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  1. London attracts more people than Birmingham. It’s the capital.
  2. These white areas are full of old people. Their children are deserting the island (most likely to Australia).
  3. This is the reality of multicultural Britain. Whites running away from it and making their own areas.
  4. Most Kenyan Sikhs were Tarkhan. They kept Sikhi over there. And later on came to UK and established Gurdwarey.
  5. 2% Sikhs are the most powerful in India. We are right in between India and Pakistan.
  6. Well said! We can’t demand respect we have to earn it (We are minority). Also wear turbans and keep Kes to stand out from the crowd.
  7. She obviously doesn’t like Asian culture. Ignore the <banned word filter activated>.
  8. Most of their Babas just use the term Nanaksar but the earlier ones had more Kamai (like Baba Kundan Singh).
  9. The work of Evangelism 2.7 million become Christian in a year! They have translated their Bible in every language.
  10. These 2 religions are very similar. They believe their ideology is supreme (like Nazis). Only their God is true and the rest are false. Both are divided into various sects over time. Watch out for them. They preach their Bible at your doorstep. And those who have converted to Islam. They have their roots in Abraham who was a Jew.
  11. The Indian media can’t handle it lol but the fact is they are converting.
  12. With all of that bad karma. Attacking Muslims, 1984, RSS destroying Babri Masjid, untouchables denied rights. Andhra Pradesh is infested with Christian missionaries converting Hindus. And now even UP. The demographics are changing.
  13. Pothwari (region in Pakistan)music is awesome. The way they play Sitaar and sing. And no dancing.
  14. Raise awareness via internet. YouTube is doing a great job. They had a video called what is Sikhi and the responses were positive. Many Americans didn’t even know about it.
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