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  1. I got a fever and headache but this was okay after a bit. Take paracetamol.
  2. Amritsar is Guru Ki Nagri. Sikhs fled Pakistan. There isn’t a Puratan Punjab left like before 1947.
  3. How are you supposed to do Ishnaan on a plane?
  4. I always do Nitnem but i was talking about Aeroplanes. Next time i know to do it whilst flying. I agree if missed out then do double next day.
  5. Is it okay to miss your Nitnem whilst on a journey?
  6. This is like cluedo. A Brahmgiani never dies. Brahm Giani Sad Jiwe Nahi Marta
  7. Sorry i know there are 2 sides to the story. I don’t know which to believe.
  8. Dhan Dhan Sri Gobind Singh Jee. The great 10th Sikh Guru. The Shahidi Purab of Guru Tegh Bahadur Jee is on 19 December meaning the Gurgaddi was given just before.
  9. This is Qurbani from a great Sant. Like Guru Tegh Bahadur made a sacrifice.
  10. Mehta Chowk is also from Bhindran Samparda. Sant Kartar Singh Jee went to there in 1969. Whilst Sant Mohan Singh Jee was in charge at Bhindran. Both were great souls.
  11. It depends on what 5 Pyarey told you to do. They told me 5 Banis in the morning, 1 in the evening and 1 before going to bed.
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