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  1. I used to go on discoversikhi but it’s no longer there.
  2. dhan_teri_sikhi. What was the forum called before? .
  3. I was on here in 2003 under different username. I then joined again. I remember the moderator S1ngh.
  4. I don’t like lockdowns. I was supposed to take a trip to India but had to cancel.
  5. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-54902908 Great news after months of this epidemic.
  6. Malaysia is a Muslim country. How many Sikhs are there?
  7. India was once a land of Godly people. What a shame.
  8. My grandad was in the British regiment .He came over in the 60s.
  9. Lol they’re intelligent though. My school had mostly white teachers in a Asian/Black area.
  10. Who cares about them. They no longer have a empire. They remember the world wars just to get position in the world. Too much living in the past.
  11. It maybe growing in the west but loads of Iranians turning Christian lol.
  12. This is all old stuff from the 90s. Islam is in decline.
  13. Remember HUT converting a Sikh woman on stage and she openly mocked us. They all clapped and jeered.
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