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  1. The sword is the last option in Sikhi (give 3 times). Sant Sipahi. However Muslims are constantly at war with Kafirs.
  2. It’s food for the soul. Daily Naam Abhyaas will save you from challenges life brings you. Turn Kaam Rass into Naam Rass.
  3. The gang knew the difference between Hindu and Sikh. There was another case in Rajasthan where a Hindu mob forcibly cut Kes of Sikh.
  4. There was no need to take Amrit again. Next time do Ardaas.
  5. I did some research that says whites are only 11% of the world. Mostly in Europe and North America. But look how much influence they have.
  6. The UK is 87% white. I grew up there and it is a white world. I notice the difference in India when I go there. But then again Southall is like a mini India.
  7. My parents from Hoshiarpur district. ?
  8. Where you’re born that becomes your homeland. These Sikhs are Pakistani.
  9. Interesting. Why isn’t Kurta cultural?
  10. There are 25 million Sikhs in India. 1.72% in 2022.
  11. Some don’t dry their hair naturally after a shower. This makes the turban stink and hair fall out when combing. You can still dry the hair with it covered like a scarf.
  12. There is no love left between different religions. Kaljug! They are just scoring points of how to convert somebody. In Punjab there was so much love before 1947. Hindus and Muslims came to Baba Nand Singh Jee Kaleran Wale.
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