prophet of Allah. Christians call all non-Christian as heathens (infidels).
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