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  1. They both believe in eye for an eye. Hamas attacks Israel and they retaliate.
  2. I’m from Birmingham and it’s a Gora area. We have the Shere Punjab group here. They should move to other areas where there lots of Asians.
  3. Indian government is responsible for this Khalistan issue. They stormed the Darbar Sahib and it won’t go away. What a mess from India.
  4. Why are people afraid of ghosts? 1) They prove death is not the end. 2) They’re supernatural. 3) They have interesting stories, many films are based on them (like Ghost) as well as books. 4) Before the age of science they were very popular.
  5. The UK was invaded by Anglos, Vikings, Saxons. It’s a island after all. Up north they are generally taller. I agree Scotland is near to them.
  6. These are signs that the Christian community is growing in Punjab. But there are Gurdwaras in almost every village. There are about 17 million Sikhs in Punjab. The Sant Samaj, Singh Sabha, Akalis helped our numbers grow. They are growing because of caste issue. How do we target them?
  7. Because the Bhatts are praising Guru Sahib only and not another God (like Vishnu). The Jaap in Dasam Granth starts with Sri Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh.
  8. Waheguru I really enjoyed their Kirtan/Katha.
  9. The Punjab police is after him and he managed to escape. Interesting to know what happens next.
  10. California has the largest Sikh community. But other areas are dangerous. I don’t think there’s a Southall in the USA. Or even like Surrey (Canada).
  11. Dharma will survive. It is more complex. These religions need to stop fighting within (mostly Abrahamic) and behaving like football teams.
  12. Religion is in decline in UK (and rest of world). In another century Atheism will dominate. People don’t feel they need a religion to live by. All faiths are in identity crisis (even Islam). I think the Khalsa will save this world - read Dasam Granth. Our Gurbani can compete with this.
  13. Try doing Sewa at Guru Ghar.
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